He Hasn’t Said, She Hasn’t Said, but I Woke Up First: CPAP Edition

Note: By the time I got finished writing this and posted it Scouts and Prof had sneaked up behind me and managed to get their daily recap up. Ah well.

Feesh 4, Bums 2: right now the Dodgers are a dispirited, injury-wracked team in apparent disarray. After losing four straight to the lowly Little Red Chew Toy, they dragged their disheveled carcasses into a nearly empty Macondo Banana Massacre Field last night and got gaff-whipped by the Rainbow Warriors, whose first run in the form of Martin Prado scored on a throwing error by second baseman Logan Forsythe on what would have been an inning-ending double play.

There was, however, one smart move by JarJar Baseball: yanking Gopher King Why Yin Chen in the fourth inning when Joc Pedersen came to bat with two men on base and newly rehabbed Justin Turner in the circle. You could smell the moonshot coming. He was replaced by Nick Wittgren, who got both on flyball outs.

In other news, even the Macondo Feeshwrapper has begun to question what incipient face-of-the-franchise Lewis Brinson is still doing up here with his .176 average and his quantum OPS+. The kid would have been a great choice if he had hit. JarJar Baseball, ever insightful and incisive, said “we have to get answers” about him. Say wha?

My modest suggestion: make “team captain” Martin  Prado, with the pie he got hit with last night still on his face, the new “face of the franchise.” It fits.

6 thoughts on “He Hasn’t Said, She Hasn’t Said, but I Woke Up First: CPAP Edition

    1. And he really is such a great kid – ebullient, enthusiastic, trying too hard. Some day he may learn to hit major league pitching (though that time ain’t now) and then he’ll be almost an antidote to the eldritch lurk of Jeter and Hill.

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      1. He was well liked by Brewers insiders, and I know that they thought highly of him. But they needed someone now, and Yelich is/was a better option for a team who is clearly ready to go.

        I wish they’d treat Lewis like the potential jewel he is, like the Braves did Soroka. Let him mature and get beastly.


  1. Boy, when I feel bad about the Astros’ relative hitting woes, I can look at the travails of some of the other championship contenders from last year. Nats and Cubs are third int their respective divisions (although admittedly close). Cleveland under .500. And the Dodgers – built for a long run – look like absolute crap. Key injuries and plain old regression are kryptonite for a winner.
    The top teams seem to sit on a knife edge. A small step in any direction and they descend into mediocrity.


    1. The Dodgers are getting their bums handed to them by the Feesh tonight, 5-1 so far including yet another unearned run, and they’ve looked clueless and deflated in the process. Their payroll is $187 million, and they’ll have an identical record of 16-26 to the Feesh when the night is over. That’s well below mere mediocrity.

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