He Said, She Said – Scores And Updates For 5/14/2018

Prof: After a full slate of games yesterday, we kick back and relax a bit today. How do you like to relax? Do you listen to a particular type of music to chill out? Every Saturday evening, I listen to a radio program called “Hot Jazz Saturday Night” which features music from the 1920s-1940s – jazz, swing, big band. Even when it’s at it’s most raucous, it puts me at ease. How about you? Do you have a thing that causes you to slow down and enjoy your day?


Braves 6, Cubs 5 – Prof: The NL leading Atlanta Braves keeps on rolling! Ozzie Albies is now at thirteen homers, Tyler Flowers mashed one, and even old man Joey Bats went in for a dinger, driving in three himself. Julio Teheran continues to be great on road trips. My heart is full.


Rays 2, Royals 1Prof: Notable for Adeiny Hechaarria’s sweet break dancing moves against Salvy Perez in the sixth inning!  Matt Duffy drove home all the runs for the Tampa Bay Sea Creatures.


Reds 7, Giants 10Scouts: Andrew McCutchen doubled twice, and Brandon Belt homered the Giants to victory.  You know, for a game which featured 17 runs, not a whole heck of a lot of interesting things happened.

Spiders 3, Tigers 6Prof: Player of the game was Nico Goodrum. Who? Historio, help! Mike Fiers gets the win.

Rockies 6, Padres 4 – Scouts: Daniel Castro, Noel Cuevas, and Guardo Parra all went deep for the Rockies.

Athletics 6, Red Sox 5Prof: So, is Sean Manaea legit? Or is he just lethal against Boston? Last time he matched up against them, he pitched a no-hitter. This time, he went six innings and allowed three earned runs, but still got the win. Khris Davis, Matt Joyce, and Matt Olson went yard.

Astros 1, Angels 2Scouts: Andrew Heaney outdueled Lance McCullers Jr, striking out 10 over 8 and holding the Astros to a single run.  Justin Upton singled in the winning run for the Halos as the Angels take first place in the division away from the Astros.

Brewers 7, D-Backs 2Scouts: Arizona’s bullpen crumbled in this one, giving up 2 in the 7th and another 3 insurance runs in the 9th.  Tyler Soladino worked his ass off for the 28th inside-the-park home run in Brewers history.


Mariners 1, Twins 0 – Prof: The game was delayed due to weather for a while, and I guess the players were further delayed for one reason or another because it was a pretty slow outing. Here, in full, is the summary of how the lone run was scored:  Segura sacrificed to first, Gordon to third, Segura safe at second on throwing error by first baseman Morrison. Gordon scored on throwing error by first baseman Morrison.



7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores And Updates For 5/14/2018

  1. Ha, I assumed Niko was some leftover has-been but he’s a newbie in his 2nd MLB season, formerly of the Twinkies. It’s hard to believe that our lint, buttons & seeds (LB&S) beat the Cleves, but it happened. No takesies-backsies!

    The most notable part of the game was really the doggies. It was bark in the park night, and apparently, people love to name their dogs Griffey. Also, we were judging you, people who painted your dog orange.

    I relax with breathing exercises, but jazz & standards help too. Also, a good comedy routine — those laughing endorphins, yes!

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  2. Not sure whether Mannea is legit. I’ve seen him pitch a couple of times and I don’t know why he’s doing so well—not fast, not a great breaking ball, not apparently a great competitor who steps it up when he’s in a tight spot. Maybe he’s just great at throwing the right thing at the right time. Or the stars are aligned for him so far this year (which of course would not last).


  3. Oh, and to enjoy life I try to live a balanced life (ha!), but failing that I allow myself the micro-luxury of buying one (1) new song each week from iTunes, which I then put into my shuffle list and forget about….until it pops up randomly as a wonderful surprise.


  4. My only comment on last night’s game is that BASEBALL WAS MEANT TO BE PLAYED INSIDE!!!!. It’s okay for football players to slide around in rain and snow, but know that God considers baseball to be far to important to be corrupted by the vagaries or our surrounding environmental physical systems. I mean like dudes (and dudettes) this is the anthropocentric age so let’s get on with it.

    Some fast Twins fun facts

    The Twins Designated Sexual Assailant (the baseball player formerly known as Miguel Sano) will continue to be absent from the Twins lineup for an in determinate time because of a hamstring injury apparently due to an inability to lay of the cheeseburgers. Before leaving the lineup this year he struck out 30 times in 86 at bats.

    Max Kepler, who hit a buck and change against lefties last year and began this year in danger of being pegged as a platoon player, is so far this year, after having focused himself on correcting his deficiencies’. is hitting three bucks and change against lefties.

    Character is destiny.


    1. I was pleasantly amazed when, at the recent Twinkies-Angels game, the Huge-o-tron shared with the dearth of a crowd that Max had quite the unusual and cultured family upbringing, and that he played baseball in Germany (somehow) as well as unrelated sports, and if I recall correctly, he also was a ballet dancer (his Mom was in ballet). So then he hit a homer to tie the game. I’ll overlook that last point and like him anyway going forward….


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