Bits and Pieces Final Bits and Pieces Weekend Edition

This is only indirectly appropriate to our theme today but I bet you haven’t seen it before. I know I hadn’t. I thought it only went back to Peter Paul and Mary.

White Sox 2 Cubs 11 | Rays 4 Orioles 9 | Athletics 10 Yankees 5

My annoying Chicago in laws won and lost, not sure what to think of that. Good for the Fightin O’s. Evil loses. If there are any Yankee fans here they are probably reveling in our jealousy.

The final home run in the final at bat.


Mets 3 Phillies 1 | Giants 2 Pirates 11 | Red Sox 3 Blue Jays 5

Both the Mets and the Phillies are in the hunt in the NL East – kinda of a surprise. The Giants and Padres in the NL West, maybe not so much although the Giants are ahead of the Dodgers. What’s that about? The Red Sox keep pace with evil and our Canadian friends sneak up on both of them.

I hope Histro and Sparty like this one


Braves 3 Marlins 6 | Royals 10 Indians 9 | Rangers 1 Astros 0

The first place team whumps on the last place team. The Indians better stop thinking that 81 wins will take the division. Verlander vs Hamels, it must have been a beaut.

I think this one is just nice.


Brewers 11 Rockies 10 | National 3 Diamondbacks 1 | Twins 5 Angels 4

Nice to see the cheese heads had some fun. Looks like it was a well pitched game between two good teams. A really nice 9th inning comeback by my boys which I actually stayed awake for, which is why this post is so late in going up

One last time

Reds 6 Dodgers 2 | Cardinals 9 Padres 5 | Mariners Tigers PPD

What’s up with the Dodgers this year? Are the Cardinals the best run franchise in baseball? In 1978 when I was deciding what school to transfer to I had my final choices narrowed down to Hawaii because at the time one of my favorite professors taught Japanese and Chinese history, Minnesota because like Fairbanks it snows a lot there, and Washington because it rains a lot there. I have often since questioned the wisdom of my final choice.

8 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Final Bits and Pieces Weekend Edition

  1. I am greatly amused by your Cards assessment because on the daily I listen to paper yelling great obscenities at the Cards FO for tolerating Matheny’s terrible management. Also, they pulled a real boner starting the game the other night when it was obviously going to have a rain delay…and then Matheny used their starter before the game was halted mid 1st, giving the other team an advantage when play later resumed and their starter was fresh. Luckily for the Cards, both delays were short.

    In other news, help me! I am watching NL games.

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    1. The Cards are a mid market team who seem to be at or near the top of heap year in and year out. You should teach him what it’s like to be fan of one of the adorable teams. He’s a lucky guy in more ways than one.


      1. He’ll be yelling at the screen and I’ll come in from the other room, and they are WINNING. I’m like, are you yelling at them for winning? Take it down a notch, best fan.


        1. He’s a Cardinals fan, Historio. It’s what they do. They are the Yankees of the NL, get used to it.




    1. No, I plan on continuing to put up something each Saturday. I was going to put up vids of the last home run of various players, but when I came across stuff like the final game at Tiger Stadium I sort of branched out and thought “final bits and pieces” would make a good title. Maybe I should do a “Bits and Pieces First Bits and Pieces Weekend Edition”.


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