He Said, She Said – Scores And Updates For 5/10/2018

Scouts: Prof has the day off, so in her absence we are gonna go music wild!  Well, about as wild as you can get with chill, mellow acoustical covers.


Giants 3, Phillies 6Scouts: After giving up three runs in the first two innings, Vince Velasquez woke, striking out 11 of the final 17 batters he faced, completing a sweep over the Giants.


Red Sox 5, Yankees 4Scouts: Unfortunately one of these teams has to win.  Thankfully one has to lose!  This time it was the Red Sox coming on top, shutting down another Yankee possible comeback and just narrowly escaping with the victory.  It was just the second loss in the last 19 games for the Yankees and ended a 8 game winning streak.


Royals 6, Orioles 11Scouts: Chris Tillman continues to be beyond terrible giving up a grand slam in the first and raising his ERA to 10.46.  (I’ve been saying for two years now he still hasn’t and never will recover from that shoulder injury that took the bite off his now flat fastball.  However for once the Orioles remembered they can actually hit the ball.  Manny Machado, Trey Mancini, and Adam Jones all homered.  I have tickets to tonight’s game for their belated May the 4th Star Wars celebration.  I’m sure they will all regress back to a 20 strikeout a game team.


Mariners 9, Blue Jays 3Scouts: Kyle Seager who saved James Paxton’s no-hitter the other night, continued his hot streak, this time rocking a pair of homers, including a grand slam in the first.

Braces 9, Marlins 2Scouts: Remember Freddie Freeman?  He was the OG Braves prospect before all these damn kids came in and tried to take all the glory.  Well, he racked up 5 hits on the night and watched teammate Ozzie Albies rock a grand slam as part of a 7 run 6th that put the game way out of reach for the Marlins.

Brewers 5, Rockies 2Scouts: Lorenzo Cain set the tone with a lead-off homer and the Brewers followed suit with a 12 hit performance, all off Rockies starter German Marquez.


Nationals 2, D-backs 1 F/11Scouts: Tanner Roark’s fantastic start was supported by 4 innings of shutout ball by the Nationals bullpen with bought Matt Adams some time to drive in Trea Turner in the 11th.


Twins 4, Angels 7Scouts: Shohei Ohtani who’s been a little quite as of late on the hyp-o-meter crushed a massive solo shot in the 7th to put the finishing touches on the Angel’s 23 win on the season.


Cardinals 2, Padres 1Scouts: Tommy Pham has returned, and he returned with a bang scoring both of the Cardinals runs, including the game winner solo home-run in the 5th.


Reds 4, Dodgers 1Scouts: Oh LA, this is as bout as bad as it gets son.  You scored just one unearned run against the flipping Reds!  How the mighty have fallen indeed.



14 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores And Updates For 5/10/2018

  1. From the Nats’ perspective, I think this tweet sums up last night’s state of affairs perfectly:

    Wieters tweaked a leg/knee on a hit in the 2nd, so he exited early, and Ryan Zimmerman was unable to play due to stiffness/soreness/decrepitude in his back, but the Nats managed to win, anyway.

    In other news, Adam Eaton had surgery again on his ankle on Thursday. He was dealing with pain ever since a weird slide on April 5, but x-rays and MRIs showed nothing. He visited a specialist in Milwaukee, though (orthopedic surgeon for the Green Bay Packers), and they scoped him, which revealed an issue with his chondral flap. Said flap was removed, and though he’s back to square one in getting ready to play baseball again, there’s hope that this time everything is fixed, and once healing and rehab is over, he’ll be able to contribute to the Nats this year, definitely, maybe.

    Meanwhile, Juan Soto, 19 year old outfielder phenom, who started the year at low A Hagerstown, then was promoted to high A Potomac, just yesterday made his first appearance at AA Harrisburg, going 2-4 with a home run and a double. Might get even money in Vegas on whether Soto makes it to the majors before Eaton makes it back.


    1. Guy: Realmuto still wants out of here. Sweeten the pot a little. What could you do with a .300-hitting catcher with power who can also steal bases and throws increasingly well with experience.

      To reference that old blind date aphorism, come on. You know you want it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Catching was a weak spot offensively even before this latest issue with Wieters, but It ain’t up to me. I had heard that the Marlins were asking for Robles over the winter in exchange for Realmuto, but he’s on the shelf for a few months right now due to a hyperextended left (non-throwing) elbow, and he represents the future in the outfield here, especially if Harper takes his talents elsewhere after this season.


  2. Popped in to say ZACK EFFING GREINKE what’s up?!?! My boy ZG ❤️ pitched a gem, got a knock, stole a base. I know he’s a straight up weirdo but dammit I love him.


      1. ZG has attempted to steal a base six times. He has indeed stolen a base six times. He has never been caught stealing in his career.

        You know that meme, “get you a man who can do both?” Well, ZG is that meme. Lol


  3. So Scouts, you feeling a little more comfortable with the Feesh tanking bigtime again? You know, like the Ancient Old Ones have found some other universe to screw around with lately? (Pardon Macondo for having been the portal to the eldritch world for a while there; Jeter is just Yog-Sothoth with a close shave:


    1. Sorry, I’m too busy being consumed by what J-Lo and A-Rod were doing together at the game last night to care about the Marlins. Also, just what exactly is David Price’s Fortnight win/loss record? THAT’S WHAT REALLY MATTERS!


  4. The Twins get behind early in a west coast game that didn’t start until after 9 – what a wonderful sleep aide.


    1. I was there, and am glad I didn’t do the typical SoCal fan thing and leave after five and a half. Twinkies came up with two bombs to tie it in the 6th. But then cameth the Rally Monkey——and it was all over, except Ohtani’s clinching bomb into the fountain/rocks/whatever natural feature that thing out there’s supposed to be.


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