He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 5-9-2018

Scouts: Did you know that in 1967 on this day, Hank Aaron hit the only inside-the-park home run of his career?  How about that also today, in 1981 Charlie Lea threw the first no-hitter at Olympic Stadium against the Giants?  How about this, in 1909 Fred Toney completed the longest no-hitter in organized baseball, pitching to a 1-0 victory over 17 innings.  Church bells were run as word spread around town of the feat.  The game ended on a squeeze play.



giphy3Mets 1, Reds 2 F/10 – Prof: If this game could have a soundtrack, it would have been the Benny Hill theme song. The Mets started out this game like dingbats. They batted out of turn…with a man in scoring position. I mean, what? Then they had to go into extras with the Reds. Adam Duvall hit a solo dinger to win the game, but my goodness. The Mets have lost the last 8 out of 9, by the way.


Spiders 6, Brewers 2Prof : Lookie lookie lookie, here comes Cookie! Carlos “Cookie” Carrasco fanned fourteen and even hit an RBI single in a complete game effort at Miller Park. The Magical Land of Cleve was bolstered by Tyler Naquin’s three run homer and Francisco Lindor’s solo shot.


Tigers 4, Rangers 5 F/10Scouts: Today was all about Nomar Mazara.  Mazara smoked two homers on the day, the second being a walk-off in the bottom of the 10th to break poor Histo’s heart.

Pirates 6, White Sox 5 – Scouts: Just ouch.  Chicago went into full on meltdown mode blowing a 3 run lead in the top of the ninth.  Colin Moran put the final dagger in the heart of Sox fans with a two-run dinger.

kris bryant wowMarlins 4, Cubs 13Prof: First off, congrats to Kris Bryant for hitting his career 100th home run! KB is the fastest Cubs player to this milestone. Yes, he got there even faster than Mr. Cub himself, Ernie Banks. In today’s game, KB hit that historic dinger, as well as an RBI double. And even with all of that, he wasn’t the most important Cub at the plate. That honor went to my dude Anthony Rizzo, who hit a three run homer in the third inning, an RBI double in the fourth, and an RBI double in the sixth – five ribbies in all.

Angels 8, Rockies 0 – Scouts: I just can’t seem to figure out these Rockies.  Are they good?  Are they terrible?  Are they just sometimes lucky?  They seem to win big just as often as they lose big, and they seem to play just as well against good teams as poor.

Astros 4, Athletics 1 –  Prof: Gerrit Cole hasn’t missed a beat. He currently leads the majors with 86 strikeouts on the year, and we’re only in early May. Max Stassi and young Derek Fisher hit back to back dingers, and Orbit’s boys sweep the A’s.

Red Sox 6, Yankees 9Prof: The other day, Craig Kimbrel became the 29th pitcher to record 300 saves, having done so at a younger age and in few games than any other pitcher. He’s not even thirty years old yet. He’s on his way to immortal greatness. None of this matters to New York, and especially to Brett Gardner, who it a two run triple off the ace reliever in the eighth inning, sparking a rally.


Royals 3, Orioles 5Prof: The most reliable person in an Orioles uniform is a reliever named Richard Bleier. Let that sink in.

Giants 3, Phillies 11Scouts: Carlos Santana racked up 5 ribbies vs Giants pitching, going 3-5 and raising his season batting average to .189.


Mariners 2, Blue Jays 5 – Scouts: Toronto rebounded from the no-no by smacking a bunch of doubles, and rallying for 4 runs in the bottom of the 8th.  See chicks, it’s not always all about the long ball.

Braves 5, Rays 2Prof: What’s going on with Nick Markakis? He has risen from the ashes like a phoenix – appropriate since he’s Greek, I suppose. Anyway, Kakes hit a three run bomb in the third inning and Julio Teheran continued his career long habit of being killer on the road as Atlanta sweeps Tampa in this short series.


Nationals 1, Padres 2Scouts: Washington didn’t have an acceptable answer for Manuel Margot on the night, who picked up three hits, doubling in the tying run in the 4th, and setting up the winning run in the 7th.

D-backs 3, Dodgers 6Scouts: LA scored off two wild pitches, a sac fly, and a hit batsmen to celebrate Yasiel Puig’s return from the DL in the most Puig way possible.  At this point, I’m the Dodgers will take a win any way they can get one.


8 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 5-9-2018

  1. In other Fred Toney trivia you need to know (or not), he out-dueled James “Hippo” Vaughn in the only 9 inning double no-hitter in MLB history, May 2, 1917. Vaughn finally gave up 2 hits in the 10th as the Cubs lost to the Reds 1 – 0. The lone RBI belonged to Jim Thorpe (yes, THAT Jim Thorpe).

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  2. Just a little input from an old guy. The Bennie Hill theme was originally written in the 1960’s by Boots Randolph. It is called “Yakety Sax.”

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    1. I know, but if I say “Benny Hill theme” you automatically know I mean a dumbass wild goose chase lol. 😛


  3. And it’s good to see the back end of the Astros order actually doing something. I think there will be some changes there soon. Gattis and Marisnick should be concerned about their jobs.


    1. Gattis should always be concerned for his job. I love El Oso Blanco but he’s always been streaky.


  4. The Twins are on the west coast. Game start 9 P -‘ll be past it by then. So I’m judgmentally watching the grossely negligent parenting of the man with the yellow hat in Curious George II.

    Baseball may be weird but I’m weirder. Take that you goddamns Gods..


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