Gopher King Lit Up by Cubbies but Puts Three Satellites into Orbit for NASCAR (or someone like that).

When I was not all that much younger I used to drive my family up the coast to the parking lot of a tavern whose name I can’t recall on US1 in Titusville, right on the Intracoastal Waterway facing Cape Canaveral across the water. We would watch rocket launches from that very excellent spot. The night launches of the space shuttles were the most spectacular.

Watching the Cubbies tee orf on Gopher King Why Yin Chen this afternoon must have looked a lot like that. Chen hawked up three dingers for a grand total of nine runs, eight earned, and all three were reputedly carrying payloads. A rumor has been circulating that it is only Space-X’s ability to land its used boosters upright that has kept NASA from handing their launch contract to Chen.

The Cubbies completed their sweep of the Rainbow Warriors in stellar if brutal fashion, crushing the visitors like a singularity. JarJar Baseball said something about “poor location” after the 13-4 debacle had ended. Poor indeed. Last place, back to ten games under, eight back, six and a half back of the Mutts who hover above them on a parallel but equally odious karmic sluice.

Well Scouts, I told you it had all been a “blip,” didn’t I?



2 thoughts on “Gopher King Lit Up by Cubbies but Puts Three Satellites into Orbit for NASCAR (or someone like that).

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