He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 5-7-2018

Scouts: Regarding the intro/preamble question the other day I just wanted to add the following: For me at least, the entire point of the site is to spur conversation, so I’m mostly just trying to gauge what works and what doesn’t. What gets people talking, and what do people not care about. For example, should we stick to primarily sports, or is it okay when we branch out to TV or movies, or news of the day. We try to stay away from typical hot-button topics like Politics and Religion, because this is suppose to be our escape from all that. Or do people want us to skip all that and get right to the scores. Do most people read all the recaps, or just the teams they are interested in? I’m not as active in the comments as I might like, but that’s because I mostly feel I’ve done more than enough talking in the recaps, and want to leave the rest up to you all (And honestly, I’ve gotten pretty insanely busy at work since my promotion two years ago). Just trying to ensure we are putting together the best product possible for our happy little community.  It seems a lot of the time, there isn’t much response to what is in the intros, which are often the most difficult things to write, so I want to ensure there isn’t something we could be doing better there. Please don’t hesitate to give us routine feedback, as really this place is all about you all. Without you all, there would be no point in putting forth all the effort both Prof and I give every single day.

Prof: On a serious note, my thoughts and prayers go to Stephen Piscotty and his family. The Oakland A’s star’s mother died after a battle with ALS. As I’m sure you know, the Cardinals traded Piscotty to Oakland last year for one reason and one reason only – so he could take care of his mom. To me, that’s one of the purest, most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in professional sports. I talk a lot of crap about St. Louis, but this is something I will never forget. The Cardinals organization still supports the Piscotty family even after the fact, and that is something I think should be recognized and respected. Now, on with the show.


Giants 0, Phillies 11Prof: Holy cats! This was an absolute shelling. It wasn’t just a murder, but a massacre. Almost every run was the result of a home run plus RBI. Odubel Herrera hit two of them himself and had five ribbies.


Mets 7, Reds 6Scouts: The Mets had to go the distance four times to fend off the second worst team in the league, the Reds.  Michael Conforto, Jay Bruce, and Adrian Gonzalez twice went deep for the Mets.


Tigers 6, Rangers 7Scouts: According to MLB.com, the Rangers won this game due to a lot of grit and hustle.  I’m not really sure what the hell that’s supposed to mean.  But whatever it is, the Rangers had it and the Tigers didn’t.  If you ask me, the Rangers overcame two fielding errors, to put four runs on the board in the 6th, immediately blew that lead in the 7th, only to get it right back with two more in the bottom of the frame.  Sounds to me like two inconsistent bullpens mixed up with some sloppy fielding and some aggressive base-running decided this game.  But sure.  Grit.  Hustle.  Buzzzzzzz.

Marlins 2, Cubs 14Prof: The Cubs stopped a five game losing streak in grand fashion, by filleting some Feesh. Kyle Hendricks went eight full innings, while Ian Happ went ambidextrous and hit a home run on both sides of the plate. Ben Zobrist was brought home three separate times (KB homer, Baez homer, La Stella single).


Twins 6, Cardinals 0Prof: Big time hustle from Minnesota last night, blanking the Birds on the Bat and getting great performances from F.I. fam fave Max Kepler (high five Happy) and Robbie Grossman.


Astros 16, Athletics 2Scouts: Do you like George Springer?  Because this is how you get George Springer.  Ok, I don’t really know where I was going with that joke, but last night was all about George Sprinter in Oakland.  George Springer went 6-6, including a 462 foot, three-run home run as the Astros absolutely demolished Brett Anderson and the rest of the Oakland pitching staff.


Nationals 8, Padres 5Scouts: Matt Adams sure is on a tear these days.  He’s hit his 7th home run in as many games, propelling the Nationals to a much needed victory over the Padres.  The Nats are now two games over .500, and although they are still fourth in the division, are just a game and a half out of first.






14 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 5-7-2018

    1. Coda: the humiliation of “top prospect” Lewis Brinson continues. Mired at .164 with more strikeouts than hits and a .586 OPS, JarJar Baseball sat him last night. He’s not ready, people, and if they keep doing this to him he never will be. A talented, enthusiastic kid is being worn down by the Jeter Cult’s stubborn refusal to admit the guy they wanted to be the “Face of the Franchise” can’t make it now – and the real “Face of the Franchise,” J T Realmuto, wishes he were someplace else. Tough sport, but no excuse to ruin a career. Brinson needs another half-season of New Orleans, at least. It hurts to watch this.

      Double Coda: MLB just announced that the Borg and the Beanbags will play a series at London’s Olympic Stadium next June. I have already activated by feelers and I will be there as sure as Godzilla is radioactive. More later….

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      1. Lewis Brinson deserves better. He’s a great talent and by all accounts a nice kid (from my sources in Brew Crew Land), but you are right. He is a lamb being thrown to hungry lions. But considering he’s just about the only real future prospect worth a crap in Feeshland, they will ride that horse til it drops. Poor kid. They are gonna ruin him.


  1. Preamble suggestion: If either of you are ever stuck for a lead in, maybe just throw in a random “This Day in Baseball History” note. Here’s one for today from 1961: The New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, Inc. announces the New York National League franchise’s team nickname will be the Mets. Other names considered included the Avengers, Burros (a play on the word boroughs), Continentals, Islanders, Jets, Rebels, Skyliners, and the Meadowlarks, which was the first choice of owner Joan Payson. (H/T Nationalpastime.com)

    I’m assuming the Rangers were allowed to be gritty becasue the D-backs had the night off and weren’t using their normal allotment of grit.

    The Spiders lead the AL Central with a 17 – 17 mark. That record would be good for 4th place (8 games back) in the AL East and 5th place (4 games out) in the AL West.

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      1. Would anyone use Sweet Georgia Brown as their walk up song? The Burros would have been gold also, imagine all the “getting their asses kicked” or “kicking ass” themes over the years. If the would have been the Avengers, would M_tt H_rv_y been allowed to go by “The Dark Knight” since it would be a Marvel / DC Comics conflict?

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        1. First of all, lol bless you for the H-rv-y reference. Oh, how I loathe him.

          Anyway, the Burros would have been great, yes. I feel cheated, imagine the mule memes we missed out on.

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      1. I like nationalpastime.com. On baseballreference.com if you click on full site menu then scroll down to and click on baseball reference bullpen there’s a today in baseball section. There’s also todayinbaseballhistory.com.

        BTW, I meant to say thanks for all the Weezer vids yesterday.


  2. I know how much work it is to provide a summary of every game by not having done it. I don’t know how you guys manage to do it five times a week.

    Normally I don’t like afternoon games because I usually miss most of them and I’m left with only cheesy movies to watch in the evening, but today it is dark and gloomy here while I watch the Twins perhaps in the process of taking two from the Cards in bright and sunny St Louis on my cheap ass big ass TV. As Gator might say, it beats selling shoes in Cleveland.

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    1. Honestly, it really, really helps that we do it together. Some days Prof does most of the heavy lifting, others I take it on. If I had to do it all alone I would have likely shut the site down long ago to be quite honest. Plus, we do it for you guys. It can be an immense amount of work. Not so much all the recaps, because we are just going off what happened, but the intro, the music selection, and just trying to be funny. Prof is a little lucky in that she goes first, so she gets to pick the games she wants, and has the benefit of me being able to go in and proof read. But she also has to do the most terrible thing in writing and that’s every single day stare at a blank page. It’s a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding to see the finished product, and is a lot of fun. It’s allowed me to get more knowledgeable of the league as a whole, and not just specialize in one particular team.


  3. Scouts, I read the site every day, intro & recaps included, and appreciate very much the effort that you and the Prof in particular, and now Happy, put in each week.

    The varied contributions from the commentariat are always of interest, sometimes inducing a smile or a laugh (Historio and her HPID obsession – belated congratulations, by the way), regularly adding to my limited baseball, culinary or musical knowledge, and occasionally just a wtf moment (Slappy?). I also enjoy, and am often touched by, the many small personal insights that pop up from time to time, a reminder for those looking in from the outside that we’re all human (and not everyone in North America is a gun-toting, narcissistic megalomaniac bent on world destruction).

    I’m a rare commenter here partly due to lacking your collective breadth of experience with the game, but mainly from living on the other side of the Pacific. By the time I’ve seen a post and thought about a comment, at least half a day has passed and you folks have moved on. I’ll still throw in a comment if I have something worth sharing but it will always be late. Just know that all of you together have built a great little site and long may it continue.

    Finally, in response to your request for routine feedback, mine would be to take OG’s regular comment that ‘all children are horrible’, substitute ‘country music’ for ‘children’, and put my name beside it…

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