He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 5/6/17

Prof: The Big Story of the weekend is that three major stars are all on the disabled list – Yadier Molina, who was hit in …erm… a delicate area and had to have emergency surgery (OUCH!), Jacob deGrom, who has a hyperextended elbow, and Clayton Kershaw, who has biceps tendinitis. For Kershaw, especially, this could lead to bigger things; King Felix and Danny Duffy both had biceps tendinitis and were out around six weeks or so. The Dodgers have placed the perennial ace on the 10-day DL until they can tell what kind of fun is in store for them.

Spiders 4, Yankees 7 – Prof: In one of two games I got to see portions of yesterday afternoon, I caught the tail end of this matchup. It was a pitcher’s duel until the eighth inning. The Yankees had a young rook, Domingo German, who was cruising, but then the Magical Land of Cleve was up by 4. Michael Clevinger pitched a mighty fine set, but had allowed two men on base before Tito Francona pulled him. Cody Allen then gave up those runs plus one and the YES cameras switched to a live in-dugout look at Clevinger, who honestly appeared as though he would throw up. It only got worse from there, as in the ninth inning Neil Walker tied it up, but then Gleyber Torres hit a walk-off homer to bring in three and it was all she wrote for the Tragical Land of Cleve.


Rockies 3, Mets 2Scouts: Looks like the Mets have officially cooled off.  Maybe they are getting lost inside their massive clubhouse now that Matt Harvey’s ego isn’t filling the place any-longer.  Kyle Freeland out-dueled Noah Syndergaard allowing 2 runs over 7 with 8 of them fancy-dancy K’s.

Cubs 3, Cardinals 4 F/14Scouts: I tried to unwind after dinner lastnight by watching this game.  Since that I am in fucking Maryland I figured I would have no problems watching a game between two teams on the other side of the country.  BLACKED OUT.  Thanks for nothing MLB and ESPN.  Chicago took a 1-run lead in the 14th, but it was short lived as Dexter Fowler smoked a two-run shot off Luke Farrell to give the Cards the late-night walk-off.


Astros 1, Diamondbacks 3 – Prof: The Gritty Snakes are real, and they are fantastic. Arizona currently is rocking a 23-11 record, one of the best in baseball and certainly in the NL. Here’s a stat that I read today, and it absolutely blew my mind:  The Diamondbacks have NOT lost a series yet all season. Not a single one. That sounds incredibly fake, but I promise you, it’s true. Remember when I said I thought the Gritty Snakes would win the NL West this season? With the Dodgers losing the services of both Seager and Kershaw for who knows how long, and the Rockies playing it hot and cold against teams they have no business losing to, Arizona just might make it as the clubhouse leader. If they keep playing this way, they are a legitimate threat to make it all the way. I know, I know. It’s May. But I have been high on the Snakes since spring training, and I’m not stopping now. Oh, by the way, Brad Boxberger has 11 saves and a 1.80 ERA, and he shows no signs of sucking.


Phillies 4, Nationals 5 – Prof: This was the other game I got to see bits and pieces of, and as usual, Max Scherzer does not disappoint. How anyone can take this man for granted is beyond me. He is a savage, all day, every day, and even though he plays for my rooting interest’s rival, I appreciate him. You’d have to be a fool not to. Anyway, Mad Max struck out fifteen in 6.1 innings – yep. Crazy talk, right? Can you imagine if he would have been able to keep his pitch count lower, thus K’ing more? As it was, he was about 110 pitches on the day, and you don’t want to put more stress and strain on this man’s arm than you need to. In theory, the bullpen should be able to take it from there. Welp… in the late innings they tried to flush it all away, but the Nats were able to rally back in the ninth inning. For the record – Max did all that heavy lifting and Sean Doolittle got the win.


Blue Jays 2, Rays 1Scouts: So, Tampa gave up a lead-off double to Kevin Pillar.  Then allowed him to advance on a ground ball, then allowed him to score on a wild pitch.  This is how a pretty good starting pitching match-up concluded.


Marlins 8, Reds 5Scouts: The BVI Marlins have now won their 4th series in a row, despite trading away literally 99% of their roster in the off-season.  It’s the fucking plot of Major League happening right before our very eyes.  Is Evil Jeter’s master plan to move the team to the British Virgin Islands getting foiled by a bunch of love-able losers?  Is there a giant poster-board cutout of Jeets in the clubhouse, and with every victory, the team pulls one pinstripe off to one day reveal little Jeets?  What the hell is going on here?

Giants 4, Braves 3 Scouts: What the hell Atlanta!  I was just starting to believe in you.  And then you go and lose three in a row to the fucking Giants?  Mike Soroka’s second start did not go as well as his first, giving up 7 hits and 4 runs over 4 innings.  I blame poor management for not giving Flash Flaherty enough game time.

Pirates 9, Brewers 0 – Prof: Yuck. This was not Milwaukee’s Best. Chase Anderson was totally off his game, but Chad Kuhl (seven flawless innings, eight strikeouts) was definitely on his. All Bucs, all the time. Remember when we all thought the dream was over in Pittsburgh because they got rid of Cutch and Cole? What if we were all wrong?

Twins 5, White Sox 3 – Prof: This one was interesting. You know that old saying, you can’t predict ball? Well, that was in force during this game. Our old pal, Lame Game James Shields, was flirting with a no-no until the seventh inning. You can’t make this stuff up, friends. After Minnesota was able break on through, they kept going, scoring three in the seventh, and one a piece in the next two innings, coming from behind and getting a much needed W.

Tigers 2, Royals 4Scouts: Kansas City won it’s first series of the season.  Yes, while the D’Backs haven’t lost a series all year, KC is just now getting around to winning one.  Jakob Junis gave up 8 hits over 7 innings, which usually spells disaster.  However he was able to hold Detoit to just two runs and the bullpen kept the lead intact.

Red Sox 6, Rangers 1 – Prof: Sale Day for Boston, and Fail Day for Texas. OH SNAP! Sorry, these things sometimes write themselves. Anyway, Chris Sale struck out 12 and the Red Sox are now sporting a healthy 25-9 record. WHAT THE HECK!?!?!? Also, is it just me or has Chris Sale gained some weight? He doesn’t look like his chest is about to cave in anymore like he used to. Maybe he likes clam chowder as opposed to Italian beef sandwiches (South Side, remember). Anyway, the Rangers are a sad bunch these days. Their lone run was a homer from Ryan Rua.

Dodgers 0, Padres 3 (In Mexico!)Scouts: First the Dodgers put the best pitcher in the world on the DL for who knows how long, and then they go and get shut out by the lowly Padres in Not-San Diego.  They call it the Mexico series.


Orioles 1, Athletics 3Scouts: The Orioles have lost their 215th game of the season in typical fashion.  No one hits, and everyone strikes out a bunch.  I’m typing this before I even look at the Box Score, because I damn sure didn’t waste my precious Sunday watching this turd of a team play.  I can’t for the life of me understand why they are this terrible.  I mean I get they are bad, but honestly, they really shouldn’t be THIS bad.  The Marlins and Rays are actively attempting to suck and aren’t doing as bad as this team.  The worst part?  They are at least 7 years away from having any shot at being competitive again since they refuse to trade away what little they have and they have the worst minor league system in the league bar none.  Oh, and they actively spit on the thought of investing in the world market.

Angels 8, Mariners 2 – Prof: The end of an era as Ichiro is transitioning to work off the field. However, there was a bit of a “passing of the torch” moment between he and Shohei Ohtani. It was touching. I might have had a case of the feels seeing it.

Anyway, in this particular game, Ohtani bounced back from a sprained ankle and pitched seven beautiful innings, Mike Trout hit his twelfth homer of the season, and LA is now 21-13 on the season. Did anyone think this would be a thing?

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 5/6/17

  1. I agree on two counts. LA and Arizona seem – after years of free agent shopping, weird contracts and such – to be living up to the potential they have in their best players. Amazing what can happen when you put a few good players around Trout and Goldschmidt.

    Meanwhile, the Astros continue to build on the preliminary conclusion that the back end of their batting order was way over their heads last year. Their pitching is too good for them not to be in the mix. But right now they very clearly have run scoring problems.

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    1. I know this is unpopular, but I really do think a good manager is important. Since the Dbacks have gotten Torey L, they have improved steadily. Also, the pitching staff solidified. It helps when your arms are now healthy.


  2. What the Feesh have “going on here” is known to statisticians as a “blip.” The Rainbow Warriors pretty much had their same way with the Little Red Chew Toy as everyone else in the league after winning three series against better teams who haven’t quite sorted themselves out yet. Colorado already looks much better than it did two weeks ago. The Bums…eh, they’re seriously challenged karmically this season and their DL might be a good place to sacrifice a goat to Jobu right now. The Feelies? I thought they were overrated, even with the bizarre acquisition of the inexplicably erratic Jake Arrieta, whose performance so far this season I attribute to his inability to digest those horrible horsemeat and Velveeta™ sandwiches from the clubhouse buffet.

    But I still expect the Feelies to finish well ahead of the Feesh, whom I still expect to finish in the basement – though it’s looking more and more like the Little Red Chew Toy will harvest the first draft pick from the drain trap.


  3. I spent Sunday flying cross country for an appointment today, one where I’ll be talking to some people about a possible alternative future timeline for me professionally (it won’t require relocation, so I’ll still be InVa regardless). Anyway, the point is that I missed the Scherzer goodness, and so I don’t have much to say on the matter, other than “Thank you, sweet $DEITY that this man pitches for my team every fifth day”.

    Anthony Rendon made it back to the active roster this weekend, settling in to the lineup just in time for Ryan Zimmerman to sit out a couple of games with stiffness, no wait, soreness, yeah soreness, in his oblique. Zimmerman says he dove awkwardly for a ball Friday night but he expects to play again soon; of course, the Nats also flew cross country Sunday night, so who knows how he’ll feel today.

    Matt Adams has been mashing so much lately that he’s been playing even when Zimmerman is also in the lineup (Adams being this year’s “Play first, stand in left” guy, following in the heavy footsteps of Adam Lind, Clint Robinson, and others who plodded before him), but the Nats are likely to see two lefties in San Diego the next three days, and Adams doesn’t mash lefties.

    Nats are on the right side of .500 at the moment, still in 4th place, but only two games back in a division that looks like it might be celebrating the 45th anniversary of the 1973 pennant stumble (Mets win at 82-79, Cubs 5th at 77-84) by re-staging that race, or a reasonable facsimile of it.

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  4. The collective run differential of the AL Central Titans is -141. Of course if the AL Central Titans only played each other the collective run differential would necessarily be 0, meaning that when playing teams outside the division they have been outscored by 141 runs.


    However I am grateful for the two adorable defensive misplays by the White Sox yesterday resulting in the winning runs.

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  5. Speaking of potty mouths like Scout I give you Jesse Burkett:

    On and off the field, “The Crab”–as his Cleveland Spiders teammates dubbed him–was cranky and unsociable, prone to challenging opponents with his fists and insulting fans and umpires with strings of expletives so creative that sportswriters of the day could only reprint his repartee by omitting all the bad language, which usually made his harangues incomprehensible. In 1906, one publication rendered a Burkett tirade this way: “Why you blank, blankety blank, do you know what I think of you? I think you are the blankest blank blank that ever came out of the blank blankest town in the blank blank land. You ought to be put in a museum.” Burkett’s most notorious achievement may have come in 1897, when he was ejected from both ends of a doubleheader.

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