Bits and Pieces Manager Tantrums Weekend Edition

In the interest of fairness, we’ll begin by pointing out that sometimes managers are well justified in their anger.


Indians 6 Yankees 7 | Phillies 3 Nationals 7 | Marlins 1 Reds 4

The Indians are the only team in the AL Central over 500.

If this happened anywhere other than a baseball field the cops would be called to transport this gentleman to a psychiatric facility.


Rockies 8 Mets 7 | Blue Jays 2 Rays 6 | Giants 9 Braves 4

The umps were the only ones who didn’t think this one was hilarious.

Red Sox 5 Rangers 1 | Pirates 6 Brewers 4 | Twins 6 White Sox 4

Why am I not that happy.

Oh well this one has a happy ending

Tigers 2 Royals 4 | Cubs 2 Cardinals 3 | Dodgers 4 Padres 0

Edit 10:50 CST: Shame on me, I just saw that the Dodgers threw a combined no no.

Liriano is doing well. That’s good, I guess.

At least he’s honest about his true motive.


Astros 8 Diamondbacks 0 | Orioles 4 Athletics 6 | Angels 5 Mariners 0

 Edit 10:50 CST:  Double shame on me, I didn’t notice until a few minutes ago – Albert Pujols got his 3000th hit.

Two old men arguing like little boys and threatening to beat the shit out of each other is either cute or pathetic.  At one point Weaver says ‘I’m going to be in the hall of fame and you’re not so there!’ So like baseball that he turned out to be right.




28 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Manager Tantrums Weekend Edition

  1. Boy am I the only left coast resident? Top news here was 3000 and the big 0 from Mexico. (Dodgers lead the league in franchise no hitters.)

    I’m sure the LAD are happy to get well thanks to the Friars. But I am still wary of the LAA of A. I’m learning through therapy that I’m naturally depressed and have to work at keeping my attitude positive. So I feel myself unable to believe the Angels are really that good. I’ve been hopeful my for a wild card followed by everybody having a great month. I keep waiting for the pitching staff to show their true AAA colors. And I’m not referring to the three A’s in the team name.

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    1. Another leftcoaster here (a.k.a. the Roller Coast). I will gleefully point out that Albert Pujols also has THROWN the same number of no-hitters as the entire Padres MLB franchise ever has. (That would be zero.) One more item for Albert’s HoF plaque?


    2. angels right coast left coast mid coast we all the same. I am just trying to provide an at least mildly entreatingly place for us to exchange with each other.

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      1. And a great job it is you do. I’m very happy and always entertained by your perspective. I on the other hand was focused on those two items. It was wrong of me to expect the same from you, because then you wouldn’t be unique ! So be happy, Happy and don’t pay any attention to me!

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    3. ok, my reply died somewhere. just wanted to say you’re not the only left coaster. Those were the headlines in my mind too.

      Also. histo— HBPID ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Molina/Cards-Cubs game)


      1. I hate to disappoint, but, although that was a beaut, it does not qualify as a true HBPiD. It’s an unscored junk strike, which is a thing of glory — and, better: gratuitous — but, not the beloved pitching stat. I did enjoy it — less so since it meant surgery and real injury. Hopefully, it will contribute to Molina’s gritty image when HoF consideration comes.

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    1. I know you’ll be flattered, probably, but I always think of David Eckstein when I see your name, and then I think, “Wow, David Eckstein was kinda cute in a weird elf sort of way.” And then I think you, also, might be cute in a weird elf sort of way.

      This is how my mind works, it’s sad. :p

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        1. Don’t call it half rotten. Call it “bletted.” That way your zombie ex-husband will still be able to eat it.

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        2. My ex isn’t a zombie, he is still following baseball. At least he learned something from nearly two decades with me lol


        3. I had a friend who said when he thinks of me, he imagines Little League Greg Maddux, which was the photo I used for years on that platform lol

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      1. Actually, my reply above was meant to be in response to OG’s post about zombie brains, and that was the only way to do it. But now, back off tangent, David was actually cute enough to somebody that he was able to marry a pretty cute movie star. No snide remarks about the size of his bank account, please!

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        1. Nah, Nick Swisher married a pretty actress, too. I’m always happy when I see the guys who could have anyone who marry girls that look like a normal girl next door. Guys like Kris Bryant, Jeff Francoeur, and (rip) Roy Halladay. Their wives, while beautiful, don’t look like models. It’s so refreshing. It makes me happy to see it. And also happy that there are people in the world who value inner beauty, too.

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  2. Here’s an East Coast news item we haven’t remarked upon yet: Matt Harvey, set adrift by the Mutts:

    Cast off, old love, like substance from a flame,
    But leave me and you leave behind your name
    And all the certainties my house contains….
    (Michael Donaghy, “Khalypso”)

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    1. Won’t whoever might pick him up only have to pay him the MLB min while the Mets continue to have to pay him his gabillions for however much longer his contract is? Couldn’t the Feesh use a guy with an ERA of 7?


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