He Said, She Said: Scores and Updates for 5/2/2018

Prof: I’d like to thank Scout for the day off yesterday. I should’ve asked for today off, too, haha.  For today’s music, I went with a couple of gems from some indie bands. I’m trying to broaden horizons here.


Pirates 3, Nationals 9Prof:  Big night out in DC for the Curly Dubs. Stephen Strasburg went seven and fanned eleven, while Royce Harpler went yard and drove in three. Matt Adams wasn’t a slouch, either, also digging the long ball and his own RBI to boot.

Brewers 3, Reds 1Scouts: Former Oriole Wade Miley who last season couldn’t pitch his way out of a paper bag, and had one of the best Spring Trainings of any pitcher in the league (before getting injured), picked up his first start of the season.  And he went 6 innings and gave up just 1 run and three hits.  You couldn’t pitch like this last year Wade?

Braves 7, Mets 0Prof: Friends, it’s such a great day. Sean Newcomb saw Mike Soroka’s performance on Tuesday and said, “Oh yeah? Don’t forget, guys, I can pitch pretty well, too.” And he did. Seven scoreless, strong innings, eight strikeouts. He went toe to toe with a dealing Jacob deGrom, who was pulled after four scoreless of his own but because of an elbow injury. That changed the game for Atlanta, who went on a baseball killing spree in Flushing, Queens. Newcomb even accounted for one of these runs after an Ender Inciarte homer. Speaking of giant jacks, Johan Carmargo and Ryan Flaherty both went yard as well. The Braves are now number one in the NL East, and always number one in my heart. The Mets, on the other hand…

Phillies 6, Marlins 0Scouts: Aaron Nola gave up just 4 hits over 7.1 as the Marlins were shut out to snap the team’s four game winning streak.  Jose Urena gave up a leadoff homer to Cesar Hernandez, and Philly never looked back from there.

Yankees 4, Astros 0Prof: Luis Severino pitched a complete game shutout. And in true Severino style, in the later innings his velocity kept getting higher and higher. Towards the end, he was hitting 100 mph. That’s pretty rad. The other rad thing? Pretty much the entire offensive engine was fueled by Giancarlo Stanton – two homers and a double that brought home Aaron Hicks in the eighth. I don’t know what’s happening with Dallas Kuechel, but he’s not looking too good these days. Maybe he should spend more time with Charlie F’n Morton?


Royals 4, Red Sox 5Scouts: Mookie Betts went yard, not once, not twice, but three damn times.  Honestly at that point why are you still pitching to him?  Oh yea.  Kansas City.  Craig Kimbrel got back on the horse and picked up the save after blowing one a day prior, and Drew Pomeranz did just enough to earn the win.


Rangers 4, Spiders 12Prof: There are certain things that you can count on, it seems. One is that Joey Gallo will hit a solo home run in a losing effort. The other is that Corey Kluber will go seven innings. Both things happened. The Magical Team from Cleve had a Magical Second Inning as they cruised to a win over the Texas Rangers. Edwin Encarnacion hit three home runs.


Rays 2, Tigers 3 F/12Prof: How sweet, Detroit decided to continue to win, no doubt thrilled about Historio’s nuptials. Going deep into extra innings, JaCoby Jones got it started, and John Hicks’ bunt brought it all home.


Blue Jays 0, Twins 4Scouts: Minnesota got a glimpse into the future as top pitching prospect Fernando Romero shut out the red hot Blue Jays over 5.2 innings.  Could this be the push the team needs to break out of their recent struggles?


White Sox 2, Cardinals 3Scouts: Carlos Martinez held Chicago to just a single run and 5 hits over 7.1 innings, while helping himself out with a solo homer in the 6th.  Dexter Fowler smacked a two-run shot the following inning and that is all there is to say about that.


Rockies 11, Cubs 2Prof: The other day I talked some crap about Colorado getting beaten by the Feesh. Mentioned that they might not be in the running for the NL West. I guess the Rox read this here bloggy type thingie because they decided to whoop up on Yu Darvish and the Chicago Cubs, a team that’s pretty good. Nolan Arenado hit two bookend home runs, and Chris Iannetta and Trevor Story both hit solo homers in the fifth. The Cubs’ only offense came from Bryzzo bombs.

Padres 4, Giants 9Prof: Have a day, Nick Hundley! The veteran catcher went 4-5, including a double and a dinger, as San Francisco defeated an in-state rival. Dutchie gets the win after being left for dead.

Dodgers 2, Diamondbacks 1 – Scouts: After starter Hyun-Jin Ryu was forced out of the game after just 1.1 innings due to injury, the Dodgers bullpen stepped up and delivered a win big time.  Arizona had several opportunities, but squandered them all and ended up coming up just short of a comeback in the 9th as the Dodgers finally get a very crucial May win.

Orioles 7, Angels 10Scouts: This game was not as close at it may have appeared as Dylan Bundy got pretty well rocked by the Angels.  Mike Trout and Albert Pujols both homered as Trout took the MLB lead.  The O’s picked up 5 runs in garbage time long after anyone stopped caring.

Athletics 3, Mariners 2 – Scouts: The Mariners got an incredibly strong performance by ace James Paxton, who struck out 16 batters over 7 scoreless innings.  Unfortunately the bullpen couldn’t hold a 2 run lead as Juan Nicasio blew the save and Edwin Diaz blew the game.

14 thoughts on “He Said, She Said: Scores and Updates for 5/2/2018

  1. The Astros have scored two runs in three games against the Yankees. Here is the good news. They are not 0-3. They are actually 1-2 and might still split the series.

    At the start of the season I was wondering about the worst case for the Astros. And it was clearly that Springer, Reddick, Gonzalez and Gattis might be regressing off of likely career seasons. Thirty-two games in, it looks like that is the case.

    It’s still early (as they say), but time to get some bats going to match the quality pitching.


      1. The Astros kept saying in Spring Training that there was “no way” they would have a hangover like the Cubs. I guess that was our clue it was on their minds.

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      2. LY WS hangover seems the be affecting both participants. The Dodgers are flailing away and the stars are positioned against Kershaw who looks merely exceptional, rather than his past astounding greatness.

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    1. Ladies Love Squeeze Bunts (LL Squeeze B)!

      Also, I hate lobster rolls and said sampling confirmed the righteousness of my anti-shellfish policy. Abominations and such forth and so on.

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  2. The Feesh returned to baseline after a statistical blip that saw them face a bunch of pitchers on the schneid (I can’t recall when Arrieta last sucked like this) and hitters in a funk. Tonight they get to rest up in preparation for fattening themselves on the Little Red Chew Toy in Over the Rhine Land. After that it’s Atlanta, which ought to be an educational experience for both sad sack teams.

    I celebrated the onset of normalcy with one of my famous ikura omelets, along with some sauteed asparagus and yucca hash browns seasoned with coarse black pepper, paprika and a dash of Tabasco. For lunch I’m making up some parsley sauce augmented with cilantro and shallots to accompany baked cod with a pistachio crust and a wild mushroom souffle. This is how I round into shape for my impending cataract surgeries.


  3. This probably just a cruel ploy of the Gods but

    2006 Twins
    April 9 – 15
    Season 96 – 66

    2018 Twins
    April 9 – 15
    Season ? – ?


  4. Attended the SF game, son got married May Day at City Hall and we splurged on seats just behind the Padres dugout.Got a solid sunburn on a bright, balmy day. Watched Richard warm up–although considering the results he needn’t have bothered. Also turns out Hosmer doesn’t respond well to heckling, heh.

    Newlyweds off to honeymoon in Bali and the next chapter of their life.


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