He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/30/18

Prof: So, I’m sure everyone heard this yesterday but the Dodgers’ wunderkind Corey Seager is out for the season. He has to have Tommy John surgery. He’s not even a pitcher, what the heck? Sigh.


Rangers 5, Spiders 7Prof: It went back and forth, mano a mano, until finally the Magical Land of Cleve decided they had enough of that and just poured it on in the eighth inning, where Francisco Lindor started the party.

Rockies 2, Cubs 3Prof: Colorado continues to keep their bats on ice, with many of their best hitters underperforming. Not that the Cubs did much better.

Pirates 2, Nationals 3Prof: Tanner Roark went seven innings and drove in a surprising ribbie, which technically won the game for himself. That’s pretty cool.


Rays 3, Tigers 2Scouts: Detroit just can’t get it together at the moment.  Losing to power houses such as the Rays and the Orioles, teams they just faced and crushed two weeks ago.  Jake Faria picks up the win with 8 strong, 3 hit innings, while Jordan Zimmermann matched up with 2 hits over 7.  It was once again the bullpen that faltered for the Tigers, a tale that is as old as time.

Brewers 6, Reds 5Prof: Wily Peralta faced his old friends in Milwaukee, but the Brew Crew had the last laugh. Manny Pina and Lorenzo Cain both hit home runs in the win.


Royals 6, Red Sox 10Prof: Xander Bogaerts had a monster over the Monster and Boston is now elevated to 21 games won.


Phillies 4, Marlins 8Prof: All heroes have feet of clay, and Jake Arrieta is no exception. The Phillies ace got rocked for six runs by Miami. Brian Anderson did it all for the Feesh – he had four RBI, a home run, and made a great bases loaded catch to keep the Phillies down.

Blue Jays 7, Twins 5Scouts: Is it possible the 2018 Blue Jays are better than anyone expected?  All the talk went to the Yankees and Red Sox (As per usual), but the Blue Jays are holding on pretty well so far.  Is the team really this good, or are they just playing exceptionally well at the moment, getting the right breaks, and will they fade as the season progresses?

Yankees 1, Astros 2Prof: Did you know that Charlie Morton, a person I have been talking about and am super impressed with, now has his own hashtag? The Astros used the hashtag #CFM. Guess what the F stands for? Yeah, that’s right. Anyway, CFM was straight dealing, yo. He went 7 and 2/3 innings, giving up only one earned run and ten strikeouts.


Dodgers 5, Diamondbacks 8Scouts: Conversely, are the Dodgers really this bad this year?  Or are they simply slumping and might they recover as the season progresses?  They’ve lost Short Stop Corey Seager for the season (Hello Manny Machado?), stud ace Clayton Kershaw has looked like a shell of himself, and coach Dave Roberts benched Cody Bellinger over a difference in opinion on the word ‘hustle’.  There are not great signs.  Zack Greinke struck out 10, A.J. Pollock smacked dingers thrice, and the bullpen clung to a early lead as the D’Backs took the first in a important early series for the Dodgers.


Padres 5, Giants 6Scouts: Nick Hundley walked off with a two-out pinch-hit single that finished off a three-run rally in the 9th that is just about the worst thing to happen to San Diego this year.  Don’t worry guys, when you lose and head home, at least you are going back to San Diego, instead of I dunno, Cleveland.

9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/30/18

  1. The Nats wake up this morning winners of two straight, which is rare air for them this season, as this is only the third time that they’ve managed a streak even this modest, but that’s how it goes when you go 13-16.

    The good news, of course, is that the Mets cooled off after their unsustainable start, and so the Nats are only 5 1/2 out of first, which is manageable over the remaining five months. They need to get healthy, and they need to start having games that aren’t decided by one run so that they can get their big three bullpen guys some rest, but they can climb back into this thing.

    The bad news is that Bryce Harper is currently in a deep slump. He’s getting the Barry Bonds treatment from other teams, with 38 walks already this season, leading to a healthy .458 OBP, but because the Nats are in general struggling to score runs and because Harper isn’t seeing many pitches to hit, he’s pressing, badly, and hasn’t homered in two weeks or even driven in a run since April 20. He could stand a day off, I’m sure (hasn’t had one yet) but that would mean an outfield of Matt Adams in left, Michael A. Taylor in center, and oh, Andrew Stevenson or Moises Sierra in right. Maybe when Rendon comes back (Eaton’s still in a walking boot), they can at least have Wilmer Difo at 2B and put Howie Kendrick in left to give Harper a day off, and I can’t believe I just had to write that sentence.

    Scherzer tonight, so perhaps a one day respite from the worries about where the runs might come from…


      1. No question that an OBP that high is incredibly valuable to a team. It’s even more valuable to a team that can take advantage of it, but while Harper’s had 38 walks and 22 hits, he’s scored only 23 runs, and 8 of them came on home runs he hit his own self.

        He can’t drive himself in all the time, but he’s sure trying to.

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        1. Well, that’s the problem. You have to have an enforcer in the lineup behind him. Very true. That’s what the Yankees did to Alex Bregman last night. No one behind to pick him up.


        2. Well, yeah, I think the Nats realize that they have to have that enforcer. They’ve mostly tried Ryan Zimmerman there, and teams have not been impressed. The last couple of days they’ve had Howie Kendrick hitting fourth, with Zimm 2nd, and that’s not done much good, either.

          Someday, hopefully soon, they’ll be able to run their Opening Day lineup back out there, and we’ll see Eaton, Rendon, Harper, Zimmerman, Murphy, Turner, Taylor, Catcher, Pitcher. Until then, it’s Turner, Zimm, Harper, Kendrick, Taylor, LF, C, 3B, P or worse.


  2. Last night was so depressing that this morning’s available forensic evidence (or lack thereof) indicates that I forgot to imbue my bedtime slider and chips last night.

    Can even horseradish and jalapenos sweeten the taste of the treachery of the Gods?


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