He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates from 4/29/18

spiderman 5Prof:  So, your friendly neighborhood Prof went and saw Avengers: Infinity War, starring her fictional boyfriend Steve “Captain America” Rogers, her fictional sidepiece Sgt. James Buchanan “Bucky” “Winter Soldier” Barnes, and her fictional alter-ego Peter “Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman” Parker. (Where did you think I got it from?) I’m not going to spoil anything, but believe me when I say that I cried, and then I whispered “nooooo” at the screen, then I cried again. Yeah, it’s pretty dang good. Did any of y’all see Avengers this weekend?


Tigers 3, Orioles 5Scouts: The O’s have won 2 of their last three, which means they are about to begin a 18 game losing streak.  Kevin Gausman pitched well, even if he only lasted 5.2 innings.  Trey Mancini and Pedro Alverez homered for the birds.  Daniel Norris, who wasn’t having the best of starts, left early due to injury.

Rays 3, Red Sox 4Scouts: The Red Sox, the team everyone will love to hate this year are the first to 20 wins, coming behind from an early 3-0 deficit.  The win snapped a 8 game winning streak by the Rays.

Rangers 2, Blue Jays 7Prof: Toronto was close to getting swept by Texas. But J.A. Happ, Randal Grichuk, and Kevin Pillar weren’t having any of it. Happ pitched seven innings, struck out nine, and only gave up two earned runs, while Pillar hit a home run (one of three from the Blue Jays for the day) and Grichuk was able to make a “how did you do that?” catch to keep Toronto in the win column.


Mariners 10, Spiders 4Scouts: What’s up with the AL Central so far?  The Spiders are the only team abover .500 and they are just barely hanging on.  I guess someone had to take the losses.  Meanwhile the West has four teams at .500 or above.

Diamondbacks 1, Nationals 3 – Prof: A great outing for Gio Gonzalez, and Michael A. Taylor and Matt Wieters both hit home runs to help the Nats rise above the Gritty Snakes. Arizona is now only one game away from 20 wins and look like one of the top teams to beat in the NL. Just not yesterday.

Cardinals 0, Pirates 5 Scouts: You know when we were all kids in little league and we dreamt of making it to the show, and pitching a perfect game in our debut?  Well, Pirates rookie Nick Kingham came about as close to that dream as anyone in the history of baseball.  Kingham was perfect through 6.2 innings, before he finally gave up his first career big league hit.  He ended up going 7 complete, with 9 strikeouts and picked up the win.  Watch the video, his stuff was absolutely nasty.


White Sox 4, Royals 5Scouts: The 8-18 White Sox lost to the 7-20 Royals.

cap jaws of deathBraves 10, Phillies 1Prof: So, um. My team is good now. This is what we in Braves Country have been waiting for. I know Coppy broke the rules, but I will bless this wizard’s holy name forever because he brought us here. Thank you, Coppy. Thank you. Anyway, part of Coppy’s legacy was bringing Brandon McCarthy over to Atlanta, and McCarthy was pretty dang good yesterday. Not as good as Ronald Acuña, though! RAJ went 2-3 with a ribbie, and his fellow young gun Ozzie Albies went 2-5 with three RBI. Not to be outdone, old guy getting it done Nick Markakis hit a two run single in the third inning, and pitcher Jesse Biddle, who just came up from Gwinnett less than a week ago, hit a double in the ninth inning. What a beautiful day for the Bravos.


Reds 8, Twins 2Prof: ….the hell, Minnesota? The first four innings were an embarrassment, and the longer it went, the worse it got. Finally, mercy prevailed. Jose Berrios should’ve been yanked with a Vaudeville hook before the third inning was up, if we’re honest. But Rogers and Magill weren’t doing the Twins any favors. What a mess. I can only imagine how Happy felt. Eugenio Suarez went 2-4, Jose Peraza went 3-5, and Jesse Winker and Scooter Gennett both went 2-5. Adam Duvall went yard.

Athletics 4, Astros 8Scouts: With the score tied 3-3 headed into the bottom of the 7th, the bats came alive as the Astros put 5 on the board in their final two frames.  Gerrit Cole racked up 12 strikeouts and the Athletics lost a very hard fought game.  Three errors in that 7th inning did not help, not one bit.


Dodgers 2, Giants 4Prof: Oh, Kenta Maeda, what happened? Why can’t you defeat the Giants? San Francisco started out pretty lousy but have quietly moved back up to .500, while the Dodgers currently have a losing record. The Giants were ready from the jump, as Evan Longoria hit a three run bomb in the first inning and they never looked back.

Brewers 0, Cubs 2Prof: More pitchers helping their own cause, as Tyler Chatwood hit an RBI single in the fifth inning that finally put Chicago on the board. Addison Russell added to it in the sixth, bringing in Anthony Rizzo with a sac fly. Chatwood pitched seven scoreless innings, and the Cubs swept the Brewers.

Yankees 2, Angels 1Scouts: This is exactly how they drew it up, with CC Sebathia pitching 7 very strong innings, the bullpen holding for two, including a save by Aroldis Chapman.  The Yankees two RBI’s came off a two-run homer by Gary Sanchez.


Mets 14, Padres 2Scouts: Adrian Gonzalez drove in 5 runs as the Mets absolutely shit on the Padres in a game that included back to back 5 run innings in the 7th and 8th.  It wasn’t all good news for the Mets as star Yoenis Cespedes left the game in the third after injuring his thumb on a slide.

Rockies 0, Marlins 3Prof: Colorado isn’t going to go far if they allow Miami….er….the British Virgin Islands Feesh to keep them scoreless. That’s bogus. I mean, this should have been an easy series for the Rox, they are in theory a very good team. But they are only one game above .500 and, of course, the aforementioned losing to the Marlins. The usual heavy hitters for Colorado – Blackmon, Desmond, Arenado, and Story – were all toothless, having either one hit or hitless for the entire game. DJ LeMahieu, another of the big bats, didn’t even play.

3 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates from 4/29/18

  1. After the Twins won on Saturday with a well pitched game, I looked to see who was starting on Sunday – Berrios – OH BOY!

    And then Sunday came, oh boy.


  2. The Feesh continue to trail the league in attendance. I would say that no one was particularly interested in watching them play the inexplicably toothless Rocky Mountain Oysters but why overstate? Reality will set back in quickly enough, and traffic will continue to flow smoothly along the 836 despite the construction.

    Rather than waste my time watching the local AAA-scrapheap team learn how to play beisbol, I delivered a recital – well, performance, more like it – of the extended prologue of the Canterbury Tales, in Middle English yet, at the world famous Luna Star Cafe’s last-Friday-of-the-month open mike, and got invited to perform same, or other poetry, with a band that’s playing the City Winery in New York in July for my troubles. I’m thinking Ferlinghetti, Kerouac and Snyder for that one, though.


  3. The Orioles & Royals have 2 of the 3 worst records in all of MLB, so of course, we cannot beat them. Why? The gods must be crazy.


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