Bits and Pieces Triple Play Weekend Edition

Sound Track


Brewers 2 Cubs 3 | Tigers 0 Orioles 6 | Diamondbacks 5 Nationals 4

Lawdy Lawdy the Tigers are ahead of the Twins. I suppose they’re getting decent pitching more than once a week.

Lets start with an unassisted one


Braves 3 Phillies 7 | Rangers 6 Blue Jays 4 | Rays 4 Red Sox 3

The Red Sox have been enticed into returning to earth by the promise of pizza.

Here’s some by the grownups


Mariners 5 Indians 6 | Rockies 1 Marlins 0 | Reds 15 Twins 9

Sorry, I don’t want to call them the Spiders. I’m not going to even talk about the Twins game.

A boneheaded one by the grownups

Athletics 8 Astros 1 |White Sox 7 Royals 4 | Cardinals 5 Pirates 6

If the Twins finish behind the White Sox, the next family get together that I host which includes my annoying in laws from the Chicago area will feature lutefisk.

An evil one


Yankees 4 Angels 3 | Mets 5 Padres 1 | Dodgers 4 Giants 6

The Angels are felled by the evil ones. Goddamn those Goddamn Gods!

The Twins are vacationing in 2016 and I must steel myself


6 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Triple Play Weekend Edition

  1. I was hoping you’d make mention of the Doggers’ balking in of the eventual winning run in hostile territory (S.F.). But maybe that was past your bedtime. Now Buxton’s out some more. Boo.


    1. I totally missed it. But you gave me an idea for a future post – Balk Offs!!!

      Next week I’m thinking Manager Tantrums. Baseball has such a rich history.

      Here’s a sneak preview. Tell all your friends.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Wow, and that clip even included a balk reference. Well researched (or lucky)! If I had been that ump I would’ve been ROFLMAO (to coin an acro-text). Looking forward to your next installments, and I hope your new show doesn’t get cancelled by the network.


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