He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/25/2018

Scouts: As a special present for our resident @historiophiliac, I present the following HBPID masterpiece.

Many happy returns.

Marlins 8, Dodgers 6Scouts: Here is where I would scream “STOP THE PRESSES!” If there were such a thing anymore. (Google it kids).  Clayton Kershaw is now 1-4, and got absolutely smacked around by the Marlins of all people.  Can somebody wake me up now?

Athletics 2, Rangers 4Scouts: The Texas bullpen combined for 4.1 scoreless innings.  Khris Davis went yard again.


Mets 1, Cardinals 9 – Prof: I haven’t been paying too much attention to my mortal enemy, the Birds on the Bat, but I probably should because it’s an even numbered year and, after all, they are the Cardinals. Michael Wacha has won four straight. He’s also beautiful, but my loathing of his team will not allow me to dwell on that. Wacha also had an RBI and was brought home thanks to a fielder’s choice. So, a busy night for Mr. Wacha. Jedd Gyorko hit a homer for the icing on the cake.

Brewers 6, Royals 2 Scouts: That’s 8 games in a row for the team from the coldest place on earth.  Travis Shaw hit a double that led to a 4 run fourth, and Kansas City continues to slide to the bottom of the league.

Mariners 4, White Sox 3Scouts: Surprisingly, the Mariners are three games above three hundred, and this is in the same division as the Astros and the Angels. Felix Hernandez (Remember him?) gave up 3 runs over 6 innings and lowered his ERA to 4.96.


Angels 2, Astros 5 – Prof: The Astros are supposed to be pretty good. The Angels? Not so much. But Los Angeles’ record is right up there with the defending champs. I didn’t know this, but last night Jose Altuve hit his first homer of the season. Wild! On the other side of the diamond, Albert Pujols – who may or may not have admitted he’s actually in his 40s and not 38 like the story’s been told – hit his 2994th hit of his career.

Padres 2, Rockies 5 – Prof: Jon Gray pitched six innings and fanned eleven while his teammates had his back with RBI a plenty, including two runs scored off sac flies.

Nationals 15, Giants 2 – Prof:  Oh, my. I didn’t realize this, but San Francisco and Washington had similar win/loss records. Seems unusual, as I thought the Nats had won a little more than the Giants had. But no matter, the Curly Dubs totally won last night, destroying San Francisco pitching and giving Max Scherzer more than enough to win. Treat Urner went 5-6, Matt Adams went 3-5 with a home run, and Andrew Stevenson went 4-5 as well.


Twins 4, Yankees 7Scouts: Didi Gregorius and Tyler Austin continued to swing hot bats, going yard for the Yanks, in their 5th consecutive victory.  The Yankees, now 5 games above .500 are still 4 games out of first place.  Goodness.

Braves 5, Reds 4 – Prof: You know that scene in the Lion King, when Simba finally decides to go to Pride Rock and take his rightful place as the Lion King? And Rafiki, the wise baboon. whispers, “It is time”? Well, Ronald Acuña Jr is that lion and friends, I was that baboon. Acuña Jr was called up to play last night, and immediately made his presence known. He wasn’t the only Brave of the Future who did something good; Albies, Carmargo, and Swanson were also involved in RBIs.


Cubs 1, Spiders 4 – Prof: You win some, you lose some. A day after being humiliated at home, the Magical Land of Cleve came back on the strength of solo home runs (Guyer, Lindor, and Encarnacion) and a great outing from Trevor Bauer. Bad news, though; ace reliever Andrew Miller left the game with hammy trouble.

Tigers 13, Pirates 10 (Game 1)Scouts: Let’s play two!  The first game of a double header was quite the slugfest, with the Tigers coming out on top.  The 7th inning was the only inning in which neither team put any runs on the board.  This game featured 34 hits and 6 homers.

Tigers, Pirates (Game 2)Scouts: The Tigers ran out of gas in the follow up game in the evening, but the Pirates seemed to have had quite a bit in the tank.  Jose Osuna smacked a three-run homer.


Rays 8, Orioles 4 – Prof: The sky was grey and cloudy today, and for a while I thought it might rain. The weather held, but the Orioles couldn’t. Alex Cobb got rocked by his former team, and when you look at the box score, all you see the name “Wendle”, who went 3-5 with 2 ribbies. Who is Wendle? [Prof opens BRef] Joey Wendle, a second baseman. OK, cool.


Diamondbacks 3, Phillies 5 – Prof: Well, looks like I was wrong about Jake Arrieta being on the decline. So far he’s been nothing but clutch for Philadelphia. He outpitched my dude Zack Greinke last night, going seven full innings with only one earned run. Aaron Altherr hit a three run homer to cement the win.

Red Sox 4, Blue Jays 3Scouts: Mookie, Mookie, Mookie.  The league seems to have absolutely zero answer for Mookie Betts who is now batting .350 and picked up his 7th and 8th dingers on the season.

8 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/25/2018

  1. The Angels may be the under-the-radar contender this year. I think everyone was still looking at the pretty bad moves they were making three to four years ago. Now they are actually building a team that can support their all-world guy in Mike Trout. Everyone knew Simmons was the best fielding shortstop. Well, now he is hitting with power. For the moment, Pujols is hitting. Ohtani is making a splash. Guys like Kinsler, Calhoun, Valbuena and Upton make for at least a solid supporting cast, if no stars.

    It will come down to if their starting pitching remains solid. But they are looking like much more of a threat this year.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Much of which could be nullified by the Astros rounding back out on their hitting. I was concerned at the start of the year that we might see regression to mean for Springer, Reddick, Gonzalez and Gattis. I took the weekend drubbing of the White Sox with a hefty grain of salt.
        If the Astros bats wake up, I don’t think the Angels have the pitching to stay with them. If the K’s continue at higher rates and we are seeing regressions, we might have an unexpected horse race in the AL West.


  2. So is there now a HBF/BBiD (*foul/batted ball) sub-category? Maybe this was a special gift for our friend, weren’t the wedding bells supposed to be chiming right about now?


  3. Kyle Gibson has a no no going against the Yankees going into the sixth. Don’t say nothing you might jinx him.


  4. I’m more surprised at how badly the Bums are playing so far this season than I am the Feesh were able to take advantage of them. If your curve goes flat a college outfielder can crush it, but I’m not worried in the long term about Kershaw, even if he’s been having an erratic time in the early going.
    Meanwhile Lewis Brinson took the collar again. He’s batting .146 and the Feesh seem determined to ruin him the way they pretty much ruined Jacob Turner years back by insisting on keeping him up in the show when he is clearly not ready. Clueless Jeter and Company represented him as the new face of the franchise before they really knew if he was going to stick, and now they’re stuck with him. It’s too bad. He seems like a really good kid. He deserves better than this enforced humiliation.


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