He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/22/2018

Scouts: Good morning everyone!  I have returned from my vacation feeling not at all rested and wishing I had another week.  But the bills must be paid and the job must get done, so here I am.  It’s amazing to me that even in this day and age, taking a week off and you feel like you’ve just completely fallen off the planet.  I’ve given Prof a much deserved day of rest, so I’ll need all of you to fill me in on what I missed the past week.  What went down?



The Team That Hails From Cleveland 7, Orioles 3Scouts: Manny Machado continues his offensive tear.  Unfortunately other than him and Dylan Bundy, the rest of the team flat out sucks.  Jose Ramirez picked up two homers for the Spiders as I hear we are now calling them.

Blue Jays 1, Yankees 5Scouts: Luis Severino gave up just a single run over 7 strong innings.  Didi Gregorious hit a solo shot in the first, and the Yankees cruised into their 11th win on the season.  Gleyber Torres went 0-4 in his MLB debut.

Royals 8, Tigers 5Scouts: Mike Moustakas extended his hitting streak to 14 games with a go-ahead three-run homer in the seventh.

Twins 6, Rays 8Scouts: Everyone loves a walk-off, unless they are hit against your team that is.  Sorry Twins fans, but today was one of the few the Rays get to celebrate.  Carlos Gomez delivered a two-run walk-off in the 9th, his first of his career.


Pirates 2, Phillies 3Scouts: It looks like the Pirates have come back to earth after their stellar start.  That makes me sad.  Everyone loves a over-performing underdog.  Aaron Altherr walked it off with a one-out single in the bottom of the 11th which completed a four game sweep.

British Virgin Island Marlins 2, Brewers 4Scouts: Christian Yelich reminded fans why he shouldn’t have been traded going deep for the BrewCrew as the Marlins who have succeeded from Miami were handed their 16th loss and a four-game sweep.

Astros 7, White Sox 1Scouts: Houston had a pretty big 7th inning sending 10 batters to the plate and scoring 5 runs.  Better hope no one celebrated or stole a base or Justin Verlander the fun police will give you a citation.


Reds 2, Cardinals 9Scouts: Miles Mikolas held down the hapless Reds to two runs and 5 hits over 7 strong innings.  Kolten Wong and Paul Dejong homered for the Cards, who are riding a 11 game wining streak vs the Reds.

Mariners 4, Rangers 7Scouts: Martin Perez made a delivery to his adjustment that seems to have paid off in the form of 6 strong innings against the Mariners.

Cubs 9, Rockies 7Scouts: German Marquez lost control of a 96 mph fastball that hit Kris Bryant in the brim of the helmet.  Bryant left the game but so far has passed all tests with flying colors.  Cubs hitting coach Chili Davis and assistant hitting coach Andy Haines were ejected following the incident after a run in with umpire Cory Blaser.  Haines tossed his drink at Blaser and most certainly will be facing a nice long vacation.


Red Sox 1, Athletics 4 Scouts: David Price was doesn’t scare Khris Davis!  Davis came up in the 8th inning in a 1-1 ballgame and promptly hit a first-pitch, pinch-hit three-run homer to give the A’s another win over the Sox.

Giants 4, Angels 2Scouts: Johnny Cueto, who I honestly forgot was still playing baseball lowered his era to 0.35, completely shutting down the Angels and their new clean-up hitter Shohei Ohtani.


Padres 2, D-backs 4Scouts: Patrick Corbin racked up 11 K’s, as the D-Backs won it the way they drew it up.  Or something like that.

Nationals 3, Dodgers 4 Scouts: The Nats blew a 3-0 lead in the 6th, as the Dodgers pulled off another one of their trademark comebacks.  Corey Seager picked up the winning RBI with a sac fly in the 7th.

Mets, Braves – PPD

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/22/2018

  1. When one roots for a team that’s battling injuries, one can choose to take comfort in moral victories, or one can lament chances that got away. So it goes for this Nats fan, who has watched his team go 3-3 so far on a trip through the Mets and Dodgers, knowing that they could be at least 5-1 with a full complement of regulars, and yet at the same time feeling fortunate that they’re 3-3 while starting Wilmer Difo, Moises Sierra, and Howie Kendrick.


    Jeremy Hellickson was real good for two cycles through the LA batting order last night, then not so good the third time. He left still up 3-2 with a runner on, and The Unpredictable Sammy Solis was Bad Sammy, facing two, walking one and yielding a hit to the other. The box score will say that Trevor Gott took the loss, but I thought he pitched pretty well in his 1 2/3 innings, definitely better than Solis.

    In other news, after waiting nine days, the Nats finally placed Anthony Rendon on the DL. He fouled a ball off his toe on April 13, and hadn’t played since, but since DL moves can only be backdated three days, he’ll be out till at least April 29 or 30, now.

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  2. I am also returning from a vacation of sorts. A family member in Savannah, Georgia had surgery and my wife flew out to share in the care during recovery. I drove out to pick her up and bring her back. Dirty little secret: I love road trips, but getting into the sixties has meant I am not quite the Road Warrior From Hell (TM) that I used to be.

    Oh well, it apparently took me leaving town for the Astros to wake up and discover they could score runs in big bunches. A small sacrifice for the greater good.


  3. hey everybody it just hit 70 degrees here, Antarctica has departed my backyard so I can sit in the swing and the battle between good and evil commences in about two hours.


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