We Have Our First No-No of the Season!

I usually don’t post on the weekends, but this is important.

Oakland’s Sean Manaea just no-hit the hottest hitting team in baseball, the Boston Red Sox.

The Athletics southpaw also had ten strikeouts to go along with the shutout, and outdueled Chris Sale for the win. Big ups to my dude Jon Lucroy who caught Manaea tonight, I have a feeling there will be some champagne and some fancy personalized watches passed around.

Congrats, Mr. Manaea!

5 thoughts on “We Have Our First No-No of the Season!

  1. Even better we might be seeing the emergence of an elite ace to be enjoyed for years to come.

    He’s 26 and so far this year he has an ERA of 1.23, a WHIP of .6, and is averaging 7.24 innings over 5 starts.

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  2. Another note of, well, interest, I guess, about the next most boring baseball story coming out of anywhere besides Cleveland. Bryant Gumball interviewed first-ballot Loser’s Hall of Fame owner Derek Cheapo about his destruction of the Feesh and their fan base two days ago and it degenerated into a brouhaha. You can watch baseball’s belated answer to the Buckley-Vidal debates on HBO on Tuesday.

    Pardon me – gotta head down to the 606 Club for some jazz now….

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    1. I listened to a review of the discussion on local SportsTawk radio. According to those guys, Jeets was doing a pretty good job of misdirection. Gumble was talking about management tanking; Jeets kept taking it back to “None of my players wants to lose! They are out there doing their best!” Nice head fake, but the reporters will be ready for that line next time.


  3. I watched a bit of the game when MLB surfing. It was pretty obvious in the sixth and seventh he was going to pull it off. Even in the third time through the order he was dispatching batters with great efficiency. Almost as soon as they got to the plate it was 0-2, and after that it was change speeds until they made some weak effort and were out. A textbook performance.


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