Bits and Pieces Random Weekend Edition

Let’s start with a sound track. Although I’m not feeling very patriotic these days I’ve always found this moving.


Lets start with the battling titans of the AL Central

Double header reversal bizzaro

Royals 2 Tigers 3

Royals 3 Tigers 2

Astros 10 White Sox 0. Stex’s boys are in first and my annoying in laws weep

The baseball team formerly known as the Indians 1 Orioles 3. GO GO Fightin O’s

Twins 7 Rays 8. Although both the Twins and the baseball team formerly known as the Indians lost, The Twins magic number is down to 147.5.

Flash from the Universal Mind


What is the highest scoring game in MLB history

On August 25, 1922, the highest scoring game in major league history took place: the Chicago Cubs defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 26–23, a total of 49 runs.

Scherzer vs Kershaw throw down


The numbers don’t match the outcome. Kershaw completed 7 innings with 85 pitches, 64 of which were strikes. He got a first pitch strike on 21/29 of the hitters he faced. He did allow 9 hits but didn’t walk anybody.

Scherzer needed 106 pitches to complete 6 innings and only 64 of them were strikes. His first pitch strike stat was 13/26. He gave up 4 hits and walked 3, so we’re talking 7 baserunners in six innings as opposed to Kershaw’s 9 in seven innings. Yet he suffered only 1 earned run while Kershaw got touched for 4.

I guess Kershaw went right at the Nat hitters who responded in kind.

Nats 5 Dodgers 2

Lots of games last night

Pirates 1 Phillies 2   Mets 5 Braves 3 Mariners 6 Rangers 2

Reds 2 Cardinals 4. The Reds are 3 – 16 which is their worst start since 1831.

Red Sox 7 Athletics 3. The Red Sox are 17 – 2 which is their best start since 1776.

Marlins 0 Brewers 8.  The Marlins are 5 – 14 and are hot on the heels of the Reds for the number one pick. Jeter is still a great competitor. And oh Ryan Braun got is 1000th career RBI this week.

Flash from the Universal Mind


What is the longest game in MLB history?

The longest game by time length happened on 5/8/1984 between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago White Sox. The length of the game was 8 hours and 6 minutes with the White Sox winning 7-6.

The most innings in a Major League Baseball game is 26. This happened on 5/1/1920 between the Boston Braves and Brooklyn Robins ending in a tie at 1-1. The game was called in a tie due to darkness.

Back to business

Cubs 16 Cardinals 5 Padres 4 Diamondbacks 1  Giants 8 Angels 1. I don’t know nutting about these games.


Blue Jays 8 Yankees 5. I don’t know nutting about this game either but I like the outcome.

Say did you know that Aaron Judge reached 61 home runs in the shortest time in MLB  history this week. He did it in two minutes and forty seven seconds. See for yourself










4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Random Weekend Edition

  1. In the interest of tedious, smug, sanctimonious (not to mention confusing) consistency, maybe you and the Dawg should substitute a former mascot for the present racist Braves moniker. After the Cincinnati Red Stockings moved to Boston they were known as the Boston Red Stockings, before they evolved into the Red Stockings/Red Caps, before they evolved into the Beaneaters, before they became the Doves, the Rustlers and finally, in 1912, the Braves. Take your pick.

    Once you’ve made that thunderous, gobsmacking moral statement maybe you kids could take a look at the Padres, an aggressive, white, decidedly male, overtly Christian mascot presently causing Snowflake pagan millennials to cower in safe spaces all around the country.

    Once you’ve rejiggered the Pads you might take a look at the New York Yankees. No doubt hordes of triggered Confederate-sympathizing Snowflake millennials would thank you profusely.

    San Francisco Giants? Triggered Snowflake Little People would be insanely grateful.

    Washington Nationals? Has there ever been a more nationalistic, militaristic, oppressively racist, overtly chauvinist mascot?

    Don’t even get me started on the Phillies or the Pirates or the White Sox.

    Keep up the good work!

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    1. Although I don’t like the Chief Wahoo thing, I personally don’t mind the Indians being called the Indians, I was just referencing yesterday’s conversation. The only team name I do mind is “Redskins”. I don’t think I’d like it if the Twins or Vikings were called the Minnesota Albinos.

      I hope you aren’t angered to the point where you no longer visit us. I generally enjoy your comments.

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  2. Pitch counts don’t always tell the true story; what looks like efficiency on the part of a pitcher can just mean that he was getting hit early, at least part of the time.

    The Nats were in attack mode at the plate last night; the first three batters saw a total of three pitches, which yielded a Turner double, a Kendrick fly ball that moved him to third, and a Harper single. The Reanimated Corpse of Ryan Zimmerman saw five pitches during his AB, one wild that moved Harper to second, and one that he hit off the wall in right center for a double to score. Things pretty much settled down after that, with both teams struggling to put anything together on offense, and while Scherzer wasn’t Peak Max, due to likely residual effects of having gone sixteen innings over his last two starts, he was still good enough to put the Nats in position to win, and three solid innings from the bullpen got them home.

    Strasburg goes tonight, so maybe the Nats will finally climb back above .500.

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