He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/16/18

A quick note – I know most of you do not use Twitter on a regular basis, but if you have an account, please help me help one of the best accounts on that site, Pitching Ninja. You’ve seen me use his work here on this site (with credit). The Ninja’s account has been suspended by Twitter and it’s because of the gifs he makes FOR FREE and circulates FOR FREE. MLB doesn’t allow anyone to create gifs for educational purposes, apparently. I don’t know what the individual user can do, really, but maybe together we can make a difference. I think it’s crap. This is an account that is being followed and engaged with by many major league baseball players – some of them are high profile guys like Lance McCullers, Marcus Stroman, and Trevor Bauer. This is why MLB is losing status among folks in this day and age, because they attack the very people who are actively trying to evangelize the game. Do better, Manfred.

A few of these games are crazy late, and as such I will not be able to get too deep into them because in the mornings I don’t have tons of time to update stuff. I usually do my portion of the post at night, but since I’m doing it all, I am doing the best I can. 🙂 Today’s musical selections all feature a cool retro guitar riff mixed with newer sounds.

Astros 1, Mariners 2 – I propose that we strip the nickname of “Big Game James” from James Shields, who has never deserved it, and give it to James Paxton, who totally deserves it. Dallas Keuchel went eight full innings and honestly didn’t pitch that bad, but he gave up an untimely double in the sixth to break the tie and ultimately gain the L. First inning Springer Dinger for the ‘Stros.


Rockies 6, Pirates 2 – The Rockies are on a tear, and the buzzsaw kept going even against the suddenly hot Bucs at home. Trevor Story hit a three-run bomb. Charlie Blackmon is an unstoppable force who also went yard. And, it was Dinger, Colorado’s purple dinosaur mascot’s birthday. This has been Mascot News.

White Sox 1, Athletics 8 – Two former Brewers (Khris Davis and Jonathan Lucroy) did big things for Oakland last night, along with Jed Lowrie and Matt Joyce. Jose Abreu kept it from being a shutout.

Dodgers 10, Padres 2 – Not that it was needed, but in the ninth inning Yasmani Grandal hit a grand slam to moirder the Padres dead. I wonder why the Dodgers are able to have these huge games on days when Clayton Kershaw isn’t pitching?

Marlins 1, Yankees 12 – Oh my goodness. A lot of unpack here. The Yankees just went HAM on the Feesh, without any pity or mercy. However, that destruction was not brought by Giancarlo Stanton, who went 0-3. Sir Didi Gregorius though, he was the man. Two homers for the Yankee shortstop, as well as a home run for Aaron Judge. The lone Marlins run came from a fielder’s choice off the bat of my dude, Justin Bour. #FreeBour.

Nationals 8, Mets 6 – Here’s the only thing I would know about this game if I only relied on MLB’s official social media profiles:

Nothing about how the Nats had to rally back in the eighth inning against a Mets team who were coming on strong after some sloppy play in the sixth inning by Washington. But, yeah, a broken bat homer is pretty cool, I will admit.

Rangers 4, Rays 8 – The big story out of this was that there are injuries associated with these teams and they are pretty big ones. Rays outfielder Kevin Kiermaier tore a ligament in his thumb and will be out for several months following upcoming surgery. Matt Duffy, the Tampa third baseman, left in the first inning due to a hamstring injury and will have an MRI today. For Texas, Jurickson Profar is undergoing concussion protocol after having to leave in the second inning. In good news, Joey Gallo continues to do nothing but mash taters and charm ladies, and Wilson Ramos drove in two runs for Tampa.

Phillies 1, Braves 2 – A boring game by anyone’s standards, really. Julio Teheran finally gets a win at home and the offensive prowess of Ozzie Albies made all of the difference. Gabe Kapler continues to prove he has no business managing a major league baseball team, keeping a totally depleted Aaron Nola out on the bump for way too long.

Reds 10, Brewers 4 – Really, Brewers? Really? You allow the Reds to do this to you? The sixth inning in particular was pretty awful for Milwaukee. The Reds scored six, including ex-Brewer Scooter Gennett, who hit a double to bring in Adam Duvall, and Joey Votto who hit his own double to bring in Jose Peraza. But then again, the Brewers were dealing with a shallow team – several of the starters are call ups from the Sky Sox, Thames and Yelich are on the DL and Ryan Braun was a pinch hitter so that should give you an idea as to the quality of the lineup for this game.

Orioles vs Red Sox, Cardinals vs Cubs, Royals vs Blue Jays – PPD – Yes, more bad weather. Also, yes, the Rogers Centre has a roof and normally they would have played, but the roof suffered damage and they had to postpone the game because of it. Would you believe ice fell from the CN Tower and punctured a hole in the roof? Wild. Mother Nature is undefeated.

17 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/16/18

  1. My friends, I violated the Cardinal Rule of Sports Fandom last evening – I gave up on my team in a game that appeared lost before it was actually lost.

    It was 2-1 headed to the bottom of the 6th, then 4-1 headed to the bottom of the seventh after the sloppy play that Prof mentioned, and on came recently deposed fifth starter A.J. Cole to try to keep the Mets at bay. He promptly yielded a triple off the wall in center and a no doubt home run in succession, at which point I switched off the game in favor of other televised entertainment. In my defense, the Nats had looked anemic up till that point, and I had no reason to believe that they were going to turn things around last night. However, after some walks, a couple of seeing-eye grounders, and a hit batsman thrown in for good measure, they did indeed score six in the 8th to take the lead, all monitored by me on Twitter, because I wasn’t going to jinx things by switching back to watching the game.

    The Nats definitely stole one last night; whether or not it’ll be a turning point remains to be seen, but I like being five games back instead of seven right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Per chance, when you were watching the alternative entertainment did you eat a bowl of ice cream? If so, the relationship is surely a causative one.


      1. No ice cream, sadly, although I may try the “Rally Westworld Episode” in the future if need be.

        Weird thing was we turned the game back on for the bottom of the 9th, and after it was over, play-by-play guy Bob Carpenter said “Don’t ever turn off the game” or words to that effect, and I was afraid he was speaking directly to me.


  2. In some corners of the blogosphere they’re calling him “Lame Game” James. Waddya think?

    Harper later hit a two-run single with a broken bat. Maybe we’re looking at a new new thing?

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    1. Coming from a person who has used the phrase Big Lame James since Shields was with San Diego, I rock with it.


      1. For Bregman and a couple of others I think it’s a slow start. And while Springer is showing up, the Batting average isn’t up to it. He’s a true Three Outcome performer right now. I’m afraid for Marwin Gonzalez, Josh Reddick and Springer, last year may well have been the career season and we are seeing regression. Sheriff McCann already hit poorly last year. Marisnick still hasn’t proven he can hold his gains.

        And it’s all happening at once.


        1. Woof. Let’s hope the bats heat up soon.

          I heard Chris Davis of the Orioles interviewed this morning, he brought up a good point. It’s been really, REALLY cold everywhere. And while April is traditionally a slow month for hitters anyway, he said it’s been harder for a lot of guys because it’s just really cold and it’s affecting their bodies.

          Maybe May’s warm sun will even it all out?


  3. The name Big Game James should have been permanently retired in 1994 when Worthy took off his Lakers jersey for the last time.

    With the way the weather is this spring, what’s the chance of a freak snowfall following the AL North Central combatants to Puerto Rico? I’m not betting against it.

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    1. If the snow wants to follow the Twins to Puerto Rico that’s okay as long as they leave incognito so the snow can’t find them again.


      1. Too late, Happy… Old Man Winter already knows where Minnesota is… in fact, it’s his favourite place to spend the winter… and the spring, for that matter.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I watch Mystery Science Theater 3000, which was based out of Minneapolis, and the number of “Spring in Minnesota” jokes that centered around Arctic wastelands were too many to count. 😂


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