He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/15/18

Howdy, FI fam. My cohort in blogging is on vacation this week, as you all know. I hope to be able to bring some extra sparkle to these posts for the next few days, but please forgive me if the glitter isn’t always there. As usual, I’m kicking myself because I’m in a Bastille mood again and I’ve already posted a bunch of their songs last week. Haha, I guess I’m going to do the next best thing and post another alternative rock band that I particularly love – Northern Ireland’s own Snow Patrol. Let’s get cracking.

Rangers 3, Astros 1 F/10 – This was by far the game of the night. We had a perfecto going until the eighth inning by….BARTOLO COLON????? Not only that, on the other side of the diamond, Justin Verlander (while giving up one run in the third inning) wasn’t too shabby himself. In fact, pitch for pitch this was probably one of the nastiest duels we’re going to see all year. I’ll put money on it.

Clock those stats, homies. Bart’s perfecto was broken up, but still had a no-no going until Josh Reddick hit a double. But yeah, man. Deep in the heart of Texas was an absolute duel.

Orioles 1, Red Sox 3 – The Red Sox are red hot, and they are currently riding high on the best start in the history of the organization. That’s over 100 years, with some of the greatest teams in the history of baseball among them, and this is the best start they’ve had to a season. That’s wild. What else is wild is that even though Baltimore desperately needs pitching, the one pitcher who is out there actually doing what he’s supposed to do – Dylan Bundy – gets absolutely no run support. Why, it’s almost as if the Orioles have problems OTHER than on the mound! Who would’ve thunk it. Oh, and guess what? Chris Sale, who started the game and did not get the win, still has a 1.23 ERA for the season. My god, that is sick.

“I might be wearing Dodger blue now but I will always be a silver fox.” – maybe not Chase Utley but many people who are watching Chase Utley.

Diamondbacks 2, Dodgers 7 – Well, hot damn. The Dodgers finally did something good for their ace! Clayton Kershaw was Clayton Kershaw, going seven and striking out 12, and Los Angeles finally won a game in eleven tries. And they did it against the sizzling hot Gritty Snakes of Arizona! It was truly a team affair, with major contributions from Chase Utley, Corey Seager, Yasiel Puig, and Chris Taylor.

Phillies 10, Rays 4 – As you know, I am a Braves fan first and foremost. I should, in theory, hate the Phillies and wish them nothing but ill will. But I’m going to be painfully honest here: the NL East sucks when the Phillies suck and the Braves suck. We are both on the come up, though, and when it happens, it’s going to be a lot of fun. So I’m hoping that young studs Rhys Hoskins and Scott Kingery bring the glory back to Citizens Bank Park, because nothing is more fun than a true rivalry. They are on their way – both Kingery and Hoskins, along with Maikel Franco, were instrumental in today’s win over the Tampa Bay Sea Creatures. Bop of the day belonged to Aaron Altherr, who cranked a three run bomb.

Brewers 2, Mets 3 – Ah, man. It’s all right, Milwaukee, y’all are still at .500. The Mets, though – did anyone think they’d start the season 12-2? Anyone? Bueller? This game started with a Todd Frazier single which brought home Brandon Nimmo. Then in the sixth, the Brewers came roaring back, capitalizing on a throwing error to get two runs and a brief lead. But later in that same inning, young Nimmo was like, “Nah, son” and crushed one to right field, tying the game at two a piece. Wilmer Flores was the one to put the dagger in the Brew Crew’s back, with a ninth inning home run. Thor started the game yesterday and while he didn’t get the win, he did some crazy mess out there on the bump. I’d like to show you a gif of a slider that I think is being controlled by demons.


Pirates 7, Marlins 3 – Starling Marte, have yourself a day. The Pirates outfielder went 5-5, capping it all off with a home run in the ninth inning. The Feesh floundered, never really getting any momentum, although my dude, Justin Bour, hit a two run dinger in the seventh. But it was never close at all.

Cardinals 3, Reds 2 – I keep forgetting that Bud Norris is still playing. The Cardinals are probably really glad he is, because he notched a save for them. But they were playing the Reds, and I think a cardboard cutout of, I don’t know, Rick Ankiel maybe could strike out at least one of the Reds these days. They are, after all, 2-13 on the season. Billy Hamilton and Adam Duvall (now, there’s a guy who deserves better than Cincinnati) tried their best in the late innings, but to no avail. Ups to the Redbird pitching staff for blanking Joey Votto. It’s hard to do, so I give credit where credit is due.

Rockies 6, Nationals 5 – I’m sure SomeGuy can give us a scoop here, but let’s just say that this was not a particularly good home stretch for Washington. Charlie Blackmon continues to play some quality baseball – the guy with quite possibly the worst hair in baseball drove in three runs, while the guy who is constantly touted as having the best hair in baseball – Bryce Harper – crushed a homer in the first inning. One of my fave dudes, DJ LeMahieu (pick him up in your fantasy leagues if you get a chance, you will not regret it) also hit a home run for this Rockies win.

Athletics 2, Mariners 1 – Friends, I am concerned. I am concerned that we have seen the end of King Felix’s reign. BUT PROF, says you, FELIX HERNANDEZ WENT 6.1 INNINGS AND STRUCK OUT SEVEN, ONLY HAD TWO EARNED RUNS. This is true, fam. Despite getting the loss in this game, he didn’t pitch all that poorly. But you guys, his current ERA is hemorrhaging runs. I know that he has plenty of time to bounce back. But a quick look at Felix’s overall stats, careerwise, show that in the last several years his ERA is trending upwards, innings pitched is trending down, and strike outs took a big nose dive from 2016 to 2017 and are on a downward trend as well. This is why I’m concerned. He’s still young, but he has a LOT of miles on that arm.

shocked wtf gif.gifGiants 1, Padres 10 – What the ever loving heck is this mess? Why are the Giants 6-9? Is it because Madison Bumgarner is on the 60-day DL? Or is it because they’ve offended me so many times that my curses have finally kicked in? Let’s be honest here, the Padres have no business hanging ten on San Francisco. The Padres has no business hanging ten on any team, except maybe the Reds. But they did. San Diego’s got a team full of guys that I’m not super familiar with except for Cory Spangenberg, who I once included in a “cute guys of baseball” shitpost on twitter, so there’s that.

and bringing up the rear….

Blue Jays v Cleveland, Yankees v Tigers, White Sox v Twins, Braves v Cubs, and Angels v Royals ALL PPD

11 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/15/18

  1. Things were set up pretty well for the Nats to salvage a split with the Rockies, what with Scherzer and Strasburg going on Saturday and Sunday and Nolan Arenado dropping his appeal of his suspension.

    Scherzer, who pitches from the windup when no one is on base, threw exactly one pitch from the stretch during his start, yielding a two run home run to Charlie Blackmon after walking Gerardo Parra in the first, and then retiring the last 20 guys he faced in a Nats win on Saturday. Strasburg, who pitches from the stretch on every pitch, cruised into the sixth, but then hit a rough patch, and things were tied at 4-4 after six innings. After some home runs here and there, and a TOOTBLAN from Mr. Harper, and Matt Wieters getting caught stealing, the Nats managed to lose a game where they managed to put up positively Little League-like stats on offense, collecting ten walks, one HBP, and five hits, with three runs scoring on wild pitches (including one that scored two) and two solo home runs.

    Ordinarily, I’d scoff at the idea of there being a big series in April, but these are not ordinary times. The season is only 10% done, but the Nats already find themselves six games in arrears of the Mets, and they’re supposed to begin a three game set at CitiField tonight, weather permitting, followed by a trip to the coast to play LA and SF. Because Scherzer and Strasburg both pitched this weekend, it’ll be Jeremy Hellickson (yes, really), Gio and Roark facing DeGrom, Wheeler, and Matz, respectively. On offense, Murphy’s out, Eaton’s out, Rendon missed the weekend after fouling a ball off his big toe, Taylor’s not the guy he was last year (although he doubled twice yesterday, so maybe), Zimmerman’s the guy he is every April (terrible), and Werth’s not around to provide clubhouse leadership or whatever intangibles he provided. In other words, things are looking bleaker for the Nats at the moment than they are for the Caps.

    One of the many reasons floated as possible causes for the Nats failure to advance past the NLDS in years gone by has been that they weren’t battle-tested during the season, cruising to division crowns while going months without playing meaningful games. Assuming they get pointed in the right direction and actually show themselves to be contenders this year, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about their not having to fight to get there.

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    1. Hellickson is gonna have a heck of a time against deGrom, Gio vs Wheeler can go any way, and if Roark doesn’t crap the bed he can probably beat Matz (even though I love Matz, but I don’t think the Mets system is good for his arm).


      1. Roark has been pitching well this year, and pitched well enough to win Friday night, but the Nats still have to score in order to win games. Against the Rockies, Roark went six, gave up three hits, one walk, and two runs (one earned), but he got tagged with the loss in a game where the Nats only had four hits and scored just once.

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        1. Like I said, he’d have to tank awful bad to lose head to head. But then again, you don’t win friends with salad and you don’t win games with no runs.


  2. So far the early season seems to be distinguished by the rise of the unexpected and the struggles of the annointed leaders. All of the divisions are presently being led by teams designated as also-rans, with the possible exception of Boston, who was regarded as sort of co-champions with the Borg. The Astros frankly have benefited from a weak opening schedule, because friends, so far the hitting looks terrible. And even so, they find themselves looking up 3.5 games to find the Angels. It is way early, but I sense the possibility of some big surprises this year.

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    1. Every dog has it’s day.

      We all know the real season begins in June/July but it’s wild to see the Angels and the Mets crushing, and the Braves aren’t so bad either. I’m shocked at how terrible LA has been.


      1. But remember a win in April counts just as much in the final standings as a win in June, July, or September.

        It’s stopped snowing but I’m still shoveling and we got a couple of little fellers in the house – gotta go – see you in a while.

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        1. True, true. How many times has a team gotten hot only to be out of the playoffs because they sucked in April and lost three games they shouldn’t have? Too many to count.


  3. Just checking in. Attended a wonderful New Forty (ie 60th) birthday party at the casino in Bad Gerschmelt on the Oder, where my wife hit the tables and returned with about as much as she started out holding. I just watched the gentlemen in dinner jackets channeling Sean Connery to impress the svelt vamps sniffing them more for evidence of reckless wealth than pheromones.
    We got to London last night and celebrated our return to the mother country at our go-to first-night-in-town place, Ceru’s neuveau-Levantine bistro just down the street from our apartment. We started orf with roasted fennel and beetroot salad, flamed curry dusted haloumi and segued on to baked aged, marinated lamb shoulder dusted with flaked pistachio and pomegranate arils, roasted sea bream in a harissa based dressing, and finished it orf with cranberry-ginger cheesecake and darrrrrk chocolate sour cherry mousse washed down with a very nicely full bodied Greek cabernet. Hay-soos.
    This morning we didn’t feel like cooking despite stocking the fridge last night so we went downstairs to the Michelin cafe, Bibendum, a block from our building, where da wife had scrambled eggs with leeks and smoked Scottish trout and a fresh baked chocolate-Kahlua croissant, while I had poached eggs over creamed avocado on sourdough toast. Their coffee is so good it makes my hand shake.
    She’s going to have to find some dynamite to blast me out of here and get me home next week.
    The Feesh are 4-12, going on 4-13 as the Borg pummels them to a pulp tonight. I just checked the score; I made no effort to stream it. But let’s be fair, they’ve had a tough schedule. Most of the teams they’ve played so far are full of major league ballplayers. To divert myself, I’ve been reading M F K Fisher’s classic Gastronomical Me. Oh the things you can find in London bookshops.

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