Bits and Pieces Friday the 13th Snowstorm Edition

The Twins were rained out last night and today they are snowed out. We’re forecast to wind up with around 18 inches of snow before the end of tomorrow. I’ve shoveled three times already because no way can I deal with 18 wet heavy inches all at once. I haven’t done the front public walk because I’m praying my neighbor with a snow blower will decide to do the block. I’m watching Star Trek Into Darkness instead of a Twins game. I’m out of diet coke and low on ice cream. Worst of all I have but one white castle slider left, all because I don’t want to go out in this crap.

I hate winter.



Hot starts

Let’s warm things up in here before we get to the scores.


The Mets are 11 – 1. The Angels are 12 – 3. The Red Sox are 11 – 2. The Diamondbacks are 10 – 4 and I expect Pirate fans are pleasantly surprised to find their boys at 9 – 4. The Borg are 7 – 7, nana nana doo doo.


Friday the 13th scores

Marlins 7 – Pirates 2. This one had a 3 run base clearing sac fly. The Gods must be messing with Gator.

Braves 4 – Cubs 0. Anibal Sanchez started for the Braves??? If he keeps this up I’m gonna be pissed.

Cardinals 5 Reds 3

Rockies 2 Nats 1

Red Sox 4 Orioles 1

Mets 1 Brewers 0

Yankees 8 Tigers 6

Phillies 2 Rays 1

Blue Jays 8 Indians 4. A thanks to our Canadian friends.

Astros 3 Rangers 2. Stex’s boys are good.

Angels 5 Royals 4

D Backs 8 dodgers7

Mariners 7 Athletics 4

Padres 5 Giants 1

Twins White Sox PP because

14 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Friday the 13th Snowstorm Edition

  1. Bless you. I met up with my old friend Eric today for tea, since I haven’t seen him in months and he has been having lady problems, and obviously I am a lady so I attempt to help. Eric looks like Paul Goldschmidt with a wonky eye and always has a half-shaven beard. Anyway, Wonky Eyed Goldy and I were at this coffee shop and they showed the weather channel, and everything was about your blizzard.

    Happy, this is why I fled the upper Midwest.


  2. While The Borg evened their season mark at 7 and 7 (think I might drink one later) against the Tiggers, I sat just over a mile away at the site of old Tiger Stadium, now turned into The Corner Ballpark for the Detroit Police Athletic League.

    While my childhood dream of playing for the Tigers never came close to coming true, I did get to experience a lifetime thrill watching my son throw 3 2/3 innings of scoreless relief in just 39 pitches with 4 Ks from the same mound once used by my childhood heroes John Hiller and Mark “The Bird” Fidrych.

    Even if some miracle happens and the Tiggers become Tigers and win the World Series this year, last night will remain the greatest night of baseball I will have this year. Thanks for allowing a proud papa a moment to brag.

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    1. Sparty! You ought to be proud, that’s wonderful!!! Congrats to Lil’ Spartan. Maybe one day we’ll be writing about him in the updates. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Prof, that would be awesome, but he’s just an average high school player and will be finished once his senior season ends in a few weeks. Like life, eventually the game moves on without you.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Not necessarily about him playing baseball, my friend. Perhaps he will do something else equally as awesome. He has the potential, my friend, look who his dad is.


  3. Not sure why you are thanking us Canucks, Happy…. aren’t we the ones responsible for all the cold, snowy, shitty weather you are getting?

    On behalf of all Canadians, I can only offer this: Sorry!


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