He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/12/2018

Scouts: Most of the league had the day off, but the games we got largely featured some very dominant pitching performances.  Hope everyone’s ready for the weekend!  I’ll be gone all week next week, so be nice to your friendly neighborhood Professor!


Pirates 6, Cubs 1Scouts: Gregory Polanco provided more offense than the entire Cubs lineup as the Tampa Bay Pirates just keep on winning, seemingly unaware they are supposed to suck.  Polanco went 2-5 with a pair of solo homers for the Bucs.

Tigers 3, Team From Cleveland 9Scouts: The Team that shall not be named got the bats moving early, scoring all 9 runs in the first four innings starting with Francisco Lindor’s lead-off shot.


Cardinals 13, Reds 4Scouts: While the Cards spread some of the damage around, the biggest chunk came with a 7-run, 7th inning outburst that blew a one-run game wide open.

Rockies 5, Nationals 1Scouts: D.J. LeMahieu had himself one hell of a ballgame, as the lead-off hitter went 4-5 with 4 RBI and two home-runs.


Yankees 3, Red Sox 6Scouts: MLB moved quickly to hand out punishments for the previous day’s brawl.  Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly received a 6-game suspension plus fine, while Tyler Austin received a 5-game time-out and fine.  Fines also went out to Red Sox manager Alex Cora, Yankees third base coach Phil Nevin, C.C. Sebathia, Xander Bogaerts, Marco Hernandez, and Dustin Pedroia.  As for the game, Rick Porcello went 7 strong, shut-out innings and while the Yankees attempted to mount a come-back in the 9th, Craig Kimbrel popped on in to shut the door.


White Sox 0, Twins 4Scouts: Jose Berrios looked really, really good, giving up just three hits over 7 shut out innings, all while racking up 11 of them K things for the Twins.  His counter part, Lucas Giolito however didn’t have such a stellar game.


Angels 7, Royals 1Scouts: LA held a 1-0 lead until Shohei Ohtani cleared the bases with a three-run triple in the 7th.


Giants 7, Padres 0Scouts: Chris Stratton held the Padres to a single hit over 7 innings while the Giants had big innings in the first and the 6th.  San Diego, which of course means “a whale’s vagina” was able to only muster one single the entire game.  Oof.


13 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/12/2018

  1. The forecast this weekend is 10 – 18 inches of snow. The Twins might not be able to get in any of this weekend’s games, which will conveniently give me more time to shovel, if I don’t kill myself first.

    In other news Joe Mauer doubled the Twins lead last night with his 2000 career hit

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    1. Yay Joe Maurer! Why are there so many Twins fans who treat him like crap? He has given up huge paydays and brain health for them. Sigh.


      1. Suffering or risking brain health yeah, but I don’t think he has given up huge paydays. He’s in the last year of an 8 year 180 some million dollar contract which at the time signed was one of the biggest ever. Every reasonable analysis of the contract I’ve seen concludes that his overall worth during the duration of the contract has been worth or more than worth the value of the contract. Trouble is that the way these contracts work a player is worth about twice as much per year in the first half of the contract and is worth about half as much in the second half as what they’re being paid in each particular year. This has given many of the loud mouths around here to yell out that the Twins should be putting those millions elsewhere than a little power DH / first baseman. Many of these idiots voice their passion by calling him “little Jesus” when the rest of us point out that Joe is a really, really, good guy, that always does his best, and not just at baseball.

        The crowd at Target Field was sparse due to the suck ass weather, but among the some thousands there anyways, the ovation was sustained and standing. BTW, so far this year he’s hitting 412.


        1. I am confident that had Joe decided to look elsewhere when he got his contract, he probably would have gotten more money. When he was a catcher still and hadn’t been rung up a thousand times, there really wasn’t much like him in baseball save for maybe Buster Posey. Maybe. Obviously things have changed since he’s had to switch to 1B but I’m thinking about way back in the day here.

          As someone who has an honest and abiding love for Justin Morneau, I am very touchy about concussions. Morneau was such a great and wonderful player who did EVERYTHING the right way. I own one of his shirt – a Twins shirt, actually! – and he’s probably one of my favorite non-pitching players of all time. I loved him so, so much. And to see that talent diminished because of brain injury just floors me. Which is why I was not angry when Joe stopped being a catcher. He was going to go down that Morneau road and I didn’t want to see it happen to another guy who has done everything right and given so much to his team and his community.

          Sorry, I get kinda emotional about Justin Morneau lol


  2. Hopefully the Astros have shaken off the frostbite and will start a new win streak going forward. Looks like I am also glad they missed Jose Berrios, although they didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory as it was.

    And we are always nice to Prof. Who wouldn’t be?

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  3. What’s this? The Angels leading the AL West? Blasphemy!

    But curiously enough, not a single one of the more-or-less consensus projections is presently leading their division. Yeah, Yeah, I know. Small sample size, cold weather, whatever. But I have a sneaking suspicion, with all the talented rookies up, that some changes may be in the air. Just hope they don’t involve the Astros.

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