He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/11/2018

Scouts: I have given Prof the rest of the week off, to help her rest up, since I will be out on vacation all week next week.  Unfortunately for her, last night was one of the more…erm interesting days we’ve had in MLB in quite some time.  It may still be negative 20 degrees in half the country, but the tempers are all kinds of fired up!  Let’s get right into it why don’t we?


Braves, 5 Nationals 3 F/12 – Scouts: The Northern Virginia Nationals came back three times in this game, once in the third, once in the 9th, and once in the 11th, but when Peter Bourjos singled in two runs in the twelfth, the Nats were all tapped out.

Astros 8, Twins 9Scouts: Wow, what a game for the Milwaukee Twins!  They scored a whopping 8 runs in the 4th, and still had to recover from a blown save in the 9th!  Max Kepler played the hero with a walk-off two run bomb, his second homer of the game.

Brewers 3, Cardinals 2Scouts: The Brewers of Minnesota were unable to give their bullpen a much needed day off.  They were able to bring home a win, thanks to homers by Hernan Perez and Eric Thames.

Rays 1, White Sox 2Scouts: The last remaining team in Florida was unable to hold onto a 1 run lead, giving up a two-run dong to Matt Davidson, which snapped a five-game losing streak for the other team people forget about from Chicago.


Mariners 4, Royals 2Scouts: Kyle Seager broke a 2-2 tie in the 8th with a 2-run home run.

Padres 4, Rockies 6Scouts: The first of two, count them TWO brawls today was kicked off when Nolan Arenado charged the mound in the bottom of the third.  Arenado dodged a fastball that ended up behind him and immediately slammed his helmet to the ground and went after Luis Perdomo.  Perdomo, backed away from Arenado, threw his glove at him (The second time he missed a throw at Arenado in 15 seconds), then turned tail and pretty much ran away.  (If you are going to throw a 97 mph fastball at someone, at least be man enough to stand there and face them when they come back at you.)  Both Arenado and Perdomo were ejected as well as A.J Ellis, German Marquez, and Gerardo Parra, who all were seen throwing punches.  The thowing at Arenado seems to stem from a plunking Manuel Margot took on Tuesday.  The fight seemed to fire up the Rockies, who responded with an immediate five-run inning that eventually won them the game.  I am sure that MLB will make sure to punish the person who was assaulted by a 95 mph pitch 3 times worse than the person who did the assaulting.  Mark McGwire was seen trying to calm Arenaldo down, which very much did not work as Arenaldo was about as angry as anyone I’ve seen in a very long time.


D-backs 7, Giants 3Scouts: If the entire league decides to shorten your name because it’s too stupid and long, maybe you should have done a better job picking a name.  Anyways, the sandiest team in the league beat up on the most height conscious team last night by scoring 7 runs spread out over 4 consecutive innings.  Paul Goldschmidt is starting to look like the Goldy we all know and missed.

Tigers 1, Team from Cleveland 5Scouts: I have decided to no longer refer to the Team from Cleveland by official name after the pathetic display by some of their fans in their home opener.  I’ve been shying from calling them by team name for some time now, and think I’ve finally come to a firm decision.  Henceforth, they will be the Team from Cleveland.  Anyways, they scored a few runs in the 4th, and actually remembered they are a decent pitching team.  Recap over.

Reds 3, Phillies 4 – Scouts:  Scott Kingery jumped for joy after he walked-off the game with a sac fly in the 12th.  He then was hit with the cold, harsh realization that he plays in Philadelphia and immediately headed for the nearest distraction.

Blue Jays 3, Orioles 5Scouts: The O’s finally won a game against the Jays, who seem to have had their number for a few years now.  Chris Davis looked not like complete and total crap for once, Schoop may be waking up, Manny Machado made a ridiculous defensive play, and Chance Sisco is the TRUTH.  Prof crush Trey Mancini took a fastball off his finger while swinging on a pitch that was quite a bit inside.  Mancini stayed in the game to single, but was removed in the 9th for X-Rays, which came back negative.


Mets 4, British Virgin Islands Marlins 1Scouts: In case you haven’t heard, the Marlins have left Florida and are now claiming residence of the British Virgin Islands.  I’m not quire sure this is what MLB had in mind when they decided to start pushing out internationally.  Congratulations Mets, you are no longer the shadiest, shittiest owned team in MLB!  You win a prize!  Oh yea, the Mets are also on a 8 game winning streak.


Yankees 10, Red Sox 7 Scouts: ESPN had a wet-dream that the Yankees and Red Sox would get into a massive brawl to bring back the rivalry and ratings of a few years ago.  And it looks like that dream has become reality.  It all started when New York’s Tyler Austin slid hard into Boston short-stop Brock Holt in what appeared to me as a dirty-as-fuck slide.  Austin appeared to go way out of his way to stick his foot out, spikes up into Holt.  Hold of course had some words for Austin, and the benches cleared.  Austin was then drilled in his elbow 4 innings later by Joe Kelly by a 97 mph fastball.  Austin shattered his bat on home plate, threw his helmet, and charged at Kelly where he and Kelly swapped punches.  Austin also connected a punch to the head of Sox third-base coach Carlos Febles.  Of course New York says the slide was clean and the pitch was intentional while Boston says the slide was dirty and the pitch was accidental.  We all know the truth that both were at fault here, and I’m certain the next time these two play, the game will suddenly become a prime-time game (if it isn’t already.)  This is the second consecutive year that the Red Sox got into a fight because of a slide at second.  Last year it was the Orioles and Manny Machado, who just happen to be coming to town next.  I wonder if Boston will throw a three month temper-tantrum over this incident aswell.  Both Austin and Kelly were ejected along with Yankees third-base coach Phil Nevin and reliever Tommy Kahnle.  C.C. Sebathia may also face punishment for leaving the bench while on the disabled list.  Not to be forgotten in all the excitement, Sox Starter David Price left the game after just one inning with numbness in his left hand.


Angels 7, Rangers 2Scouts: The Rangers lost not only the game, but starting shortstop Elvis Andrus who fractured his elbow on a hit by pitch in the 9th.

Pirates 5, Cubs 13Scouts: The Tampa Bay Pirates were handed just their third loss on the season as Chicago’s vaunted American League offense finally broke out.  Javier Baez connected for he second consecutive two-run home run game as the Cubs broke a 4-4 tie in the 6th and left Tampa in the dust.

Athletics 16, Dodgers 6Scouts: Khris Davis lead a Oakland offense that absolutely busted out against the Dodgers.  The A’s racked up 21 hits, 7 of which came against Alex Wood who now has a 5.09 ERA and was handed his second loss on the season after lasting just 3.2 innings.  As you might expecte in a 21 hit thumping, every Oakland starter picked up at least one hit, and several players who subbed in for starters picked up hits, including Matt Olson who entered the game in the 4th and still went 3-4.

15 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/11/2018

    1. I made this comment elsewhere. I don’t think Lance McCullers is destined to be a starter in MLB. This in spite of his All Star status last year. He was drafted as a reliever, but his stuff was so good it put stars in their eyes about turning him into a #2 pitcher.
      He is injury prone, he is inefficient (rarely gets through the sixth without getting to 100 pitches) and the third time through the order is doom for him. And sometimes that third time through the order is happening really early. Make him your stud closer and promote Peacock. Ready to see it happen.

      That said, congratulations twinsfan. Your guys outplayed Houston for three.


      1. Their high hopes for him must explain why they left him in so long after the wheels starting coming off in the 4th. They should have taken him out 2 or 3 hitters earlier – it would have been a different game.

        I assume we play 3 in Houston later this year. We’ll see what happens. and hopefully we’ll play another 5 or 7 after that.


        1. He can be virtually unhittable over four to five innings – witness the World Series. But his curve ball is so good he has trouble controlling it. And He tends to self limit with injuries. Most of baseball has come to a different conclusion, but I think he is in the wrong role.

          Here’s to a bitter fight to the end between our teams in the playoffs.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I like Lance a lot, but I agree that maybe he should be long relief. I’m more impressed with Charlie Morton anyway.


        3. I do not have the type of beauty to disrupt an all boy’s club like the Round Table. Lolol


  1. Four three game series in the books for the Nats, and they’ve achieved all four possible series results now with yesterday’s loss, so they’re now 6-6, 4 1/2 games behind the Mets. This is unfamiliar territory for the fans, as the Nats effectively clinched the division by the end of April the last two years; I think they’ll be okay, and I also think a real pennant race might do them some good for a change.

    I was on a day trip to the greater Boston area for a work meeting yesterday, so didn’t see or hear any of the game; I understand that the Nats twice tied things up when they were down to their last out, but eventually ran out of luck. I also understand that Kurt Suzuki hit two home runs, which, really?

    Nats made a couple of roster moves yesterday. Matt Wieters returned from the DL but did not play in the game, instead watching as Pedro Severino caught and Miguel Montero (just back from paternity leave) packed his bags and caught a one-way ticket to DFA-land. The DFA happened because the Nats had to make room on the 40-man because they put Adam Eaton on the DL with a bone bruise on his ankle (the one he wrecked last season) and called up someone named Moises Sierra to take his place. Eaton aggravated the ankle on a dive into home last Friday (video is below, ankle is the left one), initially saying that he’d just broken up some scar tissue. He left early Friday, sat Saturday, played all 12 innings on Sunday, and has been inactive since. Hopefully it’ll just be a short stint, as we’re all itching to see him play games in months not named April around these parts.

    Here’s a video that includes Eaton’s slide; I guess his left foot hit the grass/dirt border a bit funny:


    The angry Rockies are coming to town along with some downright May-like weather, so things might be loud at Nats Park this weekend.


    1. With fans like that, it should be Tragical Land of Cleve. I’ve been going with Indigenous Peoples but other options could be Mistake by the Lake (old reference for Municipal Stadium), Detroit without the Glitz or maybe a solid old-school baseball return to the Cleveland Spiders.

      Liked by 1 person

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