He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/10/18

Prof: I am a big fan of this band called Bastille, which is kinda like Nine Inch Nails and Dashboard Confessional in that it’s really just one dude (the very awesome Dan) and when they go out on the road they create an actual band. Anyway, today all of our musical selections are from Bastille and if you don’t enjoy it, you can choose the music next time.

Anyway, as I mentioned in the comment section of yesterday’s post, the Cubs have put Anthony Rizzo on the DL retroactive to last week due to some tightness in his back. Hopefully he’ll be back by the end of the week – probably around the 16th or so, I’m guessing. Rizz is a good guy. He’s beloved by most Cubs fans – probably the most popular first baseman since Mark Grace – and respected by tons of fans of other teams. Here’s to good health and a quick return, Rizz.


Angels 11, Rangers 1Prof: In the first wild, lopsided, way too many runs scored game of the night, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Southern California of the United States of North America of the Milky Way Galaxy basically set up a t-ball game against the Texas Rangers. Mike Trout and former Braves great Andrelton Simmons both mashed taters. The rest of these runs were scored off of singles and sac flies. How demoralizing. Fun fact – Ohtani had the day off but ended up pinch hitting anyway. Imagine if he had actually been in the lineup all night. They might have won by 20.

Astros 4, Twins 1Scouts: Pretty good pitching matchup against two guys you’ve probably never heard of.  Dallas Keuchel only lasted 4 innings, while Jake Odorizzi managed to give up just a single run on 5 hits.

Brewers 3, Cardinals 5Scouts: Minnesota went up 1 in the 9th, only to blow the lead.  Then they went up 1 in the 10th only to blow that lead aswell.  Then in the 11th, they just completely imploded giving up a two-run walk-off homer to Matt Carpenter.  Sorry Brewers fans, no one deserves to watch that happen to you.

Mariners 8, Royals 3Scouts: Seattle rebounded from last nights whoopin’ with a whoopin’ of their own.  Jean Segura was a homer shy of the cycle.

Padres 5, Rockies 2Prof: An average game with nothing too exciting happening, except that a young man named Joey Lucchesi got his first win in his major league career. Lucchesi is a lefty from SE Missouri State. I used to be friends with a girl who graduated from SEMO – I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. Congrats to Joey for escaping the bootheel (although apparently he’s really from California. Dude, why would you go to Missouri if you were already in California? Whatever).


Diamondbacks 4, Giants 5Scouts: Andrew McCutchen laced a bases-loaded one-out single to left-center to give the Giants a walk-off victory, after having blown the lead in the top of the frame.

Rays 6, White Sox 5Prof: Tampa Bay versus Chicago. Beaches versus deep dish pizza. Beaches win. Blake Snell pitched well for the Rays, and his hard work was nearly for naught when Alex Colome pretty much vultured himself. He gave up a three run homer to Jose Abreu but was still somehow able to keep the White Sox from winning. Snell went six and had ten strikeouts in the win.

Pirates 8, Cubs 5Scouts: Could someone please remind the Pirates that they are supposed to be terrible this year?  Pittsburgh moves to 8-2 while the Cubs dropped their home opener and fall to .500 in the very young season.  Francisco Cervbelli hit a three-run bomb while Starling Marte contributed a solo shot.

wtf blond dudeYankees 1, Red Sox 14Prof: This game would’ve been a nightmare for New York even if the sixth inning didn’t happen…but it did happen. First let’s talk about the Yankees. Aaron Judge hit a home run. This has been Yankees Talk. Now, Boston, which has way more going on. The first few innings were fruitful enough, but the sixth…dude. The sixth. It started with a double that brought Mookie Betts and Andrew Benintendi home – and ended with a Mookie Betts grand slam. That’s right, the sixth inning was so disastrous for New York that the batting order looped right around and Mookie Betts  (who went 4 for 4, by the way) done did it to ’em.


Blue Jays 2, Orioles 1Prof: Yuck. Just… yuck. It didn’t start out with a yuck. It started out pretty rad, as Orioles newbie Andrew Cashner pitched seven shutout innings, and Aaron Sanchez (who plagues me with his name – I’m constantly wondering if it’s the baseball player or the taco guy on Food Network) took a no-no into the eighth inning. In an unusual turn of events, the person who crapped the bed for Baltimore was the usually solid Darren O’Day, who gave up the tie breaking homer to the Grandy Man. The anemic Birdland offense once again failed to convert.


Reds 1, Phillies 6Prof: The Phillies are at .500 and it’s because of their Youth Movement. Aaron Nola pitched a very good, very solid eight innings while Scott Kingery hit a grand salami in the eighth inning to twist the knife in Cincinnati’s back.

Athletics 0, Dodgers 4Scouts: The Dodgers hit three of their seven homers on the season last night, with Matt Kemp, Corey Seager, and Chriss Taylor all going deep, while Hyun-Jin Ryu held the Athletics scoreless over 6 strong innings.

Tigers 1, Indians 2 Scouts: Josh Tomlin held the Tigers scoreless over 5 innings and the baseball team from Cleveland smacked two solo homers to take the win over the Tigers.

Justin+Bour+Miami+Marlins+Photo+Day+OEGvomQKIdzlMets 8, Marlins 6Prof: Awww yeah. Mets have won nine straight but this time, the Feesh actually tried to put the W next to their name. My boo-thing must’ve seen Old Gator’s criticism in the comments yesterday. That’s right, Justin Bour hit two two-run home runs in this game. But alas, my Big Buckin’ Chicken couldn’t overcome Michael Conforto and Asdrubal Cabrera.


Braves 1, Nationals 4Scouts: Entering the series, the Braves of all teams had one of the hottest offenses in baseball.  Then they ran into the brick wall that is Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg.  Straz gave up just 3 hits over 8 scoreless innings and throwing just 86 pitches.


22 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/10/18

  1. Missed in the Jays/O’s write-up was that Roberto Osuna notched his 100th save, becoming the youngest pitcher to reach that milestone (at 23 years 62 days, he is over a year younger than K-Rod was when he set the mark). And a big thanks to Curtis Granderson who, with his 9th inning dinger, allowed Sanchez to pick up the win rather than being saddled with a no-decision.

    And Scouts…. HappyTwinsFan will be tickled to have another home town team to root for… unless the Brewers HAVEN’T moved to Minnesota and that was just a typo 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As often happens with any game which doesn’t get over by around 9 P, I fell asleep before the late innings last night and am now watching a rebroadcast of the late innings. I debated whether or not to just finish watching it to find out the final result or come here and read it. Scouts somehow knew this and decided not to spoil it for me.


    2. That’s why they pay us the non-existent big bucks, Jays, so I can forget to write these things. Lol. Also, I didn’t even see that cool stat about osuna. That’s what happens when you randomly fall asleep and then wake up to finish your part of the blog!


  2. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything like this before, but the box score for the Tigger / Indigenous Peoples game shows the best batting average of anyone is the Cleveland line up was .200. How can you field an entire line up just at or completely below the Mendoza Line? The Hitless Wonders 1906 White Sox look like Murder’s Row in comparison.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wanna know what happened to the Magical Land of Cleve. They shouldn’t be playing like this. They should be where the Mets are now, or the Pirates. What a mess. At least Trevor Bauer is still the same dude for better or for worse.

      A few years ago I watched a Cubs/Reds game that was absolutely terrible but even then the Reds were hovering around .250 as a team.


        1. Yes. Two run upper decker. The best part was the high fiving and hip bumping in the dugout.


        2. But I have to add that Gibson and the bullpen have made it a two run game now in the 7th and I won’t get to watch the finish because nap time is over.


      1. I was doing fine until you mentioned Cleveland. Then I got bored a dozed orf.
        We’re leaving for Frankfurt and London in a few hours. I’ll drop in occasionally if something of interest happens.I will not consider an extended Feesh losing streak – even a record one – “something of interest.” If Derek jeter gets hit by a meteorite or falling piano, please “like” my last comment and let me know.
        This time tomorrow, I’ll be dining on saumagen, liver sausage and fresh made kraut and drinking remarkable beer.
        And I don’t wont your pity.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. If the British Virgin Islands Feesh do anything rad, we’ll cover it, don’t worry.

          Have fun in the fatherland of my favorite basketball player, OG.


  3. Interesting story by Yahoo Sport’s Jeff Passan about the Orioles offering free upper deck tix for kids of single digit age. It reminds me of when the idiot bought the Angels and lowered beer prices as his first act. Innumerable mistakes later and he’s still riding that as some sort of “man of the people”. In a world without room for complex ideas – if you can’t tweet it it’s not worth knowing – I find the entire idea (as explained by the o’s owner’s son) refreshing. Good on you, Orioles!

    I’m on my phone and have no idea how to ad a link with this – if any of you experts can feel me the article and link it here I’d very much appreciate it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To compliment that the O’s also lowered prices on some beer, soda, hot dogs and other concessions.

      “The fan experience at Camden Yards is defined by our commitment to fan choice, diversity of local food offerings, and family-focused sizing and pricing,” said Orioles executive vice president and MASN president John Angelos in a statement. “Our front office team has embarked upon a mission to deliver the most progressive ticket, food, beverage and merchandise value for the fan found anywhere in the professional sports and entertainment world, all presented within America’s favorite sports destination. That fan-first mission defines the experience at Oriole Park and the Oriole Way.”

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