He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/9/18

Scouts: Syria Chemical Attack.  Russian and North Korean games.  China trade war.  Trump’s lawyer in hot water.  Facebook scandal.  Gun Control debates.  We have never needed baseball to be back this badly.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to talk about Max Scherzer and Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani.  Thank you baseball.  Thank you.


Blue Jays 7, Orioles 1Prof: It started out close, but it went bad for Baltimore really quickly. Manny Machado hit a humdinger of a homer, answering two hits from the Jays earlier in the inning, and for a little bit it looked like the O’s could possibly stand toe to toe with Toronto. Ah, but the ninth inning happened. Orioles relievers Givens and Cortes Jr. kinda shat the bed, filling the bases and allowing Josh Donaldson to hit a grand slam to give no doubt as to who would win this contest. One Oriole who should not hang his head in shame is Trey Mancini, he that I have a bit of an appreciation crush on, who went 3-4. Dang it, he tried. Also, on a low note, the Orioles announced a record-low 7,915 fans showed up at OPACY. Now, yes, it was cold today in the Charm City, but less than 8k? That hurts.


Reds 5, Phillies 6Scouts: Nick Williams was called upon to pinch-hit and made his manager look like a genius.  That’s probably the first and last time anyone will ever say that about Gabe Kapler.  What’s that old saying about a blind dog finding water on occasion?

Mets 4, Marlins 2 – Prof:  Meet the Mets! Meet the Mets! Aren’t anyone gonna beat the Mets? They are currently 8-1. Thor only allowed one earned run in six innings and New York won off of small ball. No fireworks here. Once again the only Feesh player earning his keep is Brian Anderson. You know what that means. He’ll probably be traded in June.


Angels 8, Rangers 3Scouts: It’s seriously not fair that the Angels have Mike Trout, the best player this decade and he’s not currently the best player on the Angel’s roster.  Shohei Ohtani was given a much delivered day off, but that didn’t matter for the Rangers as the Angels still found a way to pick up their 8th win.


Astros 2, Twins 0Scouts: Justin Verlander gave up just 4 hits with 9 strike outsover 7 shutout innings over the Twins.  Lance Lynn gave up just 3 hits and 9 strikeouts of his own, but only was able to last 5 innings.

Braves 0, Nationals 2Prof:  Big ups to Max Scherzer, who pitched a beautiful complete game shutout, only three pitches over the Maddux line, with ten K’s. The Washington ace also stole his very first base. How cool is that? Every run the Nats needed were gained in the first inning, when Julio Teheran had a bit of a rocky start. Sorry not sorry to SomeGuy, but I still say that Nationals Park is on the corner of Healthy and Happy if you know what I mean.


Rays 5, White Sox 4Prof:  The Rays actually won a game for the first time in about eight tries. Chris Archer gets the W even though he gave up three runs. Pitchers’ win/loss is the dumbest stat. I understand it’s shorthand but damn. It’s dumb.

Diamondbacks 2, Giants 1Scouts: Arizona made a two spot in the first last as Zach Godley pitched God-ly.  Okay, sorry that was pretty terrible.  Godley picked up 9 of those K things over 7 shut out innings.

Mariners 0, Royals 10Scouts: Wamp-Womp.  Not only did Seattle give up 10 runs, but they were no hit through 6 and only managed two total hits on the night.

Padres 7, Rockies 6Scouts: Colorado got homers from Ian Desmond, Chris Iannetta, and Carlos Gonzalez, but it wasn’t enough as starter Jon Gray gave up 7 runs on 10 hits over 5 long innings.

Tigers 0, Indians 2Prof:  Days after the Klubot had a meltdown, he bounced back to form, with a shining eight inning outing, no earned runs and thirteen strikeouts. His lips even quirked a smidgen and it looked like a smile. Like, what?


Brewers 5, Cardinals 4 F/10 Prof: Ooof. Boy howdy, that is not the way to start your career with a new team. St. Louis signed Greg Holland, who last season was a man on fire for the Rockies. In last night’s game, however, I think he was more like wet kindling. It was all tied up and going into extra innings, with their newly acquired reliever on the mound, the Redbirds thought they were probably in good shape. They thought wrong. Man after man got his walking papers from Holland until Orlando Arcia walked in the tie break. How you gonna walk a man to bring a guy home in extra innings and win them the game, son?

Pirates, Cubs PPD


24 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/9/18

  1. Verlander was dealing dirty last night. The ump also had a wide but short strike zone that was administered fairly. Lynn pitched his ass off for 5 innings, unfortunately the Twins bullpen gave it up. Eddie Rosario seems to have his head up his ass lately both in the field and in the batters box. Buxton and Sano both just missed huge home runs.


    1. Expanding on your thoughts:
      Rosario was in an unfortunate position on both Astros RBI hits, but he certainly didn’t heap himself in glory. The first one would have scored the run anyway, but he let it get over his head for a triple. The second one would have been a beautiful catch, but he couldn’t make it. The Astros are getting all the breaks right now. Instead of 9-2, their record could have definitely been 6-5 or 7-4.
      Lynn had that slider going, but walked too many. They could have used him for another inning or two.
      Giles is just too scary a closer for my tastes. I would rather a less flashy, more consistent guy. The Astros were just plain lucky it wasn’t 3-2 Twins on that last long swing.
      I’m ready for the front of the Astros lineup to work it out and start hitting again. Springer is hacking everything down and chasing sliders. Bregman is having BABIP issues.

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      1. Just out of curiosity, when your thoughts expand, doesn’t it hurt your head? The pressure would drive me nuts.


        1. Are you kidding? At this age expanding my mind takes two pairs of channel lock pliers and a medium-sized vise.


      2. Your boys weren’t lucky they were good. Buxton and Sano weren’t able to exactly time your guys. That doesn’t happen by accident.

        But hey considering the conditions our boys looked pretty good too. Round two hostilities commence in under an hour and a half. Revenge, a dish best served cold and we got the cold part covered.


  2. Back in 2017 when Holland was a Rockhead, once got out of sync and started walking guys he kept walking guys. Matheny must have skipped the scouting report.

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      1. I have very few active player shirts by choice. Obviously I have Freddie and Kimbrel because of course I do. I have a Scooter Gennett because he’s my small son. And I have an Anthony Rizzo because he’s one of my very favorite guys out there right now. I think I’d like him even if he wasn’t a Cub.


  3. Nice intro, Scouts. Makes me want to update the old Temptations (Love and Rockets would also be acceptable) classic….

    Evolution, revolution, gun control, the sound of soul,
    Shootin’ rockets to the moon, kids growin’ up too soon
    Politicians say more taxes will solve ev’rything, then the ump said “Play Ball!”

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    1. Lol that was my choice. I love this cover and think it’s really beautiful. Also, lately I’ve not been feeling so great so I was particularly feeling a woman’s work yesterday when I was setting the post up.


  4. Even though he didn’t do much in the game last night (3 walks), Bryce Harper’s price to stay in Washington may have gone up quite a bit, as Harper-in-Waiting Victor Robles appeared to dislocate his left (non-throwing) elbow when his arm folded under him as he dove for a ball. X-rays were negative, but it sure looked like both his elbow and his wrist suffered whatever comes beyond hyper-extension, a.k.a., joints don’t bend that way.


  5. The Feesh continue to flounder. Would-be face of the franchise Lewis Brinson, who is a good kid – hometown boy, cockeyed optimist, great AAA hitter – can’t seem to get any traction in the show and was set on the bench last night, for all the good it did him or the team. Our Feesh are in a bad spot right now, because the guy they’d really like to be the face of the franchise, J T Realmuto, wants to be traded and the guy they’d default to if he could stick in the majors in busy punching his ticket to New Orleans,. That doesn’t leave them a lot of current options except maybe the Wild Bour, but he isn’t hitting his weight at the moment.

    The Mutts, who are – ready for the shocking statement? – nowhere near as good as their fast start would suggest teed orf early on Jose Urethra and Junichi Tanizawa (Ultraman he ain’t) and, as usual, the offense remained confined to the ownership team while Thor was swinging his magic hammer. The Rainbow Warriors now find themselves at 3-7 with 3-8 coming up tonight.

    This morning I drowned my disinterest in a new take on the Plant Paradox menu. I toasted two pieces of grain-free Paleo Bread crisp and spread them each with a slightly different imported French cheese, one with Camembert and the other wit St. Anne’s. Then I spread a layer of sauteed sliced shallots and roasted garlic cloves, and finally topped it all with over easy fried Omega-3 eggs from pasture raised chickens sprinkled each slice with fresh ground black pepper.

    Two things to note: most French cheeses have a pleasant odor of decomposition, and most if not all, assuming they’re genuine imports, are made from A-2 milk and don’t contain the toxic for of casein found in the majority of US-made milk products.

    Oh, by the way, anybody in the market for a used strange attractor?

    Coda: the wife and I leave for Frankfurt and London tomorrow for two weeks. I will be only intermittently checking in here but when I return I will have completed my reviews of a couple of fine baseball books and will doubtless have encountered any number of new recipes.


      1. I only wish…er…weesh it were cricket season. But frankly I prefer T20 games. The game I attended at the Oval last summer, where I got a horrible case of sunburn on my head and face (in London, for crissake!) was a T20 that ended in plenty of time to spare me a real case of sun poisoning. A test match at Lord’s wouldn’t have been so merciful.

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