He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/8/18

Prof: It’s super late at night and I’m super not feeling well, so my portion of the post will be abbreviated. My apologies.

Scouts: I’m feeling a little 80’s today, so let’s kick is sorta old school.


Rays 7, Red Sox 8Scouts: Mamma said there’d be days like this, but I never thought it’d feel so bad.  The Rays had a 5 run lead over Boston and was cruising toward their second win of the season, but Boston had other ideas.  Sex consecutive two-out hits sparked a 6-run rally and gave Boston their 8th consecutive victory.


Orioles 8, Yankees 7 F/12Scouts: My doctor says I’m not allowed to watch baseball on days when Mike Wright pitches, because my heart simply can’t take it.  Turns out, most of Baltimore fandom had several heart attacks during yesterday’s game.  It was the most Orioles’ win I’ve seen in a long time.  Wright gave up 5 runs on 5 hits and got only .2 outs.  Typically that means the team is beyond done for the day.  Especially when facing the Yankees.  Not today!  The O’s battled back, picking up a run here, a double there, before taking a 1-run lead in the 7th, and promptly giving up a run in the bottom of the frame.  Off to extras we go!  After taking another one-run lead in the 12th, Brad Brach loaded the bases with 0 outs before getting Aaron Judge to ground into a double play and Giancarlo Stanton to strike out swinging.  The O’s took three of four in New York and I still can’t even.


Royals 1, Indians 3Scouts: It was a day of comebacks, the Kim Kardashian Story. Down 1 to nothin’ the team from Cleveland picked up one to tie in the 8th on a challenged play at first, and then walked it off in the 9th off a Yan Gomes homer.


Reds 0, Pirates 5Prof: The Pirates were supposed to suck. They don’t suck right now. Jameson Taillon – who you might remember from, oh, battling back from testicular cancer last season – pitched a one hit shutout and also hit an RBI single in the second inning. That’s pretty dang cool.

Marlins 6, Phillies 3Prof: A day  (or two? I might be off here) after the Phillies completely filleted the Feesh with two grand slams among other things, the Phillies came back down to earth thanks to a really crap four inning outing from Jake Arrieta. Might I remind everyone the Cubs didn’t want him back and I wasn’t sad about it. Am I being shady? Perhaps. But I’m also a realist and a Cy Young isn’t walking through that door again. Sorry, peeps. Once again the only person in Miami who is doing anything worth reporting on is Brian Anderson.


Tigers 1, White Sox 0Scouts: This was one for the traditionalists featuring just 5 hits, and the only run scoring in the top of the first only occurring due to an error.  Someone tell me if that’s boring or exciting.  I can’t decide.  Reynaldo Lopez held the Tigers to 2 hits over 7 innings without giving up a run.  And lost.  Baseball is a cruel mistress.

Cubs 3, Brewers 0Prof: It was zip zilch nada until the fourth inning when Ben Zobrist was like, “I’m tired of this” and ripped a home run to right field in beautiful Miller Park. Afterwards, it was all Cubs all the time. Cool fact – Chicago had their longest season-opening road trip in over one hundred years. Their next games will be played at the Friendly Confines, which granted, isn’t too far from the stadium widely nicknamed Wrigley North. To be fair to Milwaukee pitcher Chase Anderson, six innings and two earned runs isn’t anything terrible, but the Brewer bats were absolutely frozen solid.

Padres 1, Astros 4Scouts: The Astro’s offense “woke up” according to MLB.com’s recap writer.  Just in time to pick up their 8th victory on the season.  I’m not really sure they were all that asleep.  Max Stassi and Josh Reddick both homered.


Diamondbacks 4, Cardinals 1 Scouts: It was pretty cold around most of the country, but tempers were all fired up in St. Louie.  The benches cleared and ejections occurred.  Let me set up the scene a little here.  Home-plate umpire Tim Timmons was calling strikes below the knees, which didn’t exactly excite Arizona manager Torey Lovullo, who came out to argue.  Lovullo was tossed immediately and during said conversation with Timmons, Yadier Molina heard something that did not make him very happy and pushing and shoving ensured.  Everytime I thought I’d seen it all, baseball comes up with something new.  For reasons passing my comprehension, Molina was not ejected.  Judge for yourself.


Blue Jays 7, Rangers 4Scouts: Toronto jumped out to a 4 run lead in the first, and unlike the New York Yankees actually held on to it. (Hey, this is probably the last time I’ll get to gloat this season, just let me have this.)  Cole Hamels picked up his second loss on the young season and now sports a 5.06 ERA.

Braves 4, Rockies 0Prof: I’d like to say that we’re living in a bizzaro world where the Braves are among the top teams in the league and haven’t lost a series yet, but it’s not bizzaro world. it’s reality. Dansby Swanson, everyone’s favorite young GQ model whose name could also be shared with a Civil War general, hit a home run as did old man Nick Markakis and young phenom Ozzie Albies.

Dodgers 2, Giants 1 F/10Scouts: Apparently everyone wanted to play bonus baseball yesterday.  This time the Dodgers picked up the win as Kyle Farmer came in to pinch-hit and did his job well doubling in the game winning run.


Mets 6, Nationals 5 F/12Prof: So Royce Harpler has now homered six times and leads the league. Who cares, Ohtani has hit three and nearly had a perfect game, so whatever. More on that later. Did anyone believe that we’d be here – the glorious paper champion Washington Nationals under .500 and the hapless New York Mets rocking a 7-1 record? Nope. If you say you did, you’re a damn liar. I mean, basically for Washington it all came down to Bryce and young Treat Urner. No, that nickname will never die. They kinda had their fingers in all of the scoring pies. But it didn’t really matter… the Mets just kept plugging away and the game was won in extras due to Yo Cespedes’ single which brought home my favorite Met Michael Conforto (#FreeConforto).

Shohei OhtaniAthletics 1, Angels 6Prof: There’s a meme that goes around with the kids and I think that it’s appropriate with the nearly historic play of Shohei Ohtani:

Shohei Ohtani has cleared my skin, raised my credit score, and given me life.

Yeah, that’s right. Not only has Ohtani, as a DH, shown he’s no slouch, he had his home pitching debut last night and decided that he needed to shut even more people up. He did that, in spades, with seven shutout innings and only had one hit. Dude was flirting with a perfect game, and a Maddux to boot. Ohtani struck out twelve as well. More meme language: YOUR FAVE COULD NEVER. At least probably not these days.


Mariners, Twins PPD

4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/8/18

  1. Unlike Spring, it seems that panic has already set in amongst some (most?) of the Nats fan base, if my Twitter feed is any guide. I don’t know if firedave(y)martinez.com is an active website yet, but there’s been grumbling about a general lack of preparedness that the team has seemingly displayed, and there were a number of baserunning misadventures last night to support that theory. As for me, if a team goes 4-5 or 7-1 over a stretch of games in July, it’s a whole lot less noticeable than it is in April, and given that the five losses have been consecutive and to division opponents, it’s mildly concerning, but nothing over which to rend one’s garments or gnash one’s teeth.

    Fun Fact: The Nats wake up today on the wrong side of .500 for the first time since the dark days of 2015, when darkness ruled the land and Matt Williams ruled the clubhouse. Still early, though.


    1. I agree. It’s early. If they are on the wrong side of .500 in early May then the natives need to get restless. You hate to watch these streaks, but they are just as likely to happen at the start as in the middle or the end.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, Scouts, the Astros’ offense has looked pretty putrid for this homestand. I think they were fortunate to be playing weaker teams for the first ten games of the season. So I might agree with the “Waking up” needed for the bats. But it will probably take care of itself over the next half dozen games.


    1. Welcome to Minny. The forcasted high here this afternoon is 39 but the game doesn’t start to 7. Hope your boys brought their long johns.


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