Bits and Pieces Weekend Party Edition

Here’s the entertainment, a couple of up and comers, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Enjoy, admission is free but the bar is pay as you go.


Shohei Ohtani  and what we could learn from the Japanese.

First a few scores

Braves 8 Rockies 3     Indians 3 Royals 2     Pirates 14 Reds 3

Shohei Ohtani had a very lackluster spring training and there was considerable speculation that he would need to start the season in the minor leagues. He started the season in the major league and hit a home run in his first at bat and threw 8 scoreless in his first start. Where the hell did that come from?

Shohei Ohtani is a fine young man who combines humility with determination to pursue his young man’s dreams. While those of us here who are in the latter stages of our lives, might like to imagine that he might look at us and say I want to be like him, we should also be thinking I wish I had been more like him.

In the Japanese league when a pitcher accidentally hits a batter he bows to the hitter to apologize and indicate that it wasn’t intentional. I sure hope Ohtani does that and that it rubs off onto some of the fake tough guy American pitchers.

Read about it here.


Stat Head Report: The Players Keep Getting Awesome

Does it piss you off that I’m scattering the scores?

Orioles 7 Yankees 3  Go Go Fightin O’s!!!

Blue Jays 8 Rangers 5     Brewers 5 Cubs 4     Padres 4 Astro’s 1


Since 2011 the number of fastballs over 95 mph has more than doubled. I presume that the number of MLB pitchers who can throw the thing 95 mph plus has also doubled. Whoa.

And that’s not even half the story because the hitters are more than catching up.

In 2014 when the at bat was decided by a 95 mph plus fastball the OPS was .654, in 2017 it was .734. In 2014 when the outcome of an at bat was decided by a 95 mph plus fastball a home run happened 1.6% of the time, in 2017 2.8% percent of the time.

Nerd out here

A Fast Fastball Isn’t Enough Anymore


Blast From The Past

And does it piss you off that I’m not commenting on any of the scores because I was too lazy to check out what happened in any of them.

Angels 13 Athletics 9     Dodgers Giants PP

Watch The Mick put it in the parking lot




5 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Weekend Party Edition

  1. I read the 538 article about 95+ fastballs being easy meat. I guess it helps explain why breaking ball spin rate is the new black with front offices. Can’t think of a better example than the resurgence in Charlie Morton’s career. BTW, he and the curve ball looked great again today.


  2. Many thanks to the Royals for keeping the Tigs outta the basement.

    Also, ask me how much I savored that Eric Hosmer blunder to lose on a walk off bloop pop up. Wheeee!!! Let the schadenfreude flow through me…


    1. Not a Hosmer fan either. But I have to say that was a pretty extreme level of cosmic vengeance. Looking like a total idiot in front of 40,000 people who don’t like you.

      And, yeah, it didn’t hurt that it made Houston win a game they didn’t deserve to win.


  3. The Feesh showed some spirit today, picking themselves up orf the deck and flopping back after Saturday’s debacle. Unfortunately, there are going to be a lot more days like Saturday than like today for this team. All we saw was one franchise just beginning to…eh…”rebuild,: and another team mired in mid-rebuilding. Now the Feesh head for Got’em, leaving the Feelies chewing on their horrible horsemeat and Velveeta™ sandwiches as they contemplate the battle for the basement that is to come.

    Meanwhile, though the Rainbow Warriors are about where I expected them to be it is still kinda sad to see Lewis Brinson, who has taken more collars than a seminary student, in the process of punching his ticket back to Triple-A. As nauseated as the spectacle of this franchise’s demolition makes me, I really like this kid’s attitude and enthusiasm. I don’t know how long Jeter will want to stick with him until he gets his feet planted; clearly they wanted him to evolve into the “face of the franchise” and an ambassador for fan base forgiveness. Sadly, doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen along with this cup of coffee.


  4. Curious play in New York. During a run down, one runner stopped at third and the guy going home ran back to third and ran past him. Umpires ruled 1 out. Buck wasn’t too happy about that and officially protested the game. Thankfully it didn’t matter because he was right it should have been a double play and the umpires admitted they got it wrong after the game.

    Clicky Clicky


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