He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/5/18


Prof: Happy Friday, everybody! Like our pal the Mad Chef, I also listen to just about everything. Here’s some hipstery type of stuff that you guys might like, I’ve been grooving it to it a lot lately. Also, you really can’t write for a baseball blog without referencing Jason Isbell or Ryan Adams or Bruce Springsteen, and guess which one of these I actually enjoy listening to? The answer will not surprise you, and will be found below.



Marlins 0, Phillies 5Prof: My friend was there today and I got to watch some of the festivities on her Instagram Live post, which was pretty dang cool. What I didn’t get to see, and what would have been Peak Philadelphia – was the Phillie Phaithful booing the MESS out of their manager. It’s no secret that people are not impressed by Current Most Handsome Manager (according to people who are not me) Gabe Kapler, who is giving saber-minded folks a really bad name. And whatever you can say about Philly fans, those people know their baseball. So when Kapler pulled their starter during a shutout in the sixth inning when he had barely any wear on his arm, of course the Phriends of the Phanatic were going to boo the living hell out of him. But this time the bullpen didn’t crap the bed and Philly won their Opening Day game against a bunch of sad Feesh.

Rangers 6, Athletics 3Scouts: Martin Perez picks up the win in his first attempt on the season.  Perez was aided by a 4 run second inning and Texas never looked back.

Rays 2, Red Sox 3 F/12Scouts: The game remained scoreless until Matt Duffy smacked a two-run shot in the 8th.  Boston answered in the bottom of the 9th off a Henley Ramirez single and Xander Bogaerts double to send this one to extras, where Hanley Ramirez stepped up once again with the game winning single sending the then frozen Boston fans home with a smile.


Rockies 3, Padres 1Scouts: Another game that went ’till the bitter end before anyone decided to score.  This time it was a bases-loaded walk by Ryan McMahon that broke the seal and opened the door for a 3-run rally.

jake degrom short hairMets 8, Nationals 2Prof: New York played spoiler to Washington’s Opening Day, and boy did they ever. It was a battle royale between two aces – Jacob deGrom and Stephen Strasburg – but only one man can be victorious. Surprise – that man was Michael Conforto! Yes, the Mets outfielder who is often injured and even more often jerked around by Terry Collins had his revenge, going scorched earth against the Nats hurler without any fear whatsoever. Conforto broke a tie in the fifth inning when he hit a two run homer. Seriously, though, the shorn deGrom – and thank the Lord for that, he looks downright angelic with short hair – went six innings and struck out five, only giving up the two runs. Nice to see him back to form.

Mariners 2, Twins 4Prof: Happy’s boys are now 4-2 on the young season, and they came from behind to win this cold game in beautiful Target Field. The Mariners did all of their damage in the first inning, with some help by a throwing error from Miguel Sano. But afterwards, Sano made up for his dumb play by hitting a dinger that also sent Joe Mauer home as well. Two other Twins home runs and that was all she wrote. The fun thing that happened in this game was that the Twins released a bald eagle during pregame ceremonies and this eagle went rogue, eventually landing on Seattle pitcher James Paxton. Reader, I laughed.

Orioles 5, Yankees 2Prof: Oh, Scout, ye of little faith. You need to be more like me, a person who thinks that anything can happen. Like, say, the Orioles beating the reincarnated Murderer’s Row. Because it happened! Of course it was spotty there for a while, with both teams giving goose eggs until the sixth inning, when both pitchers began to get tired. It was Andrew Cashner who gave up the ghost first, allowing a home run to Aaron Judge. But then the Orioles were like, OK, that’s cool, but y’all aren’t the only ones who can hit around here. Adam Jones started it off with a two run homer, then Anthony Santander hit a one run double, and Trey Mancini hit a two run single. That burst of offense in the seventh was all Baltimore needed to defeat the Mighty Borg.

Tigers 9, White Sox 7 F/10Scouts: A lot of scoring in this game, the 6th was the only inning that didn’t see some sort of action.  Detroid had the last laugh, picking up 1 in the 8th, 3 in the 9th to tie it, and 2 more in the 10th to win it.  The win came at a cost as Miguel Cabrera had to leave in the second with a bruised hip flexor.  His replacement Niko Goodrum picked up his first career homer as part of the 9th inning rally.


Reds 2, Pirates 5Scouts: The 5-1 Tampa Bay Pirates traveled to 1-4 Cincinnati and it certainly was a tale of two cities.  Gregory Polanco picked up 3 RBI, two of which came on a 2-run homer that fueled the deciding 4 run 5th.  Say that 5 times fast.


Diamondbacks 3, Cardinals 1Prof: Oh, man. A bad welcome back party for Adam Wainwright. He only went three and 2/3 innings in the Redbird home opener against the super hot Gritty Snakes. Robbie Ray – remember this name, guys, later in the year (knock on wood) – went six innings and struck out nine. The only Cardinal run was by the usual suspect – Yadier Molina hit a double to bring home Matt Carpenter.

Cubs 8, Brewers 0Prof: Yes, this was a shellacking of the Brew Crew. There were errors galore in the second inning both by Hernan Perez and Lorenzo Cain, but that’s not even the worst part of this whole deal. Their star closer (and one of my core dudes) Corey Knebel collapsed in obvious pain after a pitch to Tommy La Stella. He was gingerly helped off the field by Brewers trainers. It was later announced that Knebel will go on the DL due to a hamstring injury. This is not good for Milwaukee in the least.



23 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/5/18

  1. It was glorious sitting in the sun yesterday; albeit in long underwear, snow pants and winter coat. The grass was green, the temperature reached 40 degrees and the Twins pulled out an opening day win. What more can a guy ask for. I got a gorgeous panoramic shot of TF yesterday too.
    The bad- Kyle Gibson sucked. he was, well, Kyle Gibson again yesterday. Dude was like a rain delay on the mound so it’s no wonder the infielders were on their heels and not quite as sharp. Gibby couldn’t find his ass with both hands and a searchlight. I don’t know how in the hell he only gave up 1 ER.
    Love this team though!


    1. I couldn’t start watching until about the sixth inning. What the hell was up with the eagle thing? Paxton didn’t look very happy having a flying predatory beast landing on him. We should have saved that for when the Yankees come to town.

      Look who’s in first place.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Paxton handled it with grace, honestly. If an eagle lands in you, does that make you president? Asking for a friend…


        1. I think he had every right to be pissed. they should of at least put mittens on the talons. What if the thing had flown into the stands and gone after a small child?

          And swooping eagles isn’t an image I associate with the Twins, but having the Olympic curling team throw out the first pitch(s), now that’s a Twinsie thing to do.

          Liked by 2 people

        2. One time the Braves had Glav, Bobby Cox, and my Immortal Beloved throw out the first pitch at the same time and I thought that was odd. Can’t imagine having two more.


      2. I think the eagle was a drone operated covertly by a Twins employee. I cannot imagine what would have happened had that eagle sunk its talons into Paxton’s back. he was very, very calm about the whole thing though. Buxton said later, “If that was me, I’m outta there!”

        Liked by 1 person

  2. In other news, Adrian Beltre notched his 3,054th career hit, eclipsing Rod Carew as the all-time Latin player hit king. In other extremely unlikely news, Jon Lester threw out Ryan Braun trying to swipe third base.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congrats, philiac. I was wondering today, interestingly enough, when the knot got tied. See if you can get him to comment here more often.

      All the best.


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