He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/4/18

Prof: I apologize in advance, I have a pretty big rant in the recap. But I think you guys might agree. I’m also choosing the music today, since I’m making Scout do a few more recaps than usual. On with the show.


Rangers 2, Athletics 6Scouts: Sean Manaea, who’s name I had to retype fourteen times stifled the Ranges to the tune of three singles over eight innings.

Rockies 5, Padres 2Scouts: Jon Gray got off to a rocky start on the season, allowing three runs in the opening frame on Opening Day.  He hasn’t given up a run since shutting down the 1-5 Padres across 7 scoreless innings.

q mariachi gif.gifNationals 1, Braves 7Prof: I think I’m gonna dance! Is it possible? Did this actually happen? THE BRAVES BEAT THE NATIONALS – THE BRAVES BEAT MAX SCHERZER!?!?!?!? Yes! Yes, it did happen! Your friendly neighborhood Prof is OUT OF HER MIND with happiness. I mean… guys. Mike Foltynewicz, fan of pizza and newly minted father, pitched a beautiful five and a third innings and struck out eight, while Mad Max – a man who on any given day is one of the absolute best players in the entire league – gave up a three run homer in the first inning alone. If that’s not enough, my man Folty hit a double off Max in the fourth and drove in two runs to help his own cause! Not to be outdone, former Oriole Ryan Flaherty hit a double to drive in Lane Adams and then scored on a passed ball by former Cub great (lol) Miggy Montero. What a mess for the Nats, but what a BOON for the Braves! And the best part? Honestly? Bryce Harper went 0-3! Q Mariachi gifs for EVERYONE!

Orioles 2, Astros 3Scouts: The Orioles continue their absolutely brutal opening stretch.  Dylan Bundy threw a pretty fantastic game, but was matched by Dallas Keuchel and the O’s bullpen faltered once again.  After facing the Twins and Astros, the O’s move on to face the Yankees, the Blue Jays, and the Redsox.  It’s entirely possible the O’s don’t win another game for a week and a half.

Phillies 2, Mets 4Prof: The game itself wasn’t super exciting – Yo Cespedes invited Brandon Nimmo to his family BBQ in the first inning, and Carlos Santana (not the famed drummer and shoe designer, but the baseball player) stole home. Otherwise it was fairly boring as things go. The excitement wasn’t with the game, but with how one watched the game.

This game was broadcast on Facebook Live. And only Facebook Live. In this day and age where Facebook is fast becoming an unstable platform and, frankly, an uncomfortable place to be online (I avoid it like the plague – I still have an account but I’ve set it on private and deleted so much information on it, plus I haven’t used it in almost three years), the fact that MLB is forcing fans of these teams to either sign up for Facebook to watch the game or listen to a local radio broadcast is kinda gross. Also, to that end, half the time you can’t even listen to the radio broadcast because they don’t allow the actual over the air broadcast to be played on streaming radio! I don’t own an actual radio except in my car, and I am at work during many of these games. I’d like to listen to a game, but if I go online to the flagship station of, say, the Braves Radio Network chances are I’m getting Jim F’n Rome instead of the dulcet tones of our radio announcing crew. It’s frustrating. It was also frustrating for the Phillies and Mets fans who were attempting to watch on FB Live because the quality was shite and many folks lost connection over and over again. And guess what? According to ESPN, all of us poor bastards get to experience this b.s. because all thirty teams are going to have at least one of these digital-only FB games this season. What a bunch of crap. Sorry. I’m kinda ticked about this.

Rays 2, Yankees 7Scouts: Yankees fans managed to hold their contempt for Giancarlo Stanton for one more day as Stanton, Aaron Judge, and Gary Sanchez all went yard, all within the first four innings.  New York, you don’t deserve this team.


Dodgers 0, Diamondbacks 3Prof: I wish I could prove this, other than maybe old timers might remember and people who I know who don’t read this blog, but I have always been sold on Diamondbacks pitcher Patrick Corbin. The last few years haven’t been good for him, but this year he is healthy and back to form, and showing everyone why I thought he was the potential ace of the Snakes. I have thought this even way back when Trevor Bauer was still in Arizona. Anyway, Corbin went 7 and a third, a one hit shutout with twelve – twelve! – Ks on the day. What an outing! His foe, Alex Wood, didn’t pitch all that poorly himself – having gone six innings and three runs only – but Corbin was head and shoulders above the rest today. I am on record as saying that I think the Gritty Snakes win the NL West this year. I think I might have said it to our friend COPO, but I can’t remember. Anyway, you heard it here first.

Indians 2, Angels 3 F/13Prof: Guys, Shohei Ohtani is real and he is spectacular. This man took Corey Kluber yard today. A two run dinger and it wasn’t a gimme, either. It was a legit bomb, made even better by whoever was playing centerfield for the Magical Land of Cleve forgetting how limbs work. There’s bound to be video somewhere of this awesomeness and I implore you to watch any and all angles because it’s pretty flippin’ rad.


White Sox 4, Blue Jays 3Scouts: Jose Abreu smacked the game winner in the 8th to get his team out of Toronto avoiding a sweep.

oprah you get a carMariners 1, Giants 10Prof: Oh wow. You score, and you score, and everybody scores! San Francisco lit up King Felix for four runs but the carnage didn’t stop there. The Giants piled on six more runs off the sad trainwreck that is the Mariners’ bullpen. It was home run after home run – four total dingers in all, along with a wild pitch from the Seattle ace that moved Buster Posey into eventual scoring position.

Cardinals 6, Brewers 0 Prof: The Redbirds, even with an error and allowing five hits to the strong Brew Crew, was still able to shut them out today and that was all thanks to the effort of Carlos Martinez, who went eight innings and was most impressive. Good news for Waino fans – Baseball’s most handsome traditional manager, Mike Matheny, announced that longtime ace Adam Wainwright should be back from the DL this week. Yadi Molina smashed a tater and Dexter Fowler went 2-3.

Twins 7, Pirates 3Scouts: Minnesota hands Tampa Bay it’s first L on the season, braving out the snow storm to pile 4 runs in the 6th.  No word on if anyone stuck around after the game to make snow angels.

Royals, Tigers PPD


40 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/4/18

  1. GREAT music choices today Prof!!! Going to see Chris Stapleton open for the Eagles at the Death Star in Arlington in June and Jessica might be my all-time favorite Allman Brothers song. It’s one of the first I learned to play on the guitar.
    It was a nice comeback win for the Twins last night. I was having Brad Radke flashbacks when Odorizzi gave up the 2 run dinger in the first inning then settled into a decent groove. Miguel Sano going first to home on Lomo’s double was worth the price of admission. For his size, that dude can really move!
    I’m hoping the Twins bats can keep piling on the Mariners today while I’m sitting in the stands with handwarmers shoved everywhere they will fit.

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    1. Omg, for a minute I thought you said you were gonna see The Eagles of Death Metal. I was about to be floored that you’d be into them lolol!


    2. Carlos Santana was a guitarist, Prof. “Oye como va” wasn’t hammered out on a last, either. “Black Magic Woman” didn’t will her shoes together like Mickey Mouse and his broomsticks. You’re so young.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. I write these late at night, mistakes about musicians who were jamming decades before I was born will sometimes happen 😂


        1. Prof, I would recommend the same approach I take to the Cake/Pie schism.

          If someone asks you “Santana or Who?”, your reply is “Yes.”

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    1. Is it the time of year already for me to begin unleashing my stream of invective against that unprepossessing Gunite™  tumulus in St. Petrograd where the Razed labor for naught?


  2. Scherzer definitely wasn’t himself yesterday. He wasn’t horrid, and only gave up two earned runs (five total in five innings) but he couldn’t put away left-handers, and that proved to be his undoing on a day when the Nats as a team played like they just wanted to go home.

    Harper’s 0-3 included his first two Ks of the season, and Davey Martinez managed to burn through half his bench in the 6th by having Ryan Zimmerman hit for Brian Goodwin, who’d been announced as a pinch hitter for Pedro Severino; it ended with Zimmerman getting called out on strikes with the bases loaded (pitch looked high) and two outs, so the jury’s still out on whether or not Spring Training is required.

    Big news from Nats Park this morning is that the Nats have agreed to a contract extension with their biggest free agent to be, Mike Rizzo, who’s now signed through 2020. It feels like he deserved a longer extension, but some are saying that such things aren’t in keeping with the Lerner Way. As for me, I mostly think it should’ve been five or more years, but this ties Rizzo and Martinez together, and two years beyond this one feels like enough time to see if the next generation of players will be able to sustain the Nats’ run of competitive success or if it’ll be time to go in another direction.


    1. It would be hard for me to argue why you don’t extend Rizzo. Their post-season success has been negligible to date, but he has certainly built the teams to do it. Maybe a tendency to leave the checkbook a little TOO open for some tastes, but you would have difficulty arguing the quality of teams he has put on the field.

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      1. I think Rizzo’s been great, but I also think he’s always going to have his accomplishments minimized slightly by some who say “Anyone could’ve drafted Strasburg and Harper in successive years”. They’re not wrong in that regard, and that’s why I think 2019 and 2020 will be real tests of just how good he is, because the Nats could conceivably lose Harper, Murphy, Gonzalez, Madson, and other pieces to free agency after this season, and there’s some long-term concern about pitching depth in the minors.

        2018 may be their best chance to win it all, but if they’re still at least competing for division championships in the two years after this, Rizzo and Martinez should both be here beyond that, assuming the Lerner family are realistic about things.


        1. Some fellow Houston fans and I were discussing that topic during the game. We are going to propose twin beds for the Verlander household for the night before a game.

          BTW, I just noted from an article that the lady is only 25.

          How old was she when they started dating? Or do I want to know?


  3. With the Tiggers getting bitch-slapped by Mother Nature once again, I flipped on MLB Network when I got home and caught a few innings of the Indigenous People / Heavenly Beings game, including Ohtani’s laser off Klubot. Not mentioned in the recap, but I believe Klubot may have momentarily lost focus when Andrelton Simmons broke up his no hitter by bunting to get on base in front of Ohtani. Everyone in lutefisk country knows that’s against one of the unwritten rules of AL North Central (not to be confused with South Central LA) baseball.

    Nice rant re: Facebook baseball, Prof. It’s a horrible thing to have to sacrifice your soul to watch Carlos Santana play baseball.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Thanks for the blast from the past. A nice window back to my seventeenth year. One of the things I have always admired about Santana and Clapton – they both made it look easy.

        My favorite recording of that particular piece.

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  4. We are truly the instant gratification society. The kid from Japan has a lousy spring with the Angels trying to figure out the American game, and all of a sudden the new Babe Ruth is an instant bust. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all remembered again to have the capability to reserve judgment and collect a little data before making our minds up on every subject? Nah.

    BTW, with not intent of rubbing this in, Scouts, GO ‘STRO’S!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stex- social media has empowered the fools. My late grandfather (among many others) used to say, “better to be thought a fool than to run your mouth and remove all doubt”. I gave up social media a few years ago when it became wholly infested with trolls. That’s why I love this site. Knowledgeable, sort of mentally stable baseball fans having lucid and sometimes spirited discourse over the game we all love.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “empowered” is the key word. There aren’t more fools, they just dominate the conversation now. It amazes me the lack of rudimentary knowledge of baseball on some of the other “baseball” blogs.

        And don’t get me started on the political sites.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I could not like this comment enough. I have friends from all corners of the political arena and we can have respectful disagreements and appreciate each other’s differences and views. I just don’t get how we ended up here. I blame Michele Bachman from my state of Minnesota. Even though I’m right of center she is a radical Republican who refuses to compromise. I believe in some give and take; not just take, take, take. I will let it be right there as I like that this site is relatively free of politics.
          BASEBALL season is here!!!


  5. Whelp, four or five games into the season and Ohtani is the new Godzilla already?

    Old Godzilla

    New Godzilla

    Old Godzilla

    New Godzilla

    I dunno. Seems to me something got lost in translation, you know?


  6. In case you couldn’t tell I’m not doing much work today. I’m leaving in a couple of hours to get ready for the game this afternoon and tomorrow is my last day at the hospital. Since I’m old, I’m going to work in Senior Living starting Monday for one of my old Sous Chefs. He worked for me for 9 years and now I’m gonna go work for him.


    1. Ah yes, one of those modern holding pens for the afterlife. Even the gumballs have to be soft and chewable. Serve them some stone crab claws! Nyuknyuknyuk….


      1. Oh no not this place OG. It is very upscale. How about Charred Shrimp on a Roasted Leek and Potato Puree? Atlantic Cod with Tomato Olive Jam? Salmon Caesar Salad? These folks pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $1M to get in this place.


        1. Charred shrimp on a roasted leek and yuca (or cauliflower) puree for this lectin averse lad.


        2. Problem there is the powder goes orf and I get shell casing fragments all over the kitchen. Hey, you’re a gun fetishist,. You should know these things.

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