He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/3/18

Yankee fans are booing Giancarlo Stanton, Cleveland looks more like the team from the beginning of the Major League movies, and the Dodgers seem to have an axe to grind with Clayton Kershaw.  What is going on 2018 season?  I just got done binging the newish Netflix series Everything Sucks.  It’s a pretty good coming of age type story, but what really hit home for me was the 90s setting and the deep nostalgia.  They really nailed the references, the music, and the overall tone of the decade.  This is why you’re seeing a sudden influx of 90s hits around these parts.  Enjoy.


Red Sox 4, Marlins 2 F/13Prof: No offense, but it should not take a team this loaded thirteen innings to beat the Marlins. I mean, yes my boy Justin Bour tied it up for the Feesh, but come on. With a team filled to the brim with young guys who can get a knock in you should be finished in nine. It was Hanley Ramirez who finally hooked the Feesh for good with a two run double.

White Sox 5, Blue Jays 14Scouts: Josh Donaldson won’t let a dead arm stop him from mashing taters all over the place.  Both he and Aledmys Diaz smacked their second homers of the young season propelling the Jays to a decisive victory over the other team from Chee-gag-O.

Phillies 0, Mets 2Prof: After all these years, I still don’t know how pitcher wins are assigned. I mean, Matt Harvey only allowed one hit in five innings, in which the Phillies did not score. Jerry Blevins, who pitched like a half inning or something, gets credited with the Win. I don’t get it.


Nationals 6, Braves 13Scouts: There was  a lot of early excitement for long-ball fans as Bryce Harper, Ryan Zimmerman, and even pitcher A.J. Cole went deep early for the Nats.  However, the Barves stepped it up a notch for a night, delivering the Nats their first loss off the bats of Freddie Freeman and Preston Tucker

Cardinals 4, Brewers 5Prof:  I got this cool stat on my phone regarding this game – The Cardinals started this game with back to back homers, and the Brewers ended it with back to back homers, which is the first time this has happened in MLB history.  That’s pretty neat! The two Brewer homers were from Christian Yelich and Ryan Braun, by the way.


Orioles 6, Astros 10Scouts: This game was much closer for a lot longer than it should have been.  Justin Verlander went up against Mike Wright, and apparently V decided to take a night off, giving up 4 runs over 5.2 innings.  But that’s OK, as the O’s bullpen came to the rescue giving up a 5 spot with the game tied in the 7th, including Josh Reddick’s second dong of the evening.

Royals 1, Tigers 0Prof:  It’s another Battle of Who Sucks More, but this time the Royals got the W and their first win of the season. Jorge Soler hit a sac fly to run in the only score of the game.

Rays 4, Yankees 11Prof:  Holy cats! Didi Gregorius hit a pair of three run dingers. I mean, good lord. It didn’t help that Matt Duffy had two throwing errors in the seventh inning.


Mariners 6, Giants 4Prof:  Joe Panik continues to be the only person on the Giants who is trying to play on a higher level consistently. He hit a homer in the fourth inning to no avail, as Seattle hit single after single. Your heroes of the game were Dee Gordon, Jean Segura, and Kyle Seager.

Dodgers 6, Diamondbacks 1Scouts: Whatever Clayton Kershaw did to upset his team, he had better take them all out to a nice lunch or something.  For the second consecutive game, Kershaw picks up the loss after zero support.  This time the Dodgers offense was shut down by Zack Godley a 27 year old with a  4.12 lifetime ERA.


Indians 2, Angels 13Prof: What the heck is wrong with the Magical Land of Cleve (don’t answer this, OG)? The bats are anemic and the pitching non-existent. The Angels, on the other hand, used Shohei Otani as a DH and he did not disappoint, going 3-4 with a two run homer in the first inning to boot. Home runs for the Halos included Justin Upton and Mike Trout among others.


Rangers 4, Athletics 1Scouts: Cole Hamels struck out 11 over 5 innings, and the bullpen held the rest of the way.  Chad Pinder was the sole bright spot for the A’s hitting both a solo homer and a double, but still managing to leave 3 men on base.

Rockies 4, Padres 8Scouts: Christian Villanueva picked up 5 RBI off 3 home-runs in a night he most certainly will never forget.  His homers traveled 400, 399, and 390 feet respectfully and he became just the second Padre rookie to mash three taters in a game.


Cubs, Reds PPD

35 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/3/18

    1. When you whiff five consecutive times you won’t find many friendly fans in any market. I wouldn’t worry. He’s always been a little slow out of the gate.
      And there’s nothing wrong with Cleveland now that hasn’t always been wrong with it. Those guys are just bored.


      1. But you don’t boo a guy that could hit 60 HR for your team. You have to know that in today’s age, high HR totals come with high SO totals. Miguel Sano wore the Golden Sombrero the other day, but I am confident if healthy he can hit 40 HR.
        % consecutive whiffs is pretty spectacular though I must say.

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        1. I blame the cold. The Iron Giant is a tropical being or, at least, a Mediterranean one from southern California. If you guys find yourselves facing orf against the Borg in October, pray for a clipper.


      1. Our seats are on the west side of the field on the 3rd base side. If there is a little sun we should be okee dokee. The wind normally affects the 1st base side much more.
        I was gonna tell you I have a little blog
        I’m working on keeping it up. I started it a couple of years ago and kinda let it languish. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. It’s mostly about grilling, barbecuing and smoking.


        1. Tell you what: I have too much writing and editing on my bucket list to infest any more blogs than I currently do but you can feel free to copy anything I say about cooking you find useful. I’ll visit once in a while but prolly be a tad too buried alive here to contribute much.
          Meanwhile, here’s this morning’s dirty doings in the kitchen: a sauteed morel and woodear mushroom omelet with grated imported parmigian cheese (again, imported because made-in-Italy cheeses use A2 milk as a base). Woodears are known in Chinese cooking as “hamchoy,” so don’t forget to use that information at your next cocktail party.
          Anyway, the balance ought to be 2:1, morels over woodears to protect that delicate flavor of the morels. Using more woodears would be like drowning Margo Timmins’ voice beneath Alan Anton’s bass. I saute the morels and woodears over a low flame in good imported Italian butter (French, Spanish or Portugese butter is fine too) with just a little crushed minced garlic – one medium sized clove is plenty – and a teaspoon of diced shallots.
          I use the pool of melted butter, a touch of sesame oil – roasted, not cold pressed – and mushroom broth from the saute in the beaten eggs, along with a dash of turmeric, salt and coarse ground black pepper. When the mushrooms have become maddeningly fragrant, I turn up the gas two notches (people who cook on an electric range have less of a soul than Derek Jeter) and pour the egg mixture over the musrooms,
          When the omelet has mostly set on top and the bottom is light brown and slightly crispy, I sprinkle it with the grated parmesan and flip it into the classic half-moon. I let it sit another minute or so to finish setting and melt the cheese, and serve with a steaming cup of Galapagos coffee..
          I accompanied it this morning with a small bowl full of mashed green plantains with sauteed shallots, lima beans and a pinch of garlic salt. My holobeme is partying like New year’s eve.

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        2. I left a comment on it.

          Would you be interested in a carburetor chicken recipe (which didn’t work)?


        3. Carburetor chicken? Is that like a biker hoagie? Wrapped in foil and placed atop the heads on the motorcycle engine?
          I’d be interested sure!


        4. Mad One: FYI I just clicked “follow” on your blog page so we are now well and truly wed. In a few days I will manage to put up a review of Jim Harrison’s two published cooking collections, The Raw and the Cooked and the very recent A Really Big Lunch. Feel free to scam that too.

          BTW I really loved your…eh…portrait of me. I normally don’t hold still that long, but for you….

          Also, a quick note on morels: they’re only available fresh for a few months of the year, spring into (sometimes) early summer. If you don’t have a trained pig, resign yourself to paying ridiculous prices for them at your local upscale yuppie food mart or buying enormous minimum quantities online from companies like Northwest Wild Foods. Rinse them thoroughly because the little pockets in their flesh are gleefully colonized by small bugs and larvae. One time a local wino who was sleeping orf the previous night’s excess fell out of one of the larger morels like Otis of Mayberry, but I still don’t understand how he packed himself in there. You don’t need protein that badly.

          For the rest of the year you can of course buy dried morels (still expensive but not budget-busting). They are easily reconstituted by soaking for 30 minutes in hot water or by bringing the liquid to a boil in a small saucepan and then covering and allowing to stand for maybe fifteen minutes. I always save the broth to use in omelets, soups and sauces. Just use it up within three or for days of refrigerated storage.

          When they’re soft and spongy again, you can use them just like fresh morels. They won’t have quite as much flavor but they’re still delicious, and sauteing them with a small amount of garlic and green onions, scallion whites or shallots in good Italian or French butter will compensate nicely for their lost terrior.

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        5. OG,
          I appreciate you letting me pilfer your stuff Sir. It might give my site some credibility!! And, thanks for the follow.
          Morels- I’ve got a source each May for fresh morels. I usually get a pound. I also keep some dried morels in my pantry for offseason urges.
          Happy, thanks to you for the follow as well.

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        6. You can buy morels at Wisconsin and Minnesota farmers markets relatively inexpensive. Everybody knows someone who goes mushrooming in the upper Midwest. I’m sure you’d be in heaven!


        7. Nope. It’s something you put under the hood of your barely still working Tin Lizzy when you pull out from your dried up foreclosed farm in 1930’s dust bowl Oklahoma on your way to the green fields of Cali-forn-my-way so that when you pull over at the end of the day’s drive dinner is served. I tried it with a 1994 3 cylinder Chevy Metro for a drive to Two Harbors. The recipe needs a vehicle selection modification.


  1. The Nats’ troubles with Game Fives are known, what with their having lost three NLDS game fives in the past six years, but it seems the problem is now bleeding over to the regular season.

    Last year, for the fifth game, the Nats trotted out Jeremy Guthrie to pitch, as they were engaging in some roster shenanigans to keep Joe Ross on turn in the minors for a couple of weeks while sacrificing Guthrie in the only game where they’d need a fifth starter for most of April. In retrospect, they chose poorly, as Guthrie gave up something like ten runs, all earned, in less than an inning, and they lost 17-3.

    Last night was a repeat of that, pretty much, except this time it was A.J. Cole giving up ten runs in 3 plus innings in his first and perhaps only audition to be the fifth starter this year. Jeremy Hellickson was a late signing in spring training, and he’s got a May 1 opt-out, so he’ll get a chance, too as soon as he’s proven he can throw 90 pitches without dying. He was throwing in extended spring training last night, so he may be up soon.

    All that aside, though, friends, we gotta talk about this tweet – https://twitter.com/Buster_ESPN/status/981504361535852545

    My only question for Buster is this: “Who the fuck is underrating Freddie Freeman?”

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    1. I think NL East fans don’t underrate FF5, nor do astute readers of quality blogs. But when Freddie was having that ridiculous year before he broke his wrist (erm, the first time?) he was playing at MVP caliber level but no one was talking about him. Also, MLB media slurps Bryce all the time and if Freddie does something just as cool if not cooler they want to talk about Bryce’s douchey LV Supreme cleats. Lol sorry, I’m bitter.

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  2. The NedYosts / Tiggers game lasted 2 hours 17 minutes. It appears the key to improving pace of play is for games to be held in mid 30 degree weather with 15 MPH winds and a light mist in the air. No one wants to stand in those conditions any longer than necessary.

    Today’s game time forecast is 37 degrees with winds at 26 MPH from the NW resulting in a 20 degree Wind Chill with 45% chance of snow flurries. Maybe this one will be under 2 hours.

    Good seats still available.

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    1. And just like that, today’s game is postponed. Now one of those ever popular day/night double headers on April 20, when the weather will surely be more cooperative.


    2. Dan: you know, you can’t start with 33 games on the road, but —
      Jim: why don’t we play more teams with domes?
      Dan: this is April baseball, and we’re not the only ones…
      Jim: Cleveland was smart and went up to Seattle and now against the Angels…


    3. Dan: hey, a fan got that ball.
      Jim: o-kay!
      Dan: he brought a glove. Its a Royals fan!
      Jim: oh. Eh, royals…
      Dan: in this weather, we’re glad for all the fans who came out.
      Jim: sure.
      Dan: Royals or tigers
      Jim: uh huh


  3. Forgot to give props to whoever’s playing the walkup music at Braves games. A night after serenading Harper with The Imperial March from Star Wars, last night his music for at least one at bat was “Go Cubs, Go”.

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  4. Josh Reddick not only had two HR’s and six RBI, but saved a 3 run homerun (and Verlander’s ERA) with a great catch at the RC wall. So much for you fair weather fans who were ripping him.

    As to booing, I make a habit of not booing, or only booing lack of effort. Not if a guy is trying. Of course that means I got to boo Jeff Kent a lot when he was an Astro.

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  5. Two other random comments on games last night:

    I am happy, Prof, to see Preston Tucker do well with his new chance in Atlanta. He had one pretty good year in Houston and two of futility. The proverbial fresh start seems to suit him. As you probably know, his little brother is tearing up the minors for Houston.
    Correa’s inside the park job last night came off with a bounce off the glove of a full-tilt running Trey Mancini in very deep left center. A realistic assessment might have been either error or double-plus-error. I think maybe the scorer took pity on an out-of-position first baseman.

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    1. If the Orioles didn’t hogtie themselves with a forever year extension on Davis they could have Mancini in his natural position now without a hitch.

      We’ll take good care of Preston for ya. Any friend of Orbit is a friend of mine.


        1. Sorry, I’m going to be out of town on the mushroom question. I’m heading for the Mexican border to confront that evil caravan of destitute mothers and infants posing such a horrible security risk to America – especially its lettuce growers.
          I might even pick up some good Honduran baleadas recipes.

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