He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/2/18



Prof: Big ups to Happy for holding down the fort last weekend. I spent Saturday at my bank and getting a new phone, so you can imagine how much extra time I had. Haha. I had even started a post for Friday’s scores but LOL, Kanye Shrug. Let’s talk about baseball!


Dodgers 7, Diamondbacks 8 F/15 – Scouts: Kenley Jansen gave up a two out, three-run homer to Chris Ownings, which sent the game into extras.  The Dodgers thought they had recovered with a run in the top of the 15th, but backup catcher Jeff Mathis picked up a pinch-hit single which plated Nick Ahmed and ended the longest game in Chase Field history.


Rangers 1, Athletics 3Prof:  Woof. This is going to be a tough year for Texas fans, but at least you have Joey Gallo, whose single brought in the only run for the Rangers. Otherwise, it was all A’s all the time. Third baseman Matt Chapman had a solo dinger to get the party started for Oakland.

Indians6 , Angels 0Scouts: Edwin Encarnacion legged out a inside-the-park home-run and Mike Clevinger and company once again shut down the Angels.

Rockies 7, Padres 4Scouts: Ian Desmond and Charlie Blackmon combined to go 5-10 with three homers and 4 RBI against the hapless Padres who are still looking for their first win of the young season.


Royals 1, Tigers 6Prof: Guys, it’s too early to have had a Battle of Who Sucks More, but we did. Sparty, Historio, y’all will be happy to know that your guys DON’T suck more today. The Royals and the Tigers were both winless, but the Tigers were able to whoop up on the hapless Kansas City team, including four runs in the fifth inning. Good games from V-Mart, James McCann, and Francisco Liriano.

Twins 4, Pirates 5Scouts: Don’t look now, but the Pirates haven’t lost a game yet.  Starting pitcher Jameson Tailon lasted just 5.1 innings and the bullpen had to hold the rest of the way, without the support of closer Felipe Rivero.  Brian Dozier flew out to end the game.  Maybe he should have tried to bunt.  I kid.  I kid.


Cardinals 8, Brewers 4 Prof: See how you are, Redbirds? Ruining the Brewers’ welcome home party. But y’all did it in pretty cool fashion, with a #PitcherWhoRakes. Miles Mikolas – who spent the last few seasons in Japan – made his MLB return debut and also mashed a two run tater.

Cubs 0, Reds 1Prof:  Sheesh. Sometimes you don’t “got it” and the Cubs just didn’t have it. The person who did have it was rookie hurler Tyler Mahle, who went six innings with no earned runs, seven Ks and only one hit. Cincinnati flirted with disaster in the eighth but Raisel Iglesias struck out my boy Anthony Rizzo with the bases loaded to pick up the save.


White Sox 2, Blue Jays 4Scouts: Toronto rallied or a third consecutive game to pull a win away from the Sox off the power of a two-run homer by Russell Martin.

Red Sox 7, Marlins 3Prof: This is boring, Miami wasn’t all that great and Brian Anderson seems to be the only person who does anything on the team, while Mookie Betts homered in the seventh for Boston. Everyone knows that the Sox were gonna win because of course they were. So here’s a Miami-related news item that I need to bring up – are they REALLY getting rid of the orange uniforms? A friend of mine told me about this. I said, “Surely this is an April Fools’ joke” and he said that he didn’t see anyone state it was a hoax. OK, Jeter. First you trade away pretty much everyone that people recognize, you raise the prices on some of your tickets when you basically have Derek Dietrich and some dudes (and the Big Buckin’ Chicken of course), you fired Billy the Marlin and now… now you’re getting rid of those fly orange uniforms? This can’t be right. How much more indignity can a franchise have?

Orioles 1, Astros 6Prof: Anybody here ever watch Chappelle’s Show? If you did, you automatically know what I’m referencing here… CHARLIE MORTON! What did the five fingers say to the face? *slap HAHAHAHAHA! Yes, Charlie Morton did kinda pimp slap the Orioles last night, going six strong, scoreless innings with six strikeouts. The lone Baltimore run was scored by wunderkind Trey Mancini, whom I’ve had a bit of an appreciation crush on since I saw him single-handedly rally the O’s last season. Also, Alex Bregman did this:


Nationals 8, Braves 1Prof:  Same as it ever was. Way back in the day, Atlanta’s greatest rivals were Philly, New York, or the Dodgers (back when they were in the NL West! Oh my goodness, those were the days). Now, the dreaded rivalry is with the Washington Nationals, who always seem to have our number no matter what our team looks like. It was a bad night for young Sean Newcomb, who had two super rough innings and then calmed down, but too little too late as Atlanta was never able to overcome, or get much off of Tanner Roark. Royce Harpler hit a three run homer in the second.


Rays, Yankees PPD

Phillies, Mets PPD

18 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Updates for 4/2/18

    1. Blind Melon Jefferson, the blues singer?

      The Borg were snowed out yesterday in Borgville, so you and Happy can spare the coastals your usual Albert Clipper plaints. You probably don’t want to hear about how gorgeous it is here today, do you?

      I forgot you had been “stationed” here oncet. Of course, “Cuban” is not the end-all and be-all of Caribbean and Latino cuisine here any more, in fact not for a looooong time. I was thinking of some terrific Brazilian, Argentine, Guatemalan, Honduran, Nicaraguan, Trinidadian, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Bahamian, Jamaican, Grenadine, Mariniquian and even Caymanian places – and of course, that crown jewel of Latino cooking, Peruvian. Ever tried the Peruvian seafood cilantro stew, parihuela? Dear Buddha!


      1. Well, I just shoveled what had to be 8″ of snow. (It’s always 8″ right? ) I think Happy and I do get bragging rights yet again.
        Cuban was the big thing when I was there, but I’m a fan of all Latin cuisine. Ecuadorian, Colombian are my two particular favorites. One of my Ecuadorian cooks owns a restaurant with his brother. They make tremendous Latino foods from all over Central and South America.
        I’m a Chef with a shellfish allergy though so I have to be very careful with that.


        1. I’m finished shoveling for the day too, but I had to do it in four steps because I can’t do it for more than about 10 minutes at a time. Of course the damn stuff is still coming down and I suppose I’ll have to do another couple of inches in the morning. Happy is not happy.

          Oh well Chef, we do sometimes have something that you don’t find in many places outside of Minnesota, good hearted neighbors with snow blowers.


        2. You have to be careful Happy. I actually possess one of those snow throwing machines. I only used it for my driveway. I shoveled all of my sidewalks and steps though. I’m in Nordeast.


        3. That’s the problem with snow blowers, they don’t do steps, which is the most important place to prevent a hip breaking fall which leads to death from pneumonia in a plastic ass hospital hell hole.

          Do you or did you used to make your living from cooking? Back in the eighties I was a chef for the Ebenezer society, cranking out about a thousand meals a day for Senior living facilities, nursing homes and meals on wheels. Gator’s ethnically authentic recipes whoosh over my head, but if I could get my hands on some restaurant quality cooking wine I could still make a beef stroganoff which 800 out of every 1000 would like.

          Liked by 2 people

        4. Sorry Chef I forgot to add in, I live in south Minneapolis, but in 91, outside of the Twins a hard year for me, I lived in Frog Town.


        5. Man I’m sorry to hear 91 was a rough year for you. Sounds like you and I should meet over at The Mid Town Global Market some day. There is. just about every cuisine you can imagine there. Coffee as well


        6. during the mid to late 80ties’s I was tasked as a firing and hiring Chef to produce an extra 300 or so meals a day to a facility in down town Minneapolis formerly knowhow as Abbott Northwestern.

          I was eventually fired for having privately backed a unionlization effort .

          Maybe I could tell you some stuff that would positively help you in you the hundreds if not thousands of lives you touch per day.

          Liked by 1 person

  1. Harper got off to a slow-ish start the first two and a half games, then between Sunday and last night had a stretch of eight PAs in a row where he reached base, on five walks and three home runs; the streak ended in the 9th last night when he grounded out with the bases loaded.

    Not seen in the video, but the Nats TV broadcast showed a guy in a Braves jersey standing and applauding after Harper’s home run. Maybe because he’s in his walk year, fans all over MLB will show him some love this year in the hopes of his signing with their team.

    In other news, Scouts Say Wieters is on the DL with a mild oblique strain, so it’s time for the Pedro Severino Experiment, Volume 3. Severino was decent in 2016 when Wilson Ramos got hurt, even good enough to make the playoff roster that year, but not so good last year during his September call up. He’s definitely in the mix to be the Nats catcher as early as next season, especially with Raudy Read on an 80 game PED hiatus, so depending on how long Wieters is out, we’ll see what he does with his chance this time.


    1. Re: The Harper homerun. Maybe, someguy. But baseball fans are by far the most likely to applaud a great performance by an opposing player. That’s why we can at least have more nice things than the football fans can.

      Re: The Astros and Bregman. Just keep rolling, guys. I’m having a good time.


      1. I take your point about baseball fans in general, Stex, but this was in Atlanta, where I’m pretty sure most fans wouldn’t piss on Harper if here were on fire.

        Ain’t that right, Prof?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. well, depends on the fan to be honest. most of us hate his guts but there’s still others who hate him but if given the chance would run over their own mommas to have him batting behind Freddie lol

          Liked by 1 person

  2. The Tigger game was a nice warm up to the main event on my sports calendar yesterday. Top billing went to the young men’s short pants game championship down in the future home of the Oakland A’s, San Antonio. Gotta love when a red headed Italian is the best player on the floor and the outcome gets me 1st place in the pool I was in.

    Nice outing for Liriano. Hopefully he can get a few more and make himself into some valuable trade bait in a couple months.


  3. The Feesh lost, but so what. I’m already used to it. I’m too old for growing pains. I’m keeping an eye on the Borg this season because the Iron Giant is there. When they visit Macondo Banana Massacre Field this season I fully expect him to celebrate majorly while the small faction of hometown fans chant “Jeter Sucks! Jeter sucks! Jeter sucks!” I’d be there leading the cheer except that I would rather treat my hemorrhoids with porcupine quills than spend one cent on a Feesh game. I’ve even let my Fox Sports Florida subscription expire.
    Still pondering which MLB team to embrace in lieu of the crater where my team used to be. I’m stuck somewhere between St. Louis and Atlanta, I’m afraid. I’ll be sympathetic to the Brewers but they’re a bit too far afield for me after some consideration. Let’s see who’s playing interesting baseball before I make up my mind.


  4. The inside the park HR by Edwin Encarnacion came via the ball hitting the yellow paint on the wall padding just below the fair/foul pole and caroming away towards centre field. It hit the just as Angels LF Justin Upton arrived on the scene, gave up on an attempt to catch and, instead, protected himself against hitting the wall himself. He appeared to initially not realise it was a fair ball, but Mike Trout as always was covering and eventually retrieved the ball.

    Meanwhile, Encarnacion was chugging around the bases in what looked like a slo-mo replay, but came in standing up and looking much the worse for his short period of exertion. ESPN later showed his ‘flat out’ circuit at less than a second ahead of Tyler Naquin’s later home run ‘trot’. Much mirth all round on the Indians’ bench…


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