Easter Weekend Family Get Together

The Twins didn’t play last night so I went cheesey western last night and didn’t actually watch any of these games. Those of you who did will have to tell us about the good the bad the ugly.

Pittsburg Steelers 13 – Detroit Lions 10

Nationals 2 – Reds 0. Maxie was pitching, business as usual.

Yankees 4 Blue Jays 2. Evil marches on.

Red Sox 1 Rays 0. Big market beats up small market, the American way.

Marlins 2 Cubs 1. Evil marches on by walking backwards.

Phillies 5 Braves 4. Sounds about right.

Rangers 5 Astros 1. Only in baseball are the world champions expected to lose about 70 times a year.

Diamondbacks 9 Rockies 8. Looks like the starters sucked and the bullpens rocked.

Giants 1 Dodgers 0. The Giants have beaten the Dodgers two straight. Aren’t the Giants supposed to be one of the weakest teams and the Dodgers one of the best? Baseball is so weird.

And that that that that’s all folks!!!




10 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Family Get Together

  1. The Tiggers thought they had a walk off win in the 10th when Nick Castellanos was called safe at home, but after almost 4 minutes of replay review he was ruled out. Every replay shown on TV was less than conclusive that he was actually tagged. The Tiggers have requested MLB to give them the video they used to make the call. The Steelers got a field goal from Roy Gerela later in overtime to provide the winning margin.

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  2. I decided to take a couple of hours to put this post together so that we’d have at least one fresh spot to blabber with each other during the weekend.

    Here’s my blabber. I just finished re enforcing the duct tape holding my cheap ass big ass TV to the wall and just saw Herr Kepler go yard. So far this game they gone yard three times at Camden Yard, albeit one of them by the Twins designated sexual assailant.

    Life is good.


    1. Go Twins! I hope they are good for the playoffs this year. I will make them a backup rooting interest for 2018 in solidarity, twinsfan.


      1. Okay but be careful. Duct tape plus lutefisk can be a powerful thing. Here’s hoping we are enemy’s come playoff time.


        1. “‘Tis a consumation devoutly to be wished.”

          My philosophy has always been – Just get to the playoffs. Whoever you play will be tough. But you’re in the playoffs.

          And I’m a pretty non-dangerous enemy to have.

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        2. All the teams that interest me superficially are designatedhitterball teams, so my search for an alternative rooting interest that isn’t owned by Beep Beep and the asset stripper is stalled for the nonce.

          But Jim Harrison preached that cooking will help teach one to love again. Just about to begin Phase II of our annual Passover/Easter interfaith dinner (my future son-in-law of Colombian extraction is a follower of primitive descent-and-resurrection rites while the rest of us are practitioners of pure land nondenominational diaspora agnosticism). So, yesterday I began the process by whipping up a batch of charoseth (diced apples and walnuts mixed with red wine, cinnamon and nutmeg) and hard-boiling a half dozen Omega 3 pasture-raised eggs to dip in the salt water which symbolises the bitter tears of the Democrats November before last; then I made chicken with matzo ball soup with a non-GMO organic pasture-raised chicken, yucca, turnips, parsnips, onions, carrots, a handful of garlic cloves and lots of fresh dill, and a hearty squeeze of lime. Then my bride of 36 years and I went to this year’s gimmicky seder at our local palace of superstition, Temple Beth Schlemiel, where we celebrated human trafficking.

          I also baked some Easter matzoh with live yeast. It is risen.

          Now comes the rosemary (get it? Rose-MARY?)-infused leg of paschal lamb, timed to be finished just before the vultures settle around the table.

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        3. Gator, I suggest you adopt the Milwaukee Brewers for the season. After all they are the one team that was once a designatedhitterball league team that was set free to be a pure baseball team, they should be competitive to the point of avoiding the Strange Attractor, and you could expand the name of your house of worship to Temple Beth Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!

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        4. They had a counterfeit Seder at our Catholic church. The wife signed right up, went in and enjoyed it. She couldn’t get me to go. I spent my teen years in southwest Houston when it was largely a Jewish enclave; that was my friends and and the girls I generally dated through high school. I was trying to visualize all those old friends dressing up in togas with incense and crucifixes and cheap wine and rosaries and such. Didn’t work as a concept for me.

          Besides, brace yourself. They had a meal after the fake Seder. They served ham (!!!)


        5. Of course they did. There’s an old saying that archaeologists of the future will know they’re digging up a Jewish neighborhood by all the little wire handles from the Chinese take-out containers in the middens.

          Milwaukee Brewers, eh? Well, Craig Counsell did campaign against Scott Walker, so that’s something. And my old buddy, Christian Yelich, is there now. lemme have a think.


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