It’s Happening!

/Harry Carey voice/   HELLO EVERY-BODY!

It’s Opening Day 2018 and we are embarking on another season of thrills, chills, and bullpen automobiles (looking at you, Gritty Snakes!). If the Reds hadn’t had inclement weather tomorrow, all 30 clubs would have been playing tomorrow, which would have been super cool.

Not all of us are going to have a full season of great baseball. It’s just not possible with the way some of our teams are configured, sadly. But we can make up for it by watching the outrageous abundance of riches on other teams, riches like…

The New Murderer’s Row that will be featured in the Yankees’ lineup. Here’s the Opening Day Lineup.

Holy crap, that’s ridiculous. They are going to hit ALL THE HOME RUNS.

doc philliesMeanwhile, in that same Yankees game, they are going up against the Blue Jays, who will hold a moment of silence for the late, great Roy Halladay. Toronto has retired his number, and they will honor Doc all season long, which is fitting for one of the greatest players in franchise history.

The best player in baseball has hit a home run on Opening Day three out of the last four years. Can he do it again? Probably, because Mike Trout (who did y’all think I was talking about?) will once again be up against A’s pitcher Kendall Graveman, who he hit a homer off last year as well.

Scout’s Orioles usually do well on Opening Day – having won the last seven in a row – but this year they are going up against Happy’s Minnesota Twins. Be nice to each other, guys! Here’s a cool fact I learned from MLB:  Joe Mauer, who will be starting his fourteenth consecutive Opening Day, will now surpass the legendary Harmon Killebrew for the most in Twins’ history. Pretty swell for a hometown boy.

Ichiro is back in Seattle. All is right in the world.

I hope everyone is excited AS HECK for baseball’s return! Feel free to leave your comments, predictions, and gripes in the comments below.

25 thoughts on “It’s Happening!

  1. And what better finish to the Jays’ Spring Training than a two-out, walk-off, solo homer in the 9th against the Cardinals…. by Vladimir Guerrero Jr… wearing his father’s number 27…. in Olympic Stadium in Montreal. You can’t WRITE a story line like that.

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  2. Good thing the boys are in Baltimore. There’s a good chance of snow here tomorrow. 3/4ths of my yard is still covered by snow and 4/4ths of me is sick of winter.

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      1. Can’t make it. We’ll have five fearsome toddlers (God give me strength) bouncing off our walls until 5 P. I will catch the last few innings on the TV and maybe a little more during nap time – as I’m about to do with today’s game in about 3 minutes.

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  3. And of course, the Oakland Coliseum sewage twitter has apparently done something aggravating to the sewage system in Dodger stadium, just in time for the season opener! Cue up the inner 12-yo jokes about shitty starts, &c

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    1. That was one hell of an opening day game yesterday Scout. I know I’m in the minority, but I really enjoy a good old fashioned pitcher’s duel. I thought the Twins were gonna pull off the win. Molitor made some “out of the box” decisions yesterday that worked out.
      Congrats to the O’s on an opening day win.

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  4. Gator should like this. Shortly ago Mr. Jeter saw the very first pitch thrown by his team, a down the middle cookie, hit into one of the thousands of empty seats.

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