Bits and Pieces XIV

It takes a Canadian little league coach to be idealistically hopeful enough to consider the baseball Gods to be just.

A little league coach says season farewell to his Ancaster Cardinals. The guy certainly seems to be intelligent but is not trying to be clever or funny, just very nice, very Canadian. If they do come up with lutefisk on a stick I think I know where I want to move.

Here’s another one of his pics


But if evil were to disappear we’d all be bored.

Over at ESPN they’re wondering just how evil the Yankees can get especially once they’ve reset their luxury tax clock.

Would their shopping list include

Resulting in

  1. Judge, LF
  2. Harper, RF
  3. Stanton, DH
  4. Bird, 1B
  5. Machado, 3B
  6. Gregorius, SS
  7. Sanchez, C
  8. Gardner, CF
  9. Torres, 2B

No I’m not posting a Borg vid because I’m pretty sure I already have too many times, but I definitely will if the Twins wind up in another wild card playoff game with them.

For now let’s move on from evil while we can.

************ (BTW please do let me know if the number of star separators is ever less or more than the number of lunar phases in a solar year because I am already on thin ice with the Gods)

Grandpa’s baseball cards makes his family rich.

A family in Los Angeles performing the familial duty of cleaning out Grandpa’s house following his death discovered 8 vintage Ty Cobb baseball cards each valued at about $250,000 each in a paper bag or something up in the attic. Apparently Grandpa had forgotten about them just like he’d forgotten about his first bike.

This reminds me, I have or had a baseball signed by every member of the 1966 Detroit Tigers.  They was some big names on that ball like Al Kaline, Denny McClain, Bill Freehan, Willie Horton… I don’t have much of an attic but if I do still have it I’m pretty sure it’s in a room in the basement that is so crowded you have to hang on to things to walk across it. Some memories take up a lot of room.

************ (should be 12 of them I counted out loud while I tapped the keyboard but sometimes it sticks so please double check my work)

A poetry contest.

As promised here it is


6 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces XIV

  1. Earth in the 23rd Century: all Borg.

    I’ve been watching some videos on the Feesh web site (yeah, I really was that bored – what can you do? It’s Bucharest, on a Monday night). I was cringing (which helps my regularity at this age) at the scenes of Derek Jeter making pronouncements about “long term sustainability” (rain forest cocoa growers use the same phrase to describe fair trade policies) and Jar Jar Baseball nodding as enthusiastically as any manager about to face a 100-loss season but who would lose his job if he didn’t.

    They remind me of Violet and Daisy Hilton, the musical Siamese twins who were a fixture of America’s touring carnivals, Vaudeville shows and circuses in the 20s and 30s. The girls were attractive and also known to be…er…promiscuous, and that’s putting it mildly. They liked to get it on with truck drivers they encountered along the tour routes and delivery men who supplied their shows. As the story goes, one day their tour bus pulled into a truck stop and as they went in for some sandwiches they noticed a truck driver sitting at the counter. “Say,” Daisy (or Violet) whispered to Violet (or Daisy), “didn’t we once…you know…with him?” “Why yes,” Violet (or Daisy) giggled. “Let’s go over and say hello!” So the girls approached this truck driver and tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned around Daisy (or Violet) said “Hi! We were wondering if you remembered us?”


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  2. My dear happy, I don’t quite know how to begin. Wait, yes, yes I do! Lutefisk on a bloody stick? I’m not sure whether to be terrified, or impressed. Oh well, repressed homophobes love eating bull balls in cowboy country, so what do I know?

    I’m of the opinion that if the “Borg” do assemble the fucking lineup you put up, and everyone escaped the DL? Well, why even watch the season? The richest billionaire would win, and we can’t have that.

    Happy, never mind the fucking star phases, and all that hocus-pocus, MERCURY, fucking MERCURY, is in retrograde! Do you hear me?
    Every bad decision in the next month is fucking Mercury’s fault! I burnt the empanadas, because I didn’t set a timer and smoked a joint whilst Googling ” why can’t Jennifer Aniston keep a man , and coincidentally, googling ” would she date me?

    Fucking Mercury in retrograde!

    If the Sox wanted to bring back the fat panda, and give him a 2 years fair well tour?

    Fucking Mercury in retro….never mind, I will gladly blame the house. However, even though I have no beliefs in the witchcraft of astrology ,I know a fair amount that do. I blame Reagans wife, but, to be fair, he was an idiot.

    As far as the Cobb cards? Double edged sword. Having 8 new entries means they are both less rare and aren’t worth as much.

    However, having some pristine condition cards, may just start a bidding war for the nouveau rich. The treasury secretary must have some hobby besides making the poor die in the streets. And his reality whore trophy wife would surely love to brag how they bought them all, and fucking burned all but one. That way, they make them even more rare.

    Otherwise, perfect. Love you and everyone else who made this site what it is. If I ever do sell my pilot, I will have a stipulation where for the first week, this site will be the only place that you can see the trailer. After all 45 people check it out, you’re probably going to have 7 new members who will tell 14 people about it who will tell 28 more people abo…

    You get the idea. You guys were my inspiration to even write. I have a debt to ALL OF YOU!

    As an aside, scouts, I will gladly pay for the extra bandwidth if I do indeed sell the pilot.

    Fucking cheers my fellow misfits.

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    1. Love your “small diameter precision guided” (as our military hope to deploy by 2020) word bomb, which will destroy a terrorist pickup truck for less than a million dollars and kill less than a hundred innocent by standers in the process. It’s been pretty quiet round here waiting for opening day.

      Lutefisk on a stick? Did you check out my hot dog pics? Be horrified.

      “Fucking Mercury in retrograde!” I’m buying. Would Jennifer Aniston date you, dunno because although I’ve heard her name I don’t know who she is, but if she wouldn’t I’m pegging her as a trash TV star who is maybe the treasury secretary’s whore trophy wife.

      Looking forward to the trailer.

      There were many things I didn’t know


  3. I was cleaning up the back of the closet. I found a desk-clearing box from a job I left a decade ago. Included with the dried up highlighters and old note pads was about $1.58 in vintage coinage!


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