Saturday Morning Cartoons

Lets get our food first. Remember it’s never too early for ice cream

This one caught my eye

Am I the only one this one looks good to


I Showed you  mine now you have to show me yours.

Sound track

Can’t go wrong with Bugs

Word Press is going nuts so this is the last one



7 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Cartoons

    1. If I had thought of that this post would have been very different.

      I actually tried to find a pic of lutefisk gobbed over a hotdog but was thankfully unsuccessful.


  1. OK, so you started with ice cream and then got rapidly over to weiners (with too much on them to still be called weiners). So I’ll say it clearly for you: “Ice cream: it’s not just for breakfast anymore!” Err….wait….I meant “Ice cream: the breakfast of champions!” Oh, nuts, maybe it’d be better to say: “Life is uncertain, eat ice cream for breakfast!”


  2. I hate hot dogs with a tremendous passion, but that loathing does not translate to bratwurst, polish sausage, or chorizo, so go ahead and bring those sausages on.

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