Holy Shit The Off-Season That Won’t Start Is Almost Over!

Holy Bejesus Guys, Gals, and our friends from Galaxies Far, Far Away!  Can you believe that the 2018 season is less than two whole weeks away!

The Off-season that just refused to start, the coldest stove of all stoves is nearly complete.  I mean honestly, other than like two sort of ok pitchers and the biggest gift basket of them all, did anything really happen this off-season?  I know I’ve been busting my ass at work so hard I haven’t even been able to follow.  So please, fill me in.

I can tell you I’m excited to get back into the season, even if my team team makes me feel like this:

Andy Depressed
Watching The Orioles in 2018

But hey, at least we have like 3.5 members of a starting rotation!  Also, one of the guys we kicked to the curb is apparently leading all pitchers in Spring Training ERA.  Fun!

I still haven’t recovered from the loss of one of the greatest minds on the planet.

Continuing on my depression tour of early 2018, I instantly regret coming across and seeing the video of former Astros prospect Danry Vasquez (I refuse to link it) abusing his girlfriend two years ago.  This guy is absolutely psychotic and deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life.

What a shitty off-season it’s been.  Thank the baseball God’s it’s almost over and we can finally get back to watching grown men swing a piece of wood at a piece of cow.

So how’s everyone else’s off-season been?  I want to take a special thank you to Happy Twins Fan for joining our ranks and helping keep this place alive during the off-season.  Please don’t stop posting!  Love the work.  Also thanks as always to Gator, and Professor and Historio and SomeGuy for all the hard work.  I am very excited to start a new season with all of you, and everyone else who occasionally writes and comments and reads our little corner of the interwebs.  We are very close to returning with all new daily recaps, music, random posts, and breaking stories.  Thankfully we will actually have some stories to write once again.  I’ve missed you all, and have hated that my work has kept me away for so long.

10 thoughts on “Holy Shit The Off-Season That Won’t Start Is Almost Over!

  1. Ready for baseball. I got some surprise news about two weeks ago. My fantasy league had appeared to collapse. But a new commissioner has stepped up and – as the Princess Bride would say – we are now just mostly dead.

    Down from 12 teams to six, but still operational while we try to rebuild. It’s funny; my wife had been after me to get into another league. I told her I needed a break, so it was okay. Now I find myself happily puttering around marking keepers and appraising stats. Guess it’s a good thing.

    And I know. Nobody cares about my fantasy team.


    1. It’s been too long – I don’t remember that line from Princess Bride! I don’t own it (in prehistoric times I had it on VHS). I’ve always liked to music but perhaps on opening day the Powers That Are could link up favored bits from that outstanding film?

      I’m not the stathead so many here are but it would be interesting (possibly) to read something about your team. Occasionally. I think all you fantasy types are funny (“I paid good money for that damn Kemp!”) ‘cuz the few I’ve met sound like real owners!

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      1. Miracle Max: He probably owes you money huh? I’ll ask him.

        Inigo Montoya: He’s dead. He can’t talk.

        Miracle Max: Whoo-hoo-hoo, look who knows so much. It just so happens that your friend here is only MOSTLY dead. There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. With all dead, well, with all dead there’s usually only one thing you can do.

        Inigo Montoya: What’s that?

        Miracle Max: Go through his clothes and look for loose change.

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        1. Apparently there’s a thing called “bespoke porn” where for a tidy fee a small company will make a film of any sort of legal activity with anyone you want to pay to be in it. So there’s some sort of chance.


    2. What’s the format of your league and when is your draft? If I can handle it would you be interested in a seventh team?


      1. It’s an H2H format. Draft coming up and we have changed commissioners due to illness. I know the new guy would prefer to bring teams in pairs and the draft is next week. I will send him a note today and the sad remnant will discuss it. At worst I imagine we would look at adding in the future.


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