Twins Sign Lance Lynn

Happy’s boys are at it again, snagging another short term rental on a known free agent commodity.

Between getting Addison Reed, Jake Odorizzi and Logan Morrison, this newest signing of Lynn shows that the Twins are stocking the pantry so to speak. I mean, maybe on face value each of these signings aren’t exactly exciting, but put all together, it shows that Minnesota is serious about getting back to the World Series.


5 thoughts on “Twins Sign Lance Lynn

    1. Well I’ll keep quiet about them for a while. The Lynn signing brings their payroll to about 130 million. Looking at a list of the teams projected opening day payroll last updated Feb 20, I count 12 out 30 so they’re acting like what they are – a mid market team. I’ll also give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they were willing to pay Darvish 25 mil instead of Lynn’s 12 which would have landed them at about 143 mil, which is what I think is the minimum they should be spending given that they are entering a 2 – 3 year window of playoff competiveness which for the Twins happens about once a decade.

      BYW they cut Sanchez to make room on the roster for Lynn. Interested?


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