Bits and Pieces XII

Over at they used some stat cast stuff to rate each teams speed. Guess which team is numero uno? Hee Hee Hee.

According to their nerdy stat case based breakdown of the 2017 speed of the players when running the bases or running down flys etc. expected to be on the opening day roster for each team, the fastest team in MLB is non other than your Minnesota Twins. The Nats were second and the Yankees third (why can’t they be bad at something – anything?). And the fastest man in baseball, Billy Hamilton NOT excepted, is Byron Buxton. WWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Behold: The fastest inside the park home run in the history of Stat Cast Land.


A tale of two tribes

Over at ESPN they did this

…You can surmise a lot about a voter based on whether they voted for Bonds and Clemens or didn’t. We’ll call these parties the Apologists and the Deniers.

Using Ryan Thibodaux’s invaluable Hall of Fame Ballot Tracker — which has already collected more than 40 percent of ballots cast this year, and published more than 70 percent of last year’s — we can dig into the more nuanced splits suggested by that central one. (Caveat: We’re drawing these conclusions only from public ballots, a self-selecting group.)

They found that the PED haters who voted against Bonds and Clemens were much more likely to vote for closers than the “Apologists” who say screw the PED stuff Bonds did Ruth stuff and Clemens did Walter Johnston stuff. I suppose the PED haters (Deniers) get the best of it here because they aren’t clinging to some absolute like ‘I will not consider voting for a reliever because only starters should get in’, or I will not consider voting for a DH because yada yada’.

The PED haters as you would expect are also a lot more likely to vote against other players associated with PED use.

The most interesting thing about the pro Bonds – Clemens voters is that they look to be ‘big hall voters’ because more frequently than the PED haters they voted for the max 10 players on their ballots suggesting that if they could they would vote for 12 or 13.

Anyways, I’m getting bored trying to think of what to write about this that wouldn’t just be a regurgitation because I’m not really much interested in HOF stuff anymore. Those of you who are go on over and give it a read and come back and tell us what you think.


One more thing

Stevie. I don’t like her I love her, and I like to think she thinks the same about me. She’s 2 ½ years old and I’ve been taking care of her while mommy and daddy are at work since September 2015 when she was 10 weeks old. July 2015 I spent a couple of weeks in North Carolina to be with my dying mother. A few weeks after I got back my son was in a psychiatric crisis which lasted into the following February. Getting to hold her and a certain little boy about her age pulled me through a time when I was going to bed not caring if I woke up the next day or not.

The other day we were identifying colors. I pointed at our bright white refrigerator and asked her what color it was – answer “white” correct, then something red – got it, something blue – got it, then I pointed at a potato. Not knowing she defaulted to her favorite color “yellow?”. I told her it was brown. To reiterate the lesson I pointed at a paper grocery bag – correct answer – “brown”.

A few minutes later I had her on the diaper changing table and she pointed at her bare forearm and said “brown”. I pointed at my skin and asked her what color it is. She defaulted to “yellow?” I thought about beige or tan but decided to use an adjective pointing out the relativity of color and told her it is “light brown”. I think she’ll catch on fast. Mommy’s skin is like mine “light brown” and daddy’s is just a shade darker than hers.

Just another one of those things which are reflected in baseball more than anywhere else.

3 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces XII

    1. Nice looking blog, take a trot over there everyone.

      The only player I think should be excluded from the hall of fame because of off field stuff including PED allegations is Pete Rose. His betting while manager of the Reds threatened the integrity of the game which is the safely held belief that the outcome is not scripted, that both sides are always trying to win. The only thing that he didn’t do, as far as we know, is to bet against his own team and act accordingly.

      As I get older the importance of who should or not be inducted into the hall recedes. But when I was a boy in the sixties I read and re read a book called The Baseball Hall of Fame – a paper book of course with a beautiful cover. It had lots of numbers in it which I’m pretty good at remembering. For example 4:06 am or pm is to me Ted Williams time.

      My mom died 7/14/2015. Babe Ruth day.

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