Bits and Pieces X

Lisa’s day off


Yeah they juiced the ball

Average home runs per game:

2017    1.26

2016    1.16

2015    1.01

2014    .86

Over at fivethirtyeight the nerds have a write up summarizing the research done by several universities who compared some pre ball go far surge balls to some post ones. They started by putting the damn things under a CT scan to check out core densities or something. Then they cut the things open and subjected the poor things to something called thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) which in their unkind words “essentially cooks a material to see which parts parts of it vaporize at which temperatures. Using that information, researchers can create a molecular profile of a given material.”

Next some stat head and physics nerd takes the likely input of how much lighter and aerodynamic the new balls are and somehow interprets that through a bunch of stat cast spreadsheets involving exit velocities, launch angles etc. that only his mother could love, to calculate how many more ding dongers should be expected to result from the properties of the new balls, as opposed to more and more hitters figuring that singles hitters drive Chevys but home run hitters drive Cadillacs, and the ongoing acquisition of athletic super hero powers by MLB players.

The final conclusion was that changes made to the ball since 2014 should be expected to lead to about a 25% increase in homers. The actual increase since 2014 is 46%. A juicer ball and the Incredible Hulk DH’ing. Seems to add up.

We X-Rayed Some MLB Baseballs. Here’s What We Found.

When asked, what about this Jack, MLB momentarily paused its very necessary efforts to keep its trust fund puke employers who ain’t never gonna get nothing that they don’t pay for well supplied with Vaseline, to note that they “had commissioned a group of scientists and statisticians to investigate any changes to the ball, and that the committee would issue a report on its research soon. According to Alan Nathan, one of the physicists on the commission, the task force found that all the characteristics that MLB regularly measures, including the weight, circumference, seam height and bounciness of the ball, were within ranges that meant variations in the baseballs were unlikely to significantly affect home run rates. MLB declined to provide the data supporting these assertions.”

In other words. You like see ball go far? Trust fund pukes like you see ball go far.


Tim Tebow is trying his heart out. MLB please don’t humiliate him any further because you sniff a little money and he don’t know no better



Minnesota Nice

Shohei Ohtani struck out 8 of the 12 hitters he faced in his most recent outing. They’re saying that he had good command of his secondary pitches and that his fastball touched the upper 90’s.


Welcome to the bigs Shohei.

8 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces X

  1. Ahhhh, back to listening to games while at work…

    Highlights from yesterday’s game:
    1) Apparently the Marlins have a promotion with Papa John’s. If the Marlins score 5+ runs in a game, YOU get 50% off a Papa John’s pizza. Which, probably means never? I keep picturing OG demanding his edible reward. Sorry, the Tigers did not cooperate yesterday.

    2) I love Dan & Jim because they have these fun side conversations. Yesterday, they spent a minute on the Hosmer signing. Dan said — I’m kind of scratching my head on that still. Jim responded: It isn’t like that was the missing piece for them to contend. I am dead from laughing. Also, because they keep saying “Peter Kozma” when he comes up.

    3) Pitcher tryouts are painful in general. Yesterday wasn’t so bad. When you have a mostly empty bullpen and a gaggle of no-names rotating in and out daily, you don’t really get a sense of any of them too much. IDK how the coaching staff picks from that. (Funny example, Thursday’s “winning” pitcher was the kid that blew up the game but benefited from a late comeback. #vulturing) Every time they trot out one of these painfully hopeful kids, Jim and Dan wryly note: you know, someone’s going to pitch their way onto the team. That’s a nice way to say we still have no decent BP as the season nears. Sheesus.


    1. You have a vivid imagination. I wouldn’t order a pizza from Papa John’s to save a life. Papa John’s founder and chairman John Schnatter is a right wing Evangelical asshole and Trump supporter, who has fought tooth and nail against raising the minimum wage or providing health coverage to his employees. He was forced to step down as CEO and assume a lower profile after public comments he made attacking Colin Kaepernick and other protesting NFL players drew threats of boycotts and other criticism.

      And his pizza sucks.


      1. Yeah, I figured you felt that way, so I imagined you giving them an earful if they offered you a coupon for your 50% off leaving a game. I’m sure you will not be attending any soon however.


  2. Well I’m no schematicyst, or scholarist, or science tologist. But i thought there was some rubber wrapped around a nut then covered with a rag and sewned up? That’s how Momma used to make the balls we played with. And that rubber used to wear out, see. Even when we saved the balls in the barn the last ticitty just sagged away. I don’t know nothin bout nothin but mebe that happened to the balls them science togrophers you mentioned were testostering? Even stored in their barns the rubbery innards done lost there rubber-ocity. Or somethin’.


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