Bits and Pieces IX

Trust fund puke Pholad boys decree “you can have 150 mil for payroll and can try to win it all but not before happytwinsfan is dead. Dead. Dead. Dead.

It’s being reported that the Twins president of baseball operations has told reporters it is “highly likely” that the Twins already have all the players that will be on the opening day roster. Of course that means that they aren’t trying to land one of the remaining free agent starters. The bored trust fund puke rich boys, who have been reading my remarks about them because one can masturbate only so many times a day, are obviously angry and wish me to die in bitter discontent. The Twins front office do regard themselves well positioned for 2019, 2020 … as they know that may or may not be of use to me, we’ll see.

I suppose they think that they are akin to baseball Gods when in reality they are nothing more than the dumb blunt instrument of the Gods. Well poo poo on them because I am actually, albeit it mildly and skeptically, optimistic about the Twins chances this year.

I put the Twins plausible win total anywhere between 75 and 90. Cleveland is the heavy favorite to win the division but they are not flawless and when things start to go south they often go fast – see Minnesota Twins 2011.

Once Santana is back probably early May, their starting rotation will be Santana, Berrois (who has electric breaking stuff but just doesn’t have things quite down yet but hopefully soon will), Odorizzo (what’s going on with the Rays is sad), Gibson (who did well in the second half last year – I sense the next one or two years will be his career peak), and whoever happens to be going best at the time when needed to replace whoever is crapping out, from among about 10 other guys they got to pick and choose from. That might mean that 3 or 4 days out of 5 the Twins get a decent effort out of their starter. Only a handful of teams do better than that and many do worse. The bullpen last was, let me see – almost adequate. To that they added a league average veteran whose name I can’t remember (remember league average is a valuable thing when you ain’t got enough), Fernando Rodney (who could like Bartolo Colon last year pull a few last hurrahs out of his butt), and Addison Reed who is a significantly above league average veteran. The pitching overall will probably not be good enough to carry a team into championship contention but could turn out to be good enough to accompany an offense that is.

Last year the Twins scored more runs in the second half of the season than any other team in the American League. Remember that they are young, zum beispiel, Herr Kepler is about 16, and maybe that was just the beginning (or maybe they will regress – shut up sadtwinsfan!). If the Twins pitching continues their historical propensity to not miss bats, the outfield defense, and I say this from personal observation, is at times breath taking.

Following the multiple snow bombs here that I swear felt like they were going to kill me, It’s gotten to about 40 here the last several days and my roof is almost clear.



4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces IX

  1. This has no connection whatsoever to Happy’s post, but I saw it on Facebook this morning and I know there are a lot of music fans here. Thought some of you might find it as interesting as I did. G’day y’all!


  2. Well know! I am impressed! Here in Los Angeles of Anaheim we have been gifted with a video tape of a manic Rally Monkey (think Caddyshack – Bill Murray’s nemesis) but I see we’ve been topped! Let the Professor cheer failed actors wearing odd costumes. We gifted few who travel the freeways and toll roads of LAoA know that live entertainers is a little too retro. But now my beloved not-real mascot has been bested by a video of a record playing … Playing what? Is that polka music?

    Never let it be said that St. Paul denizens don’t have sophisticated tastes.


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