Pedro Paramo in Macondo: the Feesh Homepage is a Ghost Town

I haven’t been paying much attention to the Feesh lately, mostly because there’s so little worth paying attention to anymore. Once in a while, though, I check into the Rainbow Warriors’ web site at just to see what’s going on with the correspondents with whom I used to trade banter and butt heads.

I was surprised to find so little activity. Stretches of spring game reports with no posts in the comment section. An active thread is maybe three posts. Most of my old cronies, like me, have drifted away. The level of interest in the team probably couldn’t be detected by a radiotelescope. There was one eruption of interest – no, no, call it a burp – when the Feesh signed prodigal journeyman Cameron Maybin for an insane $3.5 million last week, mostly to express incredulity at how much they paid him or to wonder why they signed him at all. The answer, of course, is VETERAN PRESENCE – the clubhouse equivalent  of radon. More than likely, it was a bone to the Player’s Association whose preparation for arbitration against both the Feesh and Razed for their colossal salary dumps was doubtless already underway.

Fortunately, a small group of pro-Jeter anonymous commenters seem also to have thrown their typing fingers up in despair and vanished into the ether too. This is a good thing, because  least one of them appeared to be around thirteen years old. He or she would post a dozen or more comments on a single thread like some sort of aphaisic lauding the teardown, deriding those who dumped on Jeter and Sherman, and making idiotic predictions of a shot at the postseason.  I imagine that small group also contributed to the long term denizens of the site getting fed up and turning instead to, I dunno, curling or something.

In any case I expect Macondo Banana Massacre field to be something of a ghost town itself come April Fool’s Day. I’ll be busy packing for Frankfurt and London at that point so I probably won’t notice either. Meanwhile, I’ll be looking around for a National League rooting interest by the time I get home in late April and the lauded EYPs have been sent packing to their respective triple or double A teams.


12 thoughts on “Pedro Paramo in Macondo: the Feesh Homepage is a Ghost Town

  1. Your dissection of the Maybin signing is the only logical explanation of the illogical. I hadn’t thought of the potential revenue sharing embarrassment. Is Maybin the final token sop to revenue sharing or will we see Carlos Gonzales in a Marlin uniform for a pittance? Mouth breathing John Lackey is still unsigned. Ditto Ubaldo Jimenez. The Marlin could field a team of formerly semi-famous has-beens, not spend much more money than they planned and pretend like they’re really doing something.

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    1. It would be unrepentantly awesome if they chose to field a team of only-over-30’s! Or—dare we hope—that the Man himself will deign to help out for awhile and take his old position (SS) on opening day?


  2. Been there, Gator. Not that that will provide you with much comfort. The Astros’ blogs went pretty dead in the early part of this decade, for similar reasons. One thing I noted, though, was that rather than leaving, the idiots seemed to be the only ones left. Maybe that says something about me. Or maybe the rumor was going around Houston that the Astros were going to start taking up people’s guns. That will get you a crowd on any corner in this part of the world.

    But I humbly suggest that you might find a little vicarious joy in selling out to DH-ball and rooting for the Astros. Nah, never mind. Forget I said that. (Not that I am happy with DH-Ball, but what’s a guy to do? It is the future).

    Meantime, have fun in London-Frankfurt. I will be going to Paris this year, but not until October and not on business. In the meantime I sit at work wishing I was in Europe.


    1. Not to make you jealous or anything but here’s my schedule through the fall:
      April: Franfurt and London, 4/12-26.
      May: San Francisco, 5/23-27.
      June: Rome, 6/23-29.
      October: Monterrey, MX 10/14-20
      November: Tokyo, Kyoto and Vietnam, 11/8-24. Am already checking out available game tickets for Yomiuri or Hanshin.

      After that, I chill out. July and August are for feeshing – blue water, that is.


        1. That’s what you get for even suggesting I become a fan of designatedhitterball. It’s the wave of the future? So is the burnout and supernovaeing of the sun. Whoopeeeee!

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      1. What no planned trip to Hogtown? (AKA Toronto… AKA The Centre of the Universe)

        That smoked meat ain’t gonna eat itself, y’know…


        1. I’m pretty sure I”ll get there too but I haven’t got any firm date lined up. Caplansky’s isn’t going anywhere. As soon as I finish the “winter” chapter of my Junkies book, The Songs of their Climate, I’ll have stuff to talk about when I get there.


    1. Ain’t got nothin’ on the Rangers. They have an elite pitching rotation if we also had a time machine.

      Big Time Timmy Jim
      Mike Minor
      the list goes on and on and on

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    2. The Feesh had their dose of Edwin Jackson – another one of Mike “He’s Good at What he Does”* Hill’s strokes of genius.

      *Beep beep, back at the beginning of the slaughter.


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