Bits and Pieces VIII

The times they are a changing

At the start of last year’s wild card game between the Twins and the Yanks, when I saw that the very first pitch of the Borg’s newly budding superstar was a 100 mph strike, I thought goddamn you baseball Gods. Then when I saw the Twins unafraid young lineup drive him into the dugout with 3 runs scored, the bases loaded with only 1 out, I thought bucket list nearing completion. Then when I saw the varied species of the Borg bullpen record the next 26 outs without allowing a run I went into a meltdown that I hope that those of you who saw it will be discrete about

Turns out it was the new norm.

Noah Syndergaard opened the first inning the other day with four consecutive fastballs of 100 mph. He ended it with a 92-mph changeup (yes – a 92 mph changeup). And most expect that he will be good, probably very good, but not at all necessarily elite this year.

MLB players are getting scary good.

You all already know that I love that Bobby Zimmerman kid from Waverly, Minnesota. I wonder if I can still catch his act over at Dinky Town.



The Japanese Babe Ruth who did not sign with the Twins done good yesterday, goddamn it.

Something or other strange foreign first name Ohtani drew two walks and hit a RBI single in three plate appearances in his spring training hitting MLB debut. But on the bright side in his pitching debut on Saturday he allowed 2 runs in 1 1/3 innings, only being able to throw 17 strikes among his 31 pitches. Welcome to the bigs Tojo.

I thought about posting a Mirtha attacks vid here, but I really should get over this. let’s move on.


The Free Agent Team swings into action. Is a Grapefruit league title in the offing?

The Free Agent Team will be playing a couple of games against some Japanese amateurs this week. Thank God the Twins don’t have to play them because their starting rotation is much better than the Twins.

I won’t start railing about trust fund pukes again. I’ll try to end with something nice.

11 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces VIII

    1. It’s a derogatory propoganda term from World War II. It refers to Tojo Hideki , a much maligned Japanese general in American war propaganda I don’t think of it in racial way. Something like “nip” or “slant” stupid stuff like that surely is. And of course non of this is meant to be taken seriously

      if it offends or bothers anyone i’ll edit it out.


        1. Yes, I know that the prosecution of Hideki, deemed to be responsible for the Bataan death march, was extremely questionable, at best. And I Know that had Japan won the war, a prosecution of Curtiss Lemay for having been responsible for the estimated 100,000 civilian deaths in the Tokyo fire bombing, which I mentioned a few days ago in relating to you my personal gratitude to one of its survivors, would have been unquestionably justified.

          War is horrible and history can never be erased.


        2. Naaahhh, leave it. It resulted in a useful discussion. I don’t think it was appropriate to refer to Otani as Tojo just because he signed with a sunset side team with the obvious advantage of being (a) a three hours shorter flight from home than Minneapolis, and (b) the opportunity to learn from Mike Trout. On the other hand, I do think it’s appropriate to refer to Trump as Quisling because…well…because it’s looking more and more likely that is what he is.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Yeah you’re right. The whole “Tojo” line was an ill considerd throw away laugh line.

          But I am thinking about speaking out about the whole nothinglessness of “different human races” and Jackie Robinson.

          Does “Quisling” refer to a corn hilled little boy who was too small to fight back and has been trying to make up for it ever since

          Thanks prof.


      1. I’m glad it resulted in a useful discussion. I wasn’t offended, it just gave me pause. I’m glad people are open to debate on this. If I’d said it was racist on, say, NBC Sports, I’d be called an SJW and PC before you can say “tinfoil hat”.


        1. Partly disagree. After further thought I am offended by “welcome to the bigs Tojo”. I’m not going to edit it out because doing so would remove the context of this exchange in the comment section. My goal is that the value of the comment section exceeds the value of whatever I manage to scramble together every day or two.

          I ran thought experiment – what if I had been writing about a rookie named Max Kepler, who was debuting as a rookie player for my annoying in laws favorite team the White Sox, and that his initial struggles had given me the cheap shot opportunity to write “welcome to the bigs Adolf”.

          Ironic. My fuckup resulted in a net positive.


  1. Hey twinsfan. If we can’t be occasionally a little bit offensive, what fun is all this stuff? I see a lot worse than that any day on THE BLOG WE MUST NOT NAME.
    Especially when the footballtalk guys dribble over into it.
    As the saying goes, “yadayadayada, but I will defend your right to say it to the death.”

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