Bits and Pieces VI


The Tigers strike back

In retaliation for the Twins attempt to win with Tiger castoffs Fernando Rodney and Anibal Sanchez, The Tigers have signed former Twin now nearing the end of his career and struggling to just hang on another year or two Francesco Liriano.

Actually, if the Tigers rotation is projecting to be awful this year, which I suppose it is, this might make sense for them. Liriano had a 5.66 ERA last year but he did manage to make 18 starts and the Astros thought enough of him to pick him up at the trade deadline as a finishing piece for their bullpen. Something is better than nothing.

Needless to say, Twins castoff Ron Gardenhire is thrilled to have him.

I am suddenly feeling very old as I realize that 2006 was 12 years ago.



The power of delusional thinking

The Twins for no publicly known reason cleared a roster spot by releasing J T Chargios. Are they about to sign someone?

Do not doubt the power of delusional reasoning.

Time to sharpen our skills:

The Twins march to the World Series behind the miraculous revival of the Freak!


The Twins and the Trust Fund Puke Pholads really are all in this year and are willing to spend whatever it takes to get over the top.


Remember Pearl Harbor

The Japanese Babe Ruth who didn’t sign with the Twins (along with Astros hero Yu Who) made his spring training debut today which gives me an excuse to post this

I wanted to go with archival footage of the Hiroshima explosion but when I saw that they just had to include images of the radiation victims at the end I decided that it wasn’t funny. Circa 1973 a Japanese lady who was present as a young girl at the fire bombing of Tokyo, and who knew that I was the son of an Okinawa and Iwo Jima marine, taught me how to cook. Her name was Saiyo.

You’ll have to settle for this

Gotta go. Cognitive functionality fading fast

3 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces VI

    1. I sure hope so. And I’d definitely settle for Lance Lynn or Alex Cobb. If not I’m thinking along the line of Dumb Fuck Trust Fund Pholads.

      It’s snowing a lot here tonight and having to shovel beats the hell out of me. Tomorrow’s post, if there is one, may be oxygen deprived.


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