Bits and Pieces V

When I saw an item about the Rays continuing tear down via trade with the Borg and D-Backs, I got to thinking about the terrible effects this might be having on the integrity of the sport – said integrity being the safe assumption by the fans that the games they are watching are real games. A real game being one in which both teams are trying to win, and not just the players but the organizations as a whole.

I get that’s the right thing to do from an analytical view point, and that everybody wants to replicate what the Astros did, but where will baseball be in a decade or two if it’s commonly known that each year about 1/3rd of the teams, usually the smaller market ones, are deliberately tanking in order to hoard prospects. Do the stat heads need to be put on a leash?

It has led to one good thing. I asked the universal mind to return me everything it had regarding “baseball team tear down” and with a divine knowingness it returned me the link below.

Baseball Team Forced To Tear Down Bleachers After Softball Team Complains

Here’s an excerpt:

Plymouth High School’s (Mich.) baseball team parents only wanted two things for this upcoming season (aside from a winning season): a new scoreboard and a comfortable set of raised bleachers to watch games from. And they got both of those things by doing what any public high school sports team does when they want nice things: they raised the money themselves. Not only that, the parents did all the construction. Everything was ready to go in time for the new season — until some helicopter parent(s) swooped in and single-handedly took it all away

A complaint was filed with the U.S Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights on behalf of the girl’s softball team, claiming the disparity between the softball and baseball fields was so great that it violated a law stating sports facilities for boys and girls must be equal (in this case: literally an “even playing field”). The civil rights folks agreed, and issued a citation to the school, which forced them to remove the bleachers until a solution could be found.

Well, ain’t that some Grade-A Commie bullshit right there

He goes on to argue that yeah it would be wrong if the school district spent more on the boys stuff than the girls but this was about the parents of the boys team making a greater effort than the parents of the girls team. Not sure what the rest of you think but I gotta agree with him, and he is um, frank.

Too many words. Vid Break.

Couldn’t finish this post last night like I wanted because I had to click through a family day care training vid during my most limited cognitively functional evening hours If had to look at it so do you.



Tim Tebow (somewhat related to above)

Talk about the integrity of the game, Sandy Alderson GM of the Mets was asked if he expected Tim Tebow to play in the majors. His reply: “I think he will play in the major leagues. That’s my guess. That’s my hope, and to some extent now after a year and a half, a modest expectation.”

How could he not want a guy who hit .226/.309/.347 as a 29-year-old limited-range left fielder in Class-A on his MLB roster. The article speculates that if the Mets are out of it he might get an end of the season call up because the window is open only so long to make money by marketing a near 30 year old low level minor leaguer who will probably never be good enough to play at AA.

The people interviewed speculated that this could happen on the last weekend of the season when the Mets play a team whom will surely be out of it long before. Can you guess whose team that is?

23 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces V

    1. Would you settle for the wonderfully mediocre homogeneity of generic branded chocolate ice cream. I plan on being well stocked for opening day.


        1. I’d be good with a Sambazon acai sorbet bowl – but don’t forget the sliced bananas, blackberries, blueberries, pomegranate arils and a sprinkle of artisan granola.

          Gotta have my antioxidants, even if they do make it a bit harder to breathe.

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        2. Why stop there, NB? Howsabout a big bowl of poutine with fat lumpy curds and curdled brow gravy – sprinkled with chopped smoked meat? Oh boy!


      1. I said I know it’s only cheap ice cream but I like it
        I know it’s only cheap ice cream but I like it, like it, yes, I do
        Oh, well, I like it, I like it, I like it
        I said can’t you see that this old boy has been a lonely

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  1. As an aside, why is my post time-stamped at four hours ahead of my actual local time? Three hours would explain the diff between pacific and east coast zones, but am I to extrapolate that WordPress is located in Newfoundland?


    1. You may be in a Temporal Flux. Are you an organic or non organic life form?

      The question just occurred to me, which is Tebow?


      1. The image address you’re using looks like it’s a location on your hard drive rather than the web url you found it at. When you find an image you want to embed copy the url from the address bar and paste it into your comments being careful not to leave a space at the end of the line, otherwise it will just show the link which will work but it won’t show the image. It also will show the link but not the image if the web address is preceded by a bing or google search string. When I find an image I want to embed through a search engine I note the website address within the search string, dump the search tab and go directly to the site to get a clean url

        Is Rich short for Richard? I’m a Richard who goes by Rick. Pleased to meet ya.


    1. Here it is on its own line with no spaces at the end. If that doesn’t work than its something weird with the Word Press pic library. Now that we’re friends if you wanna come over and help me shovel I’ll order a pizza.

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      1. Hmmm, I think I’m confused on the meaning of a word or two in your instructions, but thanks for posting my belated image! And thanks for the invite, but we’re busy here in SoCal, still shoveling all the mud that fell off the canyons last month (which we then dump on the beach). At least we can breathe now that the fire is gone.


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