Bits and Pieces IV ( ) is reporting that MLB and the players have agreed about what is to be done and what is not to be done this year. One of the things not to be done is the damn pitch clock. Which is good but not all good because now we have to wait at least a year to see all the weird unforeseen consequences that would have been inflicted on the game.

They’re fiddling around with the number of seconds between innings, the number of mound visits allowed per game, relief pitchers have to get their butts out of the bullpen right away. They’re keeping the hitter in the batters box rule that they used last year. And of course there’s a bunch of exceptions that can be made at the discretion of the umpire. Best not mess with West now!

The change I find the most interesting is pitchers are no longer guaranteed 8 warm up pitches at the start of each inning. Instead they’re allowed as many or as few as they want as long as they throw them during the final part of the inning countdown, the length of which varies with whether or not the game is locally or nationally televised and yada yada. I couldn’t figure it out. If any of you want to go over there and come back and explain it to me I promise to be sober in the morning.

Some of that was pretty boring. Vid Break.

Wanna sing with me?



Over at twinkietown a bored blogger complied a team of the best players to have played for both the Twins and Angels. Had my cognitive functionality lasted longer I would have mentioned it yesterday.

It’s a pretty impressive team, including hall of famers Rod Carew, Paul Winfield, Bert Blylevan. Torii Hunter is the fourth outfielder. Brian Harper, who was the best hitting catcher in baseball for the Twins for a few years is the backup catcher.

Angel fans have fun.


************ is also reporting that Tim Lincecum has received an offer from at least one MLB team (identity unknown). Scouts who attended his workout say his fastball hit 93. In 2016 his fastball averaged about 88 which is why he bombed. He conducted the workout in a sleeveless muscle shirt (not my thing by the way – prof you have to agree that he doesn’t hold a candle to Herr Kepler and besides he’s thirty something and we like them YOUNG!!!) and now looks like an NFL linebacker. I wonder if someone is going to accuse him of using steroids.

BTW the way Jimmie Trust Fund Puke Pholad (yeah I know you’re reading this – what else is a bored rich boy gonna do when he ain’t never gonna get nothing that he don’t pay for), if you can guarantee Anibal Sanchez 2.5 mil you can offer the Freak 5.

Until we meet again.

5 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces IV

  1. I miss Timmy. He was the one huge star for the Giants that I didn’t want to punch in the face.

    Herr Kepler is pretty, boy is he ever pretty, but everyone knows I’m Team Bour. I could see myself easily with a guy like Justin Bour and I wouldn’t look too out of place. A woodland elf like Max Kepler would make me look like a grizzled hag.


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