The Hosmer Shoe Finally Drops

San Diego Padres known to let the beat… mmmmm drop!

The worst secret of the offseason has finally been told. Eric Hosmer has signed an outrageous deal with the Padres.

This is crazy talk. Here is why:

Now, granted, Hosmer is an everyday player and Matt Adams hasn’t been. but it just goes to show that the market is super up and down right now. Amazing.

8 thoughts on “The Hosmer Shoe Finally Drops

  1. Remember Brian Giles? Somehow he managed to be a 35 HR, 100 RBI guy in the black hole known as Pittsburgh in the late 90’s. Then he went to the Padres and suddenly became a 15 HR, 60 RBI guy. But, he had a great tan.

    Coming soon to a ballpark near you: Eric Hosmer starring in “Giles II – This time, he’s seriously overpaid”

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    1. Dave Cameron, late of Fangraphs and now working for the Padres Front Office, is probably having his third stroke of the day over this news. He thought Hosmer was the most overrated player in free agency this season…and now they’ve paid an outrageous amount of money for him at his new gig. Whew!!!!

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  2. Bill Baer wrote an article about how the deal isn’t as bad as it looks, because the Padres have a lot of payroll space even if the contract is heavily front loaded.

    Personally I think he’s full of shit.

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    1. (whispers I think Bill is full of crap a lot of the times but kermit sipping tea gif)

      Yeah, a bad deal is a still a bad deal no matter how much money you have to burn.

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  3. This news is truly joyous. It couldn’t happen to a douchier GM. It’s hilarious. Hosmer’s defense stinks and you can’t make him a DH as he ages. I don’t even know how someone would give him 8 years and JD is quibbling over 6 or 7. BloSox are gonna get more out of JD in 2 years than the Padres will get from Hosmer period. Heck, probably in 1 year.

    I only regret that he will not continue to be a suck hole for the Royals, which helps the Tigers — and Twins, anyone in our division. Upside: all those Royal homers will probably actually read the stats now and acknowledge that Hosmer stinks.

    If anything indicates what a sorry off-season this has been, it’s that Eric Hosmer is the big signing of note going into ST. All hail Boras! We are not worthy.

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