Florida Baseball Team Yard Sales, Volume Two

Are you surprised? Nope, not in this economy! <i>rimshot</i>

The Feesh, as we all know, have been going hardcore with their elimination plans. The Tampa Bay Rays, not to be outdone, have DFA’d Corey Dickerson, who was an All-Star last year (huh?), picked up C.J. Cron (why?) and traded Jake Odorizzi to Happy’s Minnesota Twins for a high-A shortstop in their farm system.

As the kids say, whut.

I mean, I know that Odorizzi hasn’t been the reliable innings eater that he has been, and his ERA isn’t as great as it could be, but this is just another head scratching move from a Florida team.

The real surprise, and the thing that is taking Twitter by storm, is dropping Corey Dickerson like a bad habit. Here’s some tweets with some stats:

What did Dickerson do? Did he run over Chris Archer’s dog? Did he threaten to have DJ Kitty deported? What happened?


4 thoughts on “Florida Baseball Team Yard Sales, Volume Two

  1. The Twins are reported to have offered Max Kepler and others to the Rays for Chris Archer and were thankfully turned down. When I saw the headline on our sidebar links a little while ago, and before I knew the details I was steeling myself to write a “I don’t get to look at Max Kepler anymore and I’m gonna cry” post

    Odorizzi may only be around (or slightly less?) a league average starter but league average starters are valuable commodities when you don’t have enough, and I still get to look at Max most evenings. This is great news unless it also means that the Twins are not in the hunt for any of the remaining free agents.


    1. Happy, I for one don’t blame you for wanting to hold onto to Max for as long as possible. He is FINE. I mean, F.I.N.E. And pretty good at the baseball, too, but HOT DAMN he is a looker. LOL


    1. It’s sad. And the Dickerson move is still baffling as heck. They still have to pay him, plus they signed CJ Cron to take his place. CJ CRON!?!? Dude!


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