Bits and Pieces III

Are the Twins trying to twist the knife on Tiger fans by winning with Tiger castoffs Fernando Rodney and Anibal Sanchez, while they are less than completely distracted by the sparkling personality of Twins cast off Billy Gardenhire?

Rodney 2017: 55 innings, 65 k’s, ERA 4.23, 39 saves, WAR .4

I guess this looks about league average to me. Of course, being 40 something he’ll probably break down around August, but that’s also kind of a league average.

Sanchez only threw 105 innings with an ERA of 6.41 but there was a nice uptick in his strikeout rate and maybe there’s some mechanical thing behind that the Twins are placing their bets on. I think the stat heads think that he allows too many “FIPs”. Doesn’t that mean flies in play? If so Mr. Buxton, Mr. Rosario, Mr. Granite und Herr Kepler (/considers not bothering to finish this tonight and going to a porn site instead) will be his new secret weapons.

Still I have seen the wrath of historio unleashed at our former home HBT Talk and I ain’t getting on the wrong side of it. And I would be horrified to see this.



************ (item separator of not 11, not 13 – shudder – but 12 stars)

Did the Twins improve upon the 2017 rotation of Santana, Berrios, poo poo 1, poo poo 2, poo poo 3? If Odorizzo is pronounced ‘odor is he?’, their flyer on Sanchez probably not withstanding, the answer is no

On the optimistic side, poo poo 1 Kirk Gibson did have a quite respectable second half and maybe that continues. Although they don’t have any likely good options for poo poo’s 2 and 3, they do have a fair number of options which hopefully means that they can plug in someone who’s in something of a groove when the current one craps out. And with the addition of Addison Reed (a former White Sox – hee hee) the bullpen appears to be adequate.

But in conclusion, I think that unless Jimmie Trust Fund Puke Pohlad doesn’t fork over however much it takes to land Lance Lynn or someone as good, I don’t think that I will see one last glory year before my eternal punishment begins

Anyways, gotta finish this thing before I get too drunk to keep from making a total fool out of myself and Word Press is being a pain in the ass.

Tomorrow is Presidents Day. Let us celebrate its current meaning. I like to think that I am a sappy romantic drunk, not a mean one, but that is not entirely true. There is some fire stoking behind my eyes – see what I mean by not making a total fool of myself.



14 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces III

  1. So where were we? Oh yes. Macondo sues Scriooge McLoria for trying to BS his way out of paying his equity assessment on his sale of the Feesh. Well, what did anyone expect? “Local sources” are already saying that the team’s bookkeeping was such a mess they city will have its hands full accurately assessing what he owes. Then again, being the asterisk that he is, he probably never thought of how, if it comes out in court that his books are a mess, there’s a good possibility the IRS will want to have a look at them too.

    As thou screweth, so shalt thou be screwed, sayeth the Good Book.

    Now, about Jeter’s refusal to pay his share of the operations tax on the team: I think that just further confirms what everyone already knew, that the bloodsucking carpetbagger so monstrously overpaid for the franchise in the first place, he can’t afford to run the team as it is and hasn’t got the cash to pay his assessments.

    Dear Buddha, smile compassionately on Macondo, will you?


  2. Also, I have a question: what the hell sort of performance enhancing drug does one take for curling in the first place??????


      1. Nicely done, prof. Although I confess I like watching curling.

        It was either 8 or 12 years ago the American Womens’ squad was some kind of young mother’s club out of Minnesota. Prettiest Olympic team I ever saw. They couldn’t curl for shit, but I almost didn’t care, they were so cute. The Canadians thrashed them like an old rug.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ah, curling is actually endlessly fascinating. When I lived in the great frozen midwest, there was a curling club close by. In fact, the Hamilton siblings from mixed curling is from there! McFarland, WI!

          But luge is my thing. Luge and skeleton. I have a wicked crush on Matt Antoine.


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