Sexy Baseball

I’ve been looking at the number of views and visitors this site has been getting and we’ve been trending down. Lordy Lordy we need some SEO work. Tag lines: sex in baseball, baseball in sex, baseballs having sex, inorganic life forms, sex sex sex, Anibal Sanchez. Bartola Colan, close your eyes.

Here we go!


We are egalitarians here and shall therefore begin with something for non-specific gender, non-organic, life forms.


Since we don’t have the means here to verify the identity and age of our viewers:

If you haven’t already, have the decency to get the children out of the room. The commentator mentions that he doesn’t think he will ever have the chance to have children. My gaydar tells me that if he had he been unfortunate enough to have been born say about 40 years earlier that might not be so.


Here it is, what you’ve been waiting for and why you’re still reading.

Be grateful. The alternative theme involved the Twins signing of Anibal Sanchez.




9 thoughts on “Sexy Baseball

  1. Ya girl had a date this afternoon with a very pleasant and extremely easy on the eyes young man who is smart, intelligent, and talked some sexy baseball to me.

    Oh yeah. *insert Barry White music

    There’s nothing like sharing Thai food that we both enjoyed, laughing at the same silly jokes, and both knowing that Roger McDowell is a godawful pitching coach.


  2. I will be sending you a bill for carpet cleaning because thanks to the words “Gloria Allred” and “anal sex” being used in the same sentence, my entire living room is ankle-deep in vomit.

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    1. I wonder how often people feed the word “vomit” to a search engine. Close your eyes and imagine what there might be on youtube for that.

      “Nauseating Baseball”? “Sickening Baseball”?

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        1. LMAO.

          I really want to tell you about a time I was curious and looked up “baseball” on Pornhub but… I don’t want to start barfing again!


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