Bits and Pieces II

Tim Lincecum is show casing his wares in a workout for 12 teams today including – of course – the Twins.

Timmy was only able to throw 38 innings (apparently awful ones – ERA 9.16) in 2016 and none in 2017. But God it would be so fun to have him around here. Let’s put a smile at the end of the rotation poo poo.

But alas me thinks the Gods are toying with me again.


Below is a fix, executed approximately 30 minutes after the original publication, of the bits and pieces item separation indicator which I noticed spread into the other articles side bar. It now consists of exactly 12 stars because that is the number of lunar phases for our particular planet occurring during the solar rotation of our particular solar system. I know, why not just stick with our mostly sensible base 10 numeric system. I guess I’m just a sap.


Spring training camp for the 90 plus unsigned free agents arranged by the player’s association began today. If the players have to put up with a pitch clock why shouldn’t the owners (aka trust fund pukes) have to put up with a free agent clock. These hot stove league games are getting awfully long.


Speaking of which

MLB and the players association are fighting with each other over the implementation of the new speed the game up rules and the pitch clock might not be implemented this year after all. Not sure when the deadline for this game of chicken is but I suppose it’s around the date of the first spring training game (Feb 23rd) as they’ll need to give everyone a chance to sort of get used to them before firing real bullets. And of course there’s always the possibility of it ending up in a months long arbitration which MLB wins because the arbitrator is probably hand picked by the trust fund pukes.

Time marches on.


Sparty, Historio are you digging Gardenhire yet?

Prof, you mentioned that you really need to sleep. No worry we’ll wake you when the games start.

Gator, for God’s sake man get some ice cream before it’s too late!

I hope you guys don’t mind me making all these posts. I’m having a ball.

6 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces II

    1. Nawh. Timmy is completely ripped but he gotta start if he’s gonna melt the snow before I fall on the ice and break a rib or three or he pulls a tendon. I am a mere organic life form and so is he.

      But I would love it if he liked lutefisk.


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