Detroit Has Gone South

It’s the best of times; it’s the worst of times.

As a baseball fan, you are so eager for the new season that you can’t help but feel elation that Spring Training is upon us. Pitchers and catchers reported this week, and it’s a long-awaited valentine for having survived the off-season.

As a Tigers fan, though, it’s a bittersweet beginning. Obviously, we are looking forward to a loser season, and it’s difficult to get hyped about it. Only the daily routine of baseball will bring comfort and contentment — a lesser but satisfying replacement for joy.

And, just as you’re about to soar happily again into the baseball ether, Twitter provides a gut-punch, reminding you of what you’ve lost:

Oh, my god! You thought you moved on from your ex, but then you see him with another team and your heart breaks all over again. The collective responses of Tigers fans were predictable:

And, it wasn’t just the fans spouting their grief on the platform.

Thankfully, the heir apparent stepped in to amuse, distract, and help us move on.

Maybe our hearts will heal and our new star will give us something to look forward to this season after all. Maybe there is hope and we aren’t far from a return to better times…

But, you have to get there, and between here and another pennant run is this:

WHAT THE EVER-LOVING $%#((()**^&^$^%#$@%^_!!!!!!!!!???????

What didn’t kill HER made her stronger???!!!

Or, the domestic violence suspension didn’t kill HIM and that makes him stronger?????!!!!

My, how far from Evan Reed we have drifted. No way Mr. I would’ve tolerated that. As soon as the public outcry started, Norris would’ve had to “clarify” his comments and assure us that he does not take the matter lightly and is looking to grow as a person with the team. But, Mr. I is gone, and this is the turd nugget Al Avila invited to ST.

In case you thought the money quote that’s getting so much attention was taken out of context or isn’t representative of his larger presser, peruse the following additional excerpts:

Reporter: “I know you talked about turning the page but are there some things maybe you learned about yourself through all of this that will really stick with you?”

Norris: “You learn new things every day, you name it. I learned something new today just getting out there so I think you learn stuff through the ups and downs in life, baseball and everything and it’s made me strong.”


Reporter: “There will inevitably be certain people who are uncomfortable with the Tigers signing you just because of the suspension. What would you tell those people?”

Norris: “That I plan on working hard and playing good baseball for this club. People are allowed to their opinions. They’re allowed to their opinions regardless of anything so it’s part of what you have to deal with and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger so I’m just going to go out there and do what I love doing and that’s playing baseball.”

That’s right, if you have a hard time having a guy suspended for DV on the team, well, you’re allowed your opinion.


It’s like he doesn’t get that having fans is what allows the team to exist. Dude, you should be trying desperately to win fans over and contribute to the Tigers brand. Norris signed a minor league contract and is hoping to make the team. He’s not too bright if he doesn’t get that he needs to be doing everything he can on and off the field to stick around. Alienating fans is not the best way to go about that.

I was so glad to be shed of Frankie, and now Avila has brought in…this.

It’s going to be the worst of times, y’all.

7 thoughts on “Detroit Has Gone South

  1. My plan for avoiding the abyss that promises to be 2018 Tiger baseball:
    1) Attend as many as possible of the 40 high school games on my son’s schedule from late March to early June, including an April tournament at the new Willie Horton Field of Dreams built on the site of old Tiger Stadium.
    2) Go to about 20 grad parties from mid June to late July.
    3) Late July – read about the high end prospects the Tigers got after trading Fulmer
    4) Early to mid August, prep for moving the kid off to college
    5) Late August – get ready for college football season
    6) October 1 – check to see if the Tigers finished with less than 100 losses and find a team to root for during the playoffs


  2. The subject is difficult. Do we continue to condemn those who have “paid the price” for misdeeds, through the legal process or the mentioned suspension? I ask this as an abstract, not a specific of this player. The bigger question is, what crimes are unforgivable? Here in Los Angeles of Anaheim, we gave away a player – paid most of his salary, got zippo in return. His crime was getting wasted after a disagreement with his wife, while being a recovered addict. If he’d been hitting .330 or better, all would have been forgiven.

    In that case a clear misunderstanding of the disease of addiction was apparent on the part of the team owner. I think the disease of addiction applied to another Detroit star? Has he been forgiven, and was forgiveness due to MVP play or honest search for recovery?

    I’m not trying to be an asshole. I do want to know! What are the Unforgivable crimes for which we can hound and harass forever, even after all the time is served and fines paid? And which crimes have no degree?

    I try to understand these things but fail. When the former bikini model accused The Minnesota senator of aggressively kissing her and waving his hands at her breasts I laughed – not realizing he would soon be an ex-senator.

    So I clearly am a little uncertain of my place as a male right now. Again, I have not followed this player. I don’t know exactly what he did or what his punishments were. I’m just looking for a little clarity.

    As always I appreciate your contributions to this site, Historio, you are the primary contributor of moral compass checks here.

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    1. I think the fundamental first step is for players/stars to make an effort to change their behavior and contribute positively to society (and not just playing baseball). If Norris or Frankie had seemed penitent and got help, that would be one thing. If they made an effort to rehabilitate their images and did good things — that, too, would make a difference. I cannot cheer for anyone who denies or minimizes their violent behavior or makes such anti-female statements. It’s one thing if they learned something from their situations — and Norris fumbled at saying anything close to that when asked — and they endeavor to be better. If you get treatment like Miggy and you have no further incidents, I can cheer for you, but that question will continue to hover over you. If there’s another slip up, how can I root for that? But this is why I don’t idolize any player. All of my team gear says “Tigers” — not the name of any particular player. I can admire ones who do charitable work and stay out of trouble. How hard is that, with all their privilege?


    2. There’s a kid in college who might be drafted, might not be. He is a phenomenal pitcher. He is also an admitted child molester. I don’t care if he’s the reincarnation of Walter Johnson, I don’t want him in a Braves uniform ever.


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